Episode 14.

“My name is Muriel Storm.
Your Highness, you have to trust me.” 

The blue-haired woman spoke into the air. 

The nameless man had seen women calling him a prince or His highness.
Most of the women who were brought to the deepest dungeon on the darkest night were disgusted by him, calling him a Demon. 

But some women weren’t afraid of him, whether they were strongly suggested not to or unaware of the danger.
They didn’t know they were going to die after the night, and they were excited to be able to take a man with the blood of Sharan flowing in him. 

As soon as they found out that the man was Sharan’s brother, their eyes changed and rushed at him.
They tried to please him, calling him a prince or your highness in a coy voice.
As if there will be another day after this night.
as if he was going to be able to leave this dungeon after this beastly night passed.  

Desiring only the power that Sharan had, they licked his neck, took his lips, and scratched his shoulder. 

But you ask me to believe you… That was really the first time I heard it.
In addition, it was the first time that a person who had touched the power of Ur spoke to him.
The woman acted as if she had used Ur power to talk to him. 

“I’ll definitely come and save you, your highness.
In order to do that, I have a favor to please ask of you.” 


This is also the first time I’ve heard that word.
What can he do, who has never learned anything and lived in a place with nothing? 

The man was terrified that his brother had prepared this to test him.
If you’ve prepared this ridiculous skit to make sure I’m reporting Sharan’s eyes properly, I shouldn’t listen to this woman anymore.
I had to check the location of the woman and let Sharan know. 

The man quickly used Sharan’s eyes and checked where the woman was.
It was a dark mountain, but I could immediately find out where the nearest portal was.
It was a portal connected to Storm Street, one of Dachini’s vassals. 

Now all I have to do is tell Sharan what I saw… I should tell him to send a searching team for a woman with blue hair and fierce eyes.  

The nameless man had no choice but to turn to Muriel, who whispered quietly in the air. 

I was able to open Sharan’s eyes for the first time in a long time, so I just wanted to see the world a little more.
It was the first time someone called him without a wet and sticky breath, so I just wanted to hear her say a little more. 

The man followed Muriel’s gaze, moving Sharan’s eyes, even though he knew that his eyes would not meet hers. 

Muriel was not desperate for anyone to trust her, her speech was blunt and her expression was cold.
Nevertheless, her gaze was calm.
The eyes hovering in the air seemed to be looking at him beyond time and space. 

“Tell Sharon that you could hear the Saint’s prayer and see a fragment of Ur that was broken.” 

It was a ridiculous lie.
Sharan’s eyes could not see the shattered fragments of Ur.
Contrary to the kingdom’s expectations that Sharan’s eyes could monitor the power of Ur at every moment, the treasure of God was limited in ability. 

After Ur’s beads were carved, Sharan’s eyes only captured Ur’s power twice.
One time, Sean Fusco, a member of the Pendragon family, absorbed someone else’s Pasio by using Ur. 

At that time, for the first time, It was found out anyone could absorb Pasio as long as they had a piece of Ur, but this fact was kept strictly secret.
Only Ur was supposed to be the evil man who absorbed other’s Pasio.
If everyone knew they could just seize Pasio from someone, the Kingdom would lose its public enemy and collapse. 

For a while, Sharan’s eyes were in the dark.
This was because the method of correctly using Ur’s sculpture in the kingdom spread in secret. 

If you use Ur sculptures like Talisman, they lend you mana instead of taking Pasio.
It is said that the Pasio, which is consumed, was only as much as it takes to use the magic.
It is said to lend you unimaginably strong mana compared to one’s Pacio. 

The instructions for using Ur sculptures spread by Kaiton were effective, and Sharan’s eyes did not catch people using Ur sculptures for a while. 

Then the second person to capture was Sandra Moss.
She was a wizard living in the southern desert beyond the kingdom’s borders, and she was a follower of Ur.
She was a lunatic praising the usage of Pasio by the black wizard Ur. 

She put a piece in her Pasio and offered it to Ur.
Pasio was not stored in the sculpture, but was immediately delivered to Ur.
At this time, Sharon’s eyes were once again able to capture the power of sculpture. 

Muriel’s case was a case of inserting a piece of Ur into her Pasio. 

“Please try to make them think that they need a saint to find Ur’s sculpture.
It’s the first time a bead has been broken anyway, so even Sharon won’t notice if it’s a lie.
Besides, Sharan Kasal doesn’t have Sharan’s eyes.
I can’t give you much explanation right now, but… It’s not anything bad.
Please help me once, Your Highness.” 

