Episode 16: The monster-eating Race, Murisi (2) 

August wore stiff, clean clothes that didn’t feel like something a living thing would wear at all, put his knees on the dirty floor, and wiped the blood carefully. 

In the Kingdom of Bulrion, this situation could be very strange because showing one’s ankle had a sensual meaning, but the atmosphere between the two was light. 

Muriel was not shy and even lifted up her skirt more to let it be cleaned properly.
It was partly due to Muriel’s iron-core like indifferent personality that the atmosphere between the two wasn’t strange nor sticky, but it was also largely due to August, who was calm as if wiping her blood was a natural favor. 

August was an easy-going and sincere person, unlike his almost painful-to-look at, colorful outfit.
At first, I thought he would be a young man with no substance or a terrible narcissist who had only a shiny shell because of his light and playful attitude.
It wasn’t at all.
The more I saw him, the more sincere he was. 

Of course, there was cognitive dissonance because of his too superior face.
Even if I found out that it was an ant wearing a grasshopper’s mask, what caught my eyes was the shell of the grasshopper. 

“That’s not my blood.” 

Muriel wandered through the terrible mountain full of blood of the devil, stayed up all night and came straight into the palace. 

“I know.” 

You know? Muriel’s expression hardened as she was wondering who took the piece of Ur from the mountain. 

“How do you….” 

“It smells like the blood of the Murisi.
Where have you been forcing yourself to hunt?” 

“How do you know that it’s the blood of a Murisi?” 

Muriel, who had lost a piece of Ur, became sensitive and asked sharply.
Even if the person who took the sculpture of Ur from the mountain was August, the sculpture had to be recovered. 

Muriel’s voice became cold, but August carefully wiped the blood on her dress as if he had not noticed the change. 

“The high priest’s prayer is famous for being long, but Muriel just came back from his prayer.
And yet the blood didn’t harden.
It means it’s not human blood, but I thought it was true because it had a strong smell of an evil’s blood.” 

August stood up folding his bloody handkerchief.
Muriel looked at August, who folded his handkerchief well and put it in his pockets, but couldn’t erase her doubts, and asked, looking at him keenly. 

“It’s done.
The end of the dress is a little dirty, but I’m glad it doesn’t stand out much.” 

“That was enough to tell you? only by seeing the blood that didn’t harden?’’ 

“Murishi are such a hot potato these days.
The whole kingdom is shaking up and down trying to exterminate them.
I didn’t know Muriel enjoyed hunting Murishi.” 

“Really? That’s great intuition.” 

Muriel was relieved.
That’s true.
August is not the type to take Muriel’s hidden piece and have a casual face.
He’d definitely come and confront you about why you had hidden such a thing. 

“Is that so? Haha.” 

August smiled brightly.
Muriel realized that he was displeased with Murushi hunting.
It was because Muriel knew that when August was upset, he would show a straight smile as being measured by a ruler. 

“Oh… and not at all.
I mean, the Demon hunt.
I can’t even do magic properly, not to mention hunting.” 

August nodded peacefully, but his expression was noticeably relaxed.
As expected, he seemed to have a sense of rejection with people hunting Murishi. 

Well, Muriel knows that Muri was an intelligent race.
In other words, it is not a target to hunt like a demon.
The indiscriminate slaughter of intelligent beings was not much different from the conquest activities of indiscriminately slaughtering natives to occupy land. 

“Murish is a heterogeneous race, so why hunt? It’s not that we don’t get along well with humans.
Isn’t it helpful that they feed on the devils?” 

Muriel crumpled her impression as if she didn’t understand it, and August looked at Muriel with emotion.
As expected, Muriel was a little scary and fierce, but she must be a good person. 

In the first place, the reason why Murishis were hunted horribly was that their prey was the devil.
To eat the evil spirit of the fallen spirit.
It’s filthy and dirty.
People turned at once from the symbiotic Murishi.
They defined Murishi as a degenerate being like a demon and began slaughtering them recklessly.
The fact that Murishi’s appearance was like a horse from the magical world also contributed to the heat of hatred. 

However, Muriel said it was a good thing to eat up the devils, so why would she hate? 

August wanted to pat Muriel on the head.
I wanted to hug her and pat her on the back and shout, “Me, too!” 

But now that he had touched Muriel’s hair, a grim look passed through her face, he clenched his hands and tried to hold it in. 


However, an unbearable giggle leaked from August’s mouth.
Even if I tried to endure it, I loved the fact that the blunt and indifferent face had friendly thoughts without prejudice. 

Yes, I want to hug you and pat you on the back.
She could not have read his thoughts, but Muriel looked at him with disgust. 

“Why are you laughing like that?” 

I think I heard the last comment.
August smiled, though. 

“I thought the same thing.
It’s kind of gross to have Murrishi, but it’s not a bad thing.
I was proud and happy to have someone who thought the same thing as me.” 

