Episode 17: The Monster-eating Race, Murisi (3) 

‘’Crawford, didn’t you hear Muriel say she’s hurt?’’  

“August, can you go on ahead first? I’ll talk to Crawford.” 

Muriel said quickly, since August was about to draw his sword right away. 

“Will you be okay?” 

“Of course.” 

Muriel shrugged as if nothing would happen.
August entered the lab with a disapproving look on his face, but left saying to call him whenever necessary. 

Muriel didn’t go out to say that him doing nothing would be helping.
Anyway, his readiness to help her felt good.
Even though I didn’t necessarily have affinity for him, but I thought he could be a good friend.
Oops… Is this the beginning of a fishing ground? Anyways. 

“What do you have to say?” 

Muriel asked, taking a step back while still saying close.
She didn’t try to pull out her hand.
It wasn’t a problem because I didn’t feel any pain, and right now I don’t have a way to hold his leash tightly, so I thought it would be better to behave calmly and not go against his nerves. 

Kaiton felt more subdued as he felt her heart rate, which had calmed down.
Unlike the inexplicably irritable appearance of her being so close to August, he couldn’t stand her being so easygoing in front of him. 

How can I distort Muriel’s calm face more painfully.
How can I leave a scar that will never be erased? Kaiton tightened his grasp, imagining Muriel’s face with tears in agony, but she didn’t bat an eyelid. 

I don’t like it. 

“Did anything happen at Storm Territories?” 

He asked impulsively. 

“A few days ago, Ur’s power was detected on Storm Territories.” 

Muriel’s expressionless face was finally crumpled.
Yeah, you’re responding to this too.
Kaiton pulled Muriel who had stepped back closer again and whispered in her ear.
He didn’t want it to reach August’s ears, who would be listening even after entering the lab. 

“Someone used the sculpture of Ur in the Storm Territory.” 

Not long ago, he was surprised when he felt Muriel’s Pasio coming through the sculpture of Ur.
I thought Muriel wouldn’t touch the sculpture easily, so I was thinking about how to push her to do so, but I didn’t know she would touch it so easily. 

Kaiton became uncomfortable even though his long-cherished desire was resolved.
It was beyond comprehension.
Yeah… it must be because another piece of Ur was taken away by Sharan. 

Muriel, who has terrible magic skills, can’t even use single piece of Ur properly, so she’ll definitely come under Sharan’s surveillance.
Yes, the thought of losing a piece must be the cause of this complicated feeling. 

I thought it was only a matter of time before Muriel would be caught by Sharan.
Muriel puts the pieces in her Pasio itself.
The Stupid Sharan would not realize she’s the saint who will save the kingdom and definitely brutally torture and kill her.  

He found himself calculating the probability of finding Muriel before Sharan’s pursuers and clenched his teeth. 

You would risk your life to save Muriel? That’s impossible.
Muriel’s death has been imagined countless times.
Among them was the possibility of dying at the hands of Sharan.
But now, on the spur of the moment, I would waste that long wait? 

‘I told you not to use black magic.
You’re not supposed to be a black wizard!’ 

‘’I’m a descendant of Ur.
He’s been a black wizard for generations.
What do you want me to do? You want me to live my whole life in weakness?’’ 

‘’Kaiton is a fool.
You promised…’’ 

“You’re the fool, Mur.
You knew I was a black wizard from the beginning…why, why are you crying…! Don’t cry!” 

‘If you become a black wizard, I’ll die.’ 

‘’What? You’re lying to stop me from using black magic, right? Me using black magic has nothing to do with you dying!’’  

‘’There is! Kaiton Ur kills me with dark magic.
Because I’m the saint who’ll save the world!’’ 

Black Wizard Kaiton Ur Kills Muriel Storm, Who Will Save the World. 

From the moment Muriel saw him hiding in the highlands with a red and freezing face and prophesized so, it was a fate that would never change.
Kaiton has been running step by step for to that unchangeable future for 12 years. 

It was just that the time has come.
Miracles don’t happen.
The two of them were destined to end up like this.
Kaiton was unbearably annoyed that Muriel didn’t remember him until the end, but now he thought it was inevitable. 

But I didn’t expect an absurd miracle to happen. 

Sharan’s eyes, who have never missed the power of Ur, have not noticed Muriel’s clumsy use.
It was quiet the whole night without any sign of Sharan’s pursuers being called out.
Muriel lived, and appeared again in front of him like this. 

Kaiton felt an inexplicable emotion as he looked at Muriel’s pale face.
Are you glad she’s back? Are you happy to have to deal with Muriel yourself? Or are you afraid of inevitable fate? 

“Sharan is secretly looking for someone who used Ur’s sculpture around Storm Territories.” 

