Episode 13.
Underground Prison 


Even in Sharan’s palace, full of light, there was darkness.
It was a dungeon with no light.
Sharan and the three guardians locked Ur’s followers there and kept the peace. 

It was a deep darkness that he would keep hidden away for life, unlike the sun-like shining palace. 

The fifth generation of Sharan created a deeper darkness there. 

The 6th Sharan buried his secret here. 

Sharan Kasal, the sixth generation Sharan, had no eyes of Sharan.
It was his brother who inherited the legacy of the glorious name.
However, the older brother did not have golden eyes and the hair that symbolized Sharan. 

He had pale white hair and red eyes like a living ghost.
The red eyes, which could not accept the light, suffered from being exposed to even a small light.
Eyes that glow red as if they were cursed were bound to belong to darkness. 

A monster that can’t see the light was born in the line of Sharan, the symbol of the sun.
Besides, he even looks like a demon.
The prince was not named and was imprisoned in an underground prison that no one knew about.
He couldn’t have died.
He, who had Sharan’s eyes, had to do his duty as the guardian of the kingdom and as a watchman of Ur until the birth of a new heir of Sharan. 

The prince himself wrapped a black cloth around his eyes to withstand the artificial lights of the dungeon that his brother had lit up to torment him.
Darkness was a comfort to him. 

Darkness was a shelter to cover his monstrous white hair and red eyes, and a comfort to reduce the pain of sensitive eyes that refused the light. 

In the dark, the prince could only see the world with Sharan’s eyes.
At first, He could still see Kaiton Ur, but now he couldn’t even see him. 

The prince waited quietly for Ur to show up.
There was nothing he could do, so looking at Ur, whose will to live shined in his fierce eyes, was the only pleasure. 

A secret pleasure that no one should ever know. 

How could he wait for Ur to show up and welcome him? He deserved to be called a monster. 

He secretly hoped that Ur would use his power and he could watch how Ur made people a living disaster and made them live as neither ghosts nor humans.
It was the only chance to look at the kingdom of Bulrion that he was defending. 


The prince was fed up with the touch of a woman who rubbed his body at will.
When his bottom didn’t respond, the woman became nervous and spilled a sultry liquid into his mouth.
It was the worst medicine I could ever take when I was faced with something like this. 

It wasn’t until he was drugged and a stomach-ache, head-dazed later that he could be in the state of excitement that the woman wanted.
But it was only the body’s forced response to the drug, and his mind was far away, out of the dungeon in search of Ur. 

Sweaty smell, sticky, moist texture, panting, lukewarm body temperature.
Everything scared him.
There was a rush of vomit.
I hated myself, I hated the soft skin of women.
But he quietly waited for his misfortune to pass.
He did not resist.
No, he couldn’t.
It was because of the strong effect of medicine, and all hope disappeared due to the violence that was unilaterally inflicted every time. 

Would it have been different if there was a moon? 

In a dark dungeon with nothing, the moon was his everything.
His heart was there, his life was there.
The moon was the only thing that supported his spirit.
Only the moon knew he existed. 

However, as if to laugh at his heart, Sharan brought women on a pitch-black night without a moon.
They were chosen to hand over the perfect next generation to Sharan.
They all had bright yellow hair and bright yellow eyes like Sharan, but the reactions were all different. 

Some women moved greedily, taking off his trousers as soon as they found out who the trapped man was, and some women screamed with fear and disgust.
But the result was always the same.
Next came a new woman.
The trapped man did not ask for the whereabouts of the missing women.
It was because I was afraid that if I knew when and how they had died, I could not even be able to look at the moon. 


The woman grabbed the hair of the prince and moved her hips. 

“Touch it here.
All right, huh? Put it in here.
Come on.” 

The woman pulled the hands of the prince to touch her body.
Even though the prince pulled out his hand trembling, her stubborn grip did not let him go. 

“Ha…good…ha…Let’s go! Ugh…I’m going…” 

“It’s vulgar.” 

Sharan said languidly and put a mute spell on the woman’s mouth. 

“Who do you think it is? Sharan, Don’t you think so?” 

Sharan Kasal grinned fishyly as he swept over his golden hair, the symbol of Sharan.
He called the man his brother and poured out scorn out of his mouth. 

“If you were Sharan, it’d be like the demon sitting on the throne.
How funny would that be?” 

Kasal’s voice, which remarked it would be funny, was cold.
He acted as if he was offended just by talking to a disgusting monster.
Perhaps he wanted to leave soon, but Kasal’s voice was full of tantalizing irritation. 

The prince turned his face away from the side where he could hear Sharan’s voice, and bowed his head.
I wanted to hide my whole body, but there was nowhere to run to. 

“Why don’t you get it over with? How long do I have to wait?” 

The woman’s actions became more hasty at Sharan’s urging.
The  prince was shamed by his brother’s voice, which kept bringing him down to reality. 