Muriel’s response was sour, unlike August, who had to hold back his joy by clenching his fist so tightly that he could feel numb at the fact that he met a comrade who had the same thoughts.
Even though it was obvious that she wasn’t interested, August didn’t care and twinkled his eyes. 

“And they say that they smell minerals if they try to their limits.
If you can find a way to communicate with them, it’ll definitely help people, but why do people just look at their looks….” 

“Hold on!” 

Muriel, who had been listening to the story without interest, stopped August’s excited chat with a surprised face. 

“What do you mean by smelling minerals? For example, do you mean that a Talisman can be found out if it’s buried in the ground?” 

Muriel’s heart began to beat.
The hope of finding the missing piece in Muriel began to arise.
The smell of demon and Murishi’s blood that was full of mountains.
Murish’s ability to smell minerals.
No way. 

“Yes, that’s right.
I heard that Murishi can distinguish the smell of minerals.” 


Muriel gave August a big hug as she screamed.
August panicked for a moment and cheered with Muriel without knowing what was going on.
There was no other dog that shook its tail immediately because she praised him even though he did nothing well. 

“Right? How fortunate it is that there is a possibility of co-existence with Murishi.
I feel the same way as Muriel.
We must stop the irrational hatred!” 

Muriel was happy because she found a clue that it might be too impossible of an idea to steal a piece of Ur.
August put forth an unexpected reason. 



Muriel realized August’s delusion, but whatever.
Even his tactlessness was cute now. 

“Oh, it’s pretty.” 

“Hahaha! I’ve never thought Murishi to be pretty, but Muriel is so sweet.

The two were happy to jump around hugging each other for completely different reasons. 

That’s when the door to the lab opened. 

“You two look very happy.” 

It was Kaiton, arm in arm, leaning against the door frame.
Unlike his usual cold expression, his fierce gaze briefly swept through August’s arm, which was wrapped around Muriel’s waist.
The stinging gaze quickly fell, but August got goosebumps and hugged Muriel even more. 

“What makes you so happy?” 

His voice was very low and slow, but something was harsh. 

“It’s nothing.
I was saying hello to August, whom I haven’t seen in a long time.” 

Muriel didn’t realize that she was too close to August until she saw the strangely wrinkled expression on Kaiton.
It hasn’t been long since I thought I’d get August off the field, but he was running too fast. 

August’s attitude toward Muriel is sweet, but it is probably because the boundaries have now collapsed as he seems to be treating a friend who is calm and not sticky. 

Muriel got off August a little awkwardly.
Perhaps because August was also wary of Kaiton, there was no chatter about what a pleasant conversation he had about Murrishi. 

“Let’s talk about it later.

“Yes, Muriel.” 

Muriel was going to ask how to hunt Murishi.
August nodded, overwhelmed by the fact that she could discuss more of the freedom of the poor heterogeneous, not knowing how she was going to catch and kill Murishi, who said she looked repugnant. 

“Can you move away from here?” 

Muriel said as she looked up at Kaiton, who was still standing in front of the door.
I couldn’t understand why he was so offended by August and herself.
Are you worried that I’m going to get closer to Eclum, the guardian, and build up my strength? 

“I need to talk to Young lady Muriel for a second.” 

“Say it.” 

Kaiton rolled up the corners of his mouth as he watched Muriel answering with a bothered nod. 

“Just the two of us.
It’s a matter we have to talk about.” 


What’s wrong with him? Muriel backed away when she saw that Kaiton suddenly was acting a bit aggressively. 

Things would have been complicated if she was caught to not be from here, but possessed, or if it was discussed what magic was hanging on her. 

The more Muriel distanced herself from him, the more he moved towards her and shortened the distance.
Muriel scurried back again, then stumbled on the hem of her dress. 

August stretched his arm toward Muriel, who was falling backwards, and before Muriel landed stably on his arm, Kaiton pulled Muriel’s arm close to him. 

Muriel and Kaiton’s faces got closer as if they were touching the tip of their noses. 


His lips were as close as they could reach, but Muriel wasn’t surprised.
I just thought he was holding my hands again.
Maybe very hard. 

My hands are going to break. 

Not feeling the pain, she could not be sure, but he must have held her by the wrist with all his might.
I tried to twist my wrist out, but it didn’t move at all. 

“It hurts.” 

Muriel said bluntly, thinking that it would probably hurt if he held it this tight.
Kaiton looked into Muriel’s eyes without answering. 

“You’re not nervous anymore.” 

He whispered in a small voice.
It was a pity that Muriel was no longer afraid of him. 

I mean… I wasn’t scared of Kaiton from the start.
I was just nervous because I thought I shouldn’t get tangled up with him. 

I am already a bit nervous now.
It bothered me because I was so close to Kaiton’s breath, but that’s all. 

“I don’t get nervous.” 

However, I felt that the only way to rescue a fierce dog was to hold the leash. 

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