“No way…” 

“I heard that they gave the Pasio directly to the sculpture without fear of Sharan’s eyes.
Do you have any idea who did it, Muriel?” 

“Well… who did it? I… have no idea.” 

“Ha… Why did he do that? There could have been a way to avoid Sharan’s eyes and use the sculpture.” 

Muriel pretended awkwardly. 

Kaiton sighed as he watched Muriel rolling her eyes uncomfortably. 

Of course, it was a lie that Sharan was chasing a follower of Ur.
A shallow lie to see what the hell Muriel was thinking. 

Kaiton still hasn’t defined what he feels about Muriel being still alive and in front of him.
But it was certain that he would never let Sharon catch her again.
If Muriel gets caught by Sharan, he’ll lose a precious piece of sculpture. 

If Muriel was killed, he wouldn’t be able to slowly take away her Pasio.
When the flame that warms my heart dies down, I’ll shudder in the unbearable cold.
Just like when I shivered in the cold on the chilling plateau all alone that year. 

Muriel replied very awkwardly, pretending not to be the criminal. 

“Well, I don’t know.
Maybe it was a mistake or something, who wouldn’t be afraid of Sharan’s eyes…It must have been a mistake.” 

“Well, then this time a sculpture of Ur has fallen into the hands of a very stupid person.” 

Kaiton said shamelessly as if he didn’t know it was Muriel.
Muriel’s eyes flashed with anger when she was told she was stupid in front of her own eyes, and Kaiton snorted at the indistinct anger. 

“I don’t know how the idiot avoided Chaos this time, but luck won’t last twice.
Will he use the Ur sculpture properly next time? in a secret way to keep him from being seen.” 

Why are you asking me that?! At this point, I thought it was just a conversation between the devil Ur and his followers. 

I’d like to be completely clueless, but I was worried about losing the piece to Sharan, so I thought I’d give him a piece of my mind. 

“Well… he would have known that he was lucky to escape from Sharan’s eyes.
he’ll never leave a clue again… Sharan must be having a hard time tracking Ur.
Come on, hurry up and You’ll be able to catch him.’’ 

“Haha I’m glad to hear that… I think this follower is so stupid that he’s going to be caught in a flash.” 

You keep swearing at me in front of my face that I’m stupid.
Nevertheless, Muriel, who had to pretend not to know until the end, gritted her teeth in displeasure at Kaiton. 

“…I’m not him, so I don’t know for sure, but If it was me, I would never touch the power of sculpture again.
It was probably just curiosity the first time.” 

But Kaiton snorted at Muriel. 

“I don’t think so.
Once you have the power of the devil, you can’t give it up so easily.” 

His black eyes were like a curse.
You can never escape.
You will eventually fall into an endless abyss with your hands on Ur’s power.
It seemed to tempt in such a low, captivating voice. 

Muriel pulled out her hand roughly.
I wasn’t interested in strength, but listening to the low voice that hummed and touched my heart, I felt like I would really want Ur’s strength. 

“Not everyone wants strength.
Some people want peace… I also want that.
Even the man who made the sculpture… Perhaps he was a Pacifist as well.” 

“A Pacifist with the power of the demon king.
That’s funny.” 

Ah… I can’t take it anymore. 

“But, you know what? Ur is not the Demon King.” 


Kaiton’s face flashed with agitation.
An indelible surprise spread on the cold, tightly closed face. 

“What does that mean?” 

He asked stiffly. 

“The devil is the king of all devils, But Ur is just a black wizard who just borrowed the power of darkness.
The sculpture of Ur is not the power of the devil.
His power is amazing, but he’s not a devil.” 

Muriel, who was stubborn with her challenging eyes, brought back memories that Kaiton struggled to hold back. 

‘You’re not the devil, you fool.’ 

The words that the girl with red cheeks shouted at him kept ringing in his head because of the cold wind in the highlands.
Through the solid walls of the mind, a cool highland breeze leaked. 

You don’t remember anything. 

Why do you want to shake me up with these words? 

She was not allowed to sway him when she knew nothing. 

“I can’t believe you have such an impure idea.
You don’t mind being a follower of the devil?” 

He threw away pretending to be court wizard Kai Crawford and roared furiously. 

“Ur is the devil King, Muriel.” 

Muriel frowned discontentedly, not afraid at all, despite Kaiton’s threatening act.
Kaiton’s expression was terrifying enough to shake her legs if her fear along with the pain had not been removed, but Muriel did not feel such fear. 

There was the perception that if she stimulated him a little more, he would jump at her, but that was all.
Enough emotional empathy to read a book. 

“Do you mean you’re as strong as the devil? Crawford doesn’t believe that Ur is really the devil like the people of Bulrion, does he?” 

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