I wish I could get drunk on strong drugs and not think about anything.
I’d rather be an idiot and not feel any emotion. 

“You’re getting more and more resistant to medicine, so I’m in trouble.
Why don’t you just become defenseless before I come here? Then we can finish it right away.
I’ve been feeding you every day and taking care of this place.
Can’t you at least do that for me?” 

Sharan said, glaring at the white hair of the prince whenever the dark-skinned woman moves.
His hair, which had no color at all beyond the paleness, gave him goosebumps no matter how many times he looked. 

Sharan’s territory was a land of peace, prosperity, fullness, warmth and the sun. 

With the trauma of the chaos left by Ur, the kingdom has created a climate of disgust over the pale things that look like living ghosts.
But a brother who shares the same blood with him looks just like a demon.
Whenever he saw the pale face of the prince, Sharan trembled with unbearable anger. 

“If you want to end this hell, you can find Ur.
You’re not hiding it from me, are you? Then you know you’ll never survive here.” 

It was a warning that Sharan Kasal always made. 

At that time, the woman, who was running wild even after being under mute magic, peeled off the black cloth that had been blindfolding the eyes of the prince. 

She thought his eyes would be closed, but the unlucky red eyes she met were perfectly open. 

“Oh, my God, I’m sorry…Lord Sharan..” 

Sharan became displeased and lit up the light that was shining in the dungeon.
The light was so strong that even for him, who had normal eyes, they stinged a little.
However, there was no response from the prince.
Even if he is a person who does not show his emotions easily, something was wrong as there was no focus in his eyes when he was looking forward. 

You’re using Sharan’s eyes…! 

Sharan Kasal focused on his brother after separating and pushing way the beastly woman who was still rushing to eat the pale ghost.
Yes, the eyes looking over there, that was definitely Sharan’s eyes. 

Sharan felt unbearable displeasure watching the prince looking elsewhere with the ability that should have been his own.
He wanted to destroy those red eyes, that pale face, but he couldn’t, so he tore the woman to death instead. 

He tried quite hard to find a woman with blonde hair, gold and dark brown skin, but it didn’t matter.
Maybe he was cursed anyway, because no one ever got pregnant with his brother’s child. 

Sharan Kasal couldn’t believe that one of the powerful pillars supporting the kingdom would collapse in his own time.
Therefore, we had to find and eliminate Ur even more.
As long as their generation runs out, it doesn’t matter if a king with Sharan’s eyes is no longer born. 

The woman died of a torn whole body without screaming at the end because of mute magic.
Being able to use mute magic and high-level attack magic at the same time meant that Sharan’s magic skills had already reached the maximum level. 

Instead of having not having Sharan’s eyes, the treasure of God, Sharan had a terrifying magic talent.
Magic skills alone were enough to earn the respect of the kingdom.
However, Sharan also thoroughly hid his magic skills to hide the fact that he had no treasure from God. 

The prince was looking at the world outside without knowing that the woman who was bothering him had died.
The world seen with Sharan’s eyes was much more beautiful than he’d seen with his own eyes. 

His red eyes could not see vivid colors because he could only see the dark without light.
There was only a black and white world for him.
However, the world seen through Sharan’s eyes was full of colorful and beautiful colors. 

I saw a woman with blue hair and narrowed eyes. 

Her hair was blue, resembling the midday sky, which he had never seen before.
It was an unfamiliar color.
It was a rare color to see in the kingdom of Bulrion, which preferred warm colors. 

His eyes were captivated by the unusual color, and he kept looking at her even though he knew he had to locate her to send a tracker. 

Then something unbelievable happened. 

“Your Highness, don’t call the tracker.
I’m the one who’s going to save the prince.
Don’t call the tracker and listen to me!” 

A woman with blue hair hanging down and clinging to her cheeks and shoulders was talking to the air. 

As if trying to talk to him! 

That can’t be true… 

The only person who knew he existed in this world was his brother who inherited Sharan’s name.
Did his father and mother tell someone about him before they died?? No.
No, it never happened. 

His mother had never come to see him, and his father had even imprisoned him to give Sharon’s eyes to his brother.
They couldn’t even tolerate him as a child. 

“I know you’re in a dungeon right now.” 


She really knows him. 

She was talking to him who didn’t even get a name because he shouldn’t exist in the world. 

Oh my god, there’s nothing more I want to do than save this prince and hug him, I hope Muriel does that job for us.
Also, if Kaiton needs a hand in eradicating Sharan, I volunteer. 

Btw, just to make an announcement, My raw provider is out of touch with me and It doesn’t seem like they’re going to return, I can’t buy the raws because of both financial reasons and other reasons.
The next chapter is the last one I have left then I can only translate when I get the raws.
If anyone is interested in providing me the raws, please contact me on our discord! I will still translate this series so for now I hope anyone else will refrain from picking this up for the (hopefully) short break that will come after next chapter, I will definitely be back with a solution! 

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