Chapter 1: I think I’ve been possessed in a Novel

The kingdom was overturned when news broke out that Muriel Storm could be the saint of the Oracle that came down for the first time in 12 years. 

People cautiously speculated that the Oracle was false or that the Temple’s existence was coming to an end because of the misfortune that befell them due to God’s wrath. 

Who is Muriel? 

She was the one who made the phrase “the typhoon blows” popular in the kingdom.
The meaning of a typhoon blowing at a ball or academy was used when someone caused a malicious disturbance to get people’s attention. 

Muriel has been synonymous with delusions, neurosis, forgetfulness, and mythomania since childhood. 

She seemed like a person who would do anything for fame. 

One day, she lied that she had frozen all the lakes where the creatures lived, and the other day she lied that she had developed a magic that could save a living person for a minute. 

Naturally, no one believed her.
Everyone knew how poor Muriel’s magic skills were.
Muriel could not produce a single flame that was the size of a small candle.
When she tried fire magic, there was thunder all of a sudden, and when she tried water magic, a spark exploded a kilometer away, causing disaster whenever Muriel tried to use the magic. 

Muriel was good at calmly lying.
Yesterday, she swore as if she would give up her life, but lied that she could not remember that the next day. 

How unshakably she lied! and whenever Muriel lied, one could not prove the lie’s authenticity with magic.
It meant that Muriel truly believes in her lies, so people were sick and tired of her. 

People were confused, lamented, and even amazed to hear that such a person might become a saint who will predict the threat of the royal palace. 

Some of the people who had not met Muriel in person said that the lies Muriel told as a child may have been a sign of becoming a saint, and that Muriel really predicted something.
But it was because they didn’t know anything. 

A saint is a person who sees the threat to the kingdom.
It was not about seeing one’s own future.
The saint predicted who the threat of the kingdom was caused by, when and where it occurred, and what the consequences were when the threat was not prevented. 

But what about Muriel’s lies? 

She wasn’t predicting the behavior of others.
She wasn’t interested in that.
Muriel was only interested in letting people know how special she was, how powerful she could be, and what strange actions she had done. 

If Muriel is a saint, is she herself the one who threatens the Kingdom? Muriel, who’s terrible at magic? 

People believed that Muriel was not a saint.
No, they really wanted her not to be it.
At that time, a second candidate for the saint was unveiled, and people were enthusiastic and relieved. 

The second candidate was Rovelia Dachini, loved by everyone.
She’s not just any lady, but a lady of the Guardian’s family.
Among the children of the Guardian family, there has never been a single saint in history.
So how special would she be? 

“The saint is Rovelia anyway.
It’s no use if I go.” 

“But don’t you have to go and meet the high priest to find out? And even if you’re not the Saint, how honoring would it be? You have to congratulate her sincerely, miss.
If you’re greedy, you’ll be punished.” 

The servant thought that Muriel was stubborn because of jealousy.
Muriel and Rovelia are the same age, so they have been compared a lot since childhood.
Perhaps it was not just a coincidence, but the two people born under the same star of fate competed for the glorious position of the Saint.
Even before the revelation, everyone is talking about Rovelia as if she’s already the Saint, so she must be grumpy. 

In the servant’s opinion, it was her jealousy that far outweighed Muriel’s lies or poor ability as an aristocrat.
It’s ugly if you don’t have the ability and are still greedy.
If she lets go of her greed, Muriel will be able to get married into a decent family and live comfortably and loved by her husband.
Even if the barrel is big, it only overflows with jealousy, she was afraid Muriel would lie and say she can see the future. 

The servant was going to soothe Muriel and persuade her, but she pushed her too much without realizing it.
Except for Katrina, who was Muriel’s tutor, the maid was the one who cared after Muriel the most in the mansion. 

Katrina was also Muriel’s tutor and a therapist who managed the delusions, neurosis, mythomania, and forgetfulness of the unstoppable lady.
After meeting Katrina, Muriel did not speak out obvious lies or false delusions anymore.

However, Katrina left for a foreign country three days before the oracle came down.
She said she could not return for three months at the shortest and a year at the longest.
Does she have to clean up after this immature lady until she comes back? 

The servant already wrapped her arm around her head. 

Muriel didn’t care what the servant thought.
She truly thought that the saint in the oracle was Rovelia. 

“The problem is not who the saint is.
The real problem is….” 

“My Lady, is there a problem?” 

When Muriel stubbornly held out that she would not go, Sharan’s knights came to her door and asked. 

Muriel hardened her pale face and bit her lips.
She was worried.

Even if I hold out a little longer now, I will eventually have to go to the royal family under the order of Sharan. 