Sharan’s eyes darkened again.
The prince’s eyes, which had so far been in the wide mountains, were dragged down again into the familiar dungeon.
But Muriel’s last voice kept ringing in the prince’s ears. 

‘Wait for me.
I’ll come there for you.’ 

Sharan’s annoying voice squeezed into the dazed prince’s head. 

“Where is the location? Who dared to use a sculpture of us?” 

“… I didn’t see it.” 

“What? What do you mean you didn’t see it? It’s only because of Sharan’s eyes that your dirty life is still saved, but you couldn’t even do that right?!” 

The prince was covering his eyes with a black cloth, but he could see that the woman who was rubbing her body against him freely had died.
It was the first time someone died next to him, but he wasn’t afraid. 

He had a very good imagination.
Because he knew that women who escaped from the dungeon would one day die at his brother’s hands, he sometimes had the illusion that the living bodies that touched his body were still alright. 

He was dead from the time he entered the dungeon, so it was not surprising to lose his beating heart a little earlier. 

“Saint… Because her prayer has been cut off, Sharan’s eyes got dark.” 

The prince re-exerted his wonderful imagination.
In his head, Muriel’s voice has already been vividly reproduced as a reality that brightened his eyes. 

“There was someone who had the sculpture of Ur… I could see it when I heard the sound of a saint’s prayer.
This time, they weren’t turning into a demon by sucking it in, or they weren’t putting it in their body.
I think they were just drawing a magic circle with the fragment in their hand… I saw it once I heard the sound of a saint’s prayer.” 

Sharan squinted to see if the prince was lying. 

His brother, whose white hair was hanging down without shame, was still straightening up because of the weakness.
I thought the drug was causing confusion, but… Eyes that did not respond to light were clearly in the right shape to use Sharan’s ability. 

Perhaps he knew that Sharan was looking through his disgusting body with a sharp look, and the prince covered himself with a rag-like cloth.
His cheeks, which were normally pale like ghosts without a single blood color, were red. 

It was because he was nervous about his first lie, but Sharan didn’t notice. 

“You really saw a piece of Ur?” 


“A prayer of a saint? Ha.
Since when did prayers work? Can you swear on the peace of the kingdom and in the name of God? Answer me properly.
Did you really see a sculpture of Ur?” 

“I can swear on the name of God who protects the Bulrion with the peace of the kingdom and the treasure of God.
I heard the prayer of the Holy Saint and saw a fragment of Ur.” 

I’ve never heard of Sharan’s eyes being affected by something.
But because of his incompetence, Sharan Kasal had no way of verifying whether his words were true or false.
Sharan stared at his brother, who was as creepy as a Demon. 

Would his brother who has been obedient to his every word lie to him? Well… Sharan thought his brother would never lie to him, even under an illusion. 

“That’s what it meant….” 

Sharan suddenly felt better. 

This is what the story of the saint helping Sharan’s eyes to save the kingdom meant.
Prayers lighting up Sharan’s eyes… I liked it.
In the end, the credit of catching Ur will be Sharan’s.
As expected, Sharan is the only hero. 

“Hahaha…! Of course… That’s makes sense.
I couldn’t believe anyway that such things would eliminate the demon king Ur.” 

Sharan recalled Muriel and Robelia, who were terrible at Pacio and had no ability of prophesy.
In the first place, he felt funny about looking at the young ladies with no ability. 

“I’ll let you hear the prayer of the saint ring every morning and evening.
You’ll find Ur then, won’t you?” 


The prince’s voice was unusually excited, but Sharan, who felt better, did not notice the difference. 

Sharan magically burned down the bleeding body and escaped the smelly underground prison. 

When Sharan left, familiar silence came again to the underground prison.
The trapped prince stood in front of a small window facing the sky. 

He opened his eyes with a black cloth down even though he knew there was no moon today.
I was blinded by the artificial light shining brightly from the back of my head, but I stubbornly looked at the night sky where nothing was floating.
His eyes were cold and tears fell, but it didn’t bother him. 

His head was filled with only Muriel with blue hair that he saw through Sharan’s eyes. 

“Wait for me.” 

The prince carefully followed Muriel’s words and rolled his tongue, recalling Muriel’s voice.
I’ll be there soon, She said.
There’s no way you can find this place.
I didn’t think you could break through Sharan’s solid barrier.
But the prince couldn’t do anything but wait. 

“…I’ll be waiting for you.’’ 

He was used to waiting.
He waited for the moon, the only friend he could see with his eyes, to be able to see the outside world with Sharan’s eyes.
It was regrettable that it was the only thing he could wait for.
Now there is one more thing to wait for.
I can’t help but be happy. 

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