“Wait, I want to be alone for now.” 

It’s okay even for a short time, so I can somehow organize these crazy thoughts by myself. 

“You have to go right now.
Are you going to make Sharan and Rovelia wait?” 

lIf I had a little more time, I could have dealt with what’s going on more resolutely, but I can’t believe this sudden development as soon as I wake up.! 

“Isn’t this the novel I’ve only heard of?” 

“What? What else are you trying to say? Stop being delusional and take off your dull dress.
You’re not even a follower of Ur, why did you choose such a dark dress?” 

“I don’t care…! I’m a wicked woman who will destroy the world anyway.” 

* * * 

There was a reasonable reason for Muriel’s conclusion that she was possessed by a novel.

No, Actually, there were so many reasons that it was crazy.

If I counted it, I think I could easily pass 10 times. 

Should I just give her a number? 

1, Muriel woke up from a long three-day sleep just before she was possessed.
It was a common cliché that the protagonists of a novel’s possessed characters were injured just before being possessed and were in a coma or on the verge of death. 

The difference was that Muriel was a loner young lady neglected in the mansion, and no one knew the cause of Muriel’s long sleep.
It was also a late discovery that was only found out after two days, that she only got on the bed and slept. 

Number 2, Muriel had no memory of the past three months.
When Muriel woke up, she thought it was April.
However, now it was already after the star of disaster that emerges every 6 years in July. 

Due to the nature of a novel, the pattern of memory loss was a element that was often seen in evil women or extras, not the main characters.
Muriel seemed to be possessed by a novel in which the evil woman destroying the world was the main character, but anyway, there was partial memory loss.
This was evidence that overlapped with the reasons in No.

Number 3, there were many gaps in Muriel’s memory. 

The memory was so sparse that it could not be regarded as just a natural memory deterioration over time. 

This is inevitably due to the characteristics of the novel. 

Since the novel only unfolds important events, the gap between events must have led to the gap in Muriel’s memory. 

Muriel was already convinced that she was possessed by a novel with only these three, but the evidence continued. 

Number 4, Muriel knew what it meant when said that someone could live if they stayed alert even if they entered the tiger cave.
Even though there’s no tiger in the burlion! 

In addition, Muriel knew the displeasure of smartphones, computers, some coins, SNS, depressed expressions of people walking in high-rise cities, cloudy skies due to air pollution, and the crowded subway. 

Muriel was also named Muriel there, but in the global era, there is no law that there will be no woman named Muriel Storm with blue hair living in Seoul. 

Number 5, This was the most decisive and least reliable reason.
Muriel knew in advance that the Oracle was coming down.
Because she had already read about it in the novel.
Entering the royal palace after receiving the oracle was the beginning of the novel. 

Muriel got a sculpture of Ur from the royal family when she went there under the call of the Oracle.
It was a bait thrown by the devil Ur to remove her from his path. 

Under Ur’s plan, Muriel should have lost all of her Pasio and turned into a demon, but Muriel had a unique ability. 

It’s that her Pasio is infinite. 

It was an invincible ability that made no sense. 

From this, Muriel proved to be a character in the novel.
In other words, it’s the buff of the main character. 

Muriel’s Pasio was small in size, but the small Pasio could be used indefinitely.

When she scooped it out, like a well that never dried up, it filled up again. 

Muriel becomes a powerful wizard with a piece of Ur that allows you to use powerful magic power by paying Pasio, and she had infinite Pasio.
She also climbed to take the throne.
In the process, many people were killed. 

She is a terrible evil woman just by doing this, but the author wanted a stronger and more provocative evil woman, so she eventually made Muriel the devil. 

Kaiton Ur, the real owner of the sculpture, comes to Muriel, who is on the throne, and Muriel is killed by him.
However, Muriel did not give up, and on the day the star of disaster rose, she made herself the devil and revived.
And then the story of destroying the world begins. 

What do you mean world extinction? 

What do you mean the devil? 

Just thinking about it gave me goosebumps. 

What does this mean if it’s not a novel? 

Muriel, the real Muriel who is possessed by a wicked woman, didn’t hate the world.
I have no intention of destroying the world.
I never wanted power, and I don’t need power! 

“I’m glad that I was possessed at the beginning of the novel.” 

It would have been difficult if Muriel already trapped the first victim after she went to the palace, but since nothing has happened yet, it will be easy to step out of the original storyline. 

“All I have to do is not touch Ur’s sculpture.” 

No one will be interested in Muriel after it is revealed who the saint is.
I can disappear quietly then. 

“Okay, let’s go.” 

I have some doubts about one or two lines in this chapter but it should be fine! Hope you enjoyed it.

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