d up thinking she was being attacked for a moment, but Rovelia just took Muriel’s hand and knelt down. 

I tried to pull my hand out because I felt pressured, but Rovelia’s sharp nails held Muriel’s hand firmly and wouldn’t let go. 

“You have to listen to me! The kingdom needs a saint!” 

I think it’s not the kingdom that needs a saint, it’s Rovelia.
Muriel looked into the emerald eyes that held her hand desperately. 

What does the Young lady of Dachini lack so much that she needs to cling to the shell of a saint? Even if she became a saint as she was, she had no ability to prophecy, and as Kaiton said, she had no ability to kill the devil.
Nothing would be different from now, I couldn’t see why she was so obsessed. 

“Help me.
Please… I’ll do anything.
Say whatever you want.
I can get you everything.
Do you want me to pay you?” 

The Talisman of Rovelia flashed through her mind.
If she had that glowing red ring, wouldn’t it help to find a piece of Ur? I might be able to do at least one attack magic.
Even if white magic was impossible, it would be possible if it was water magic that is compatible with her. 

Muriel looked at the ring in Rovelia’s hand without realizing it, but turned his head in surprise. 

It’s crazy. 

You know what happens when you’re greedy for power.
That ring was the seed of evil that burned down the mountains of Sharan and would destroy the peace of the world.
I can’t believe you’re greedy about it.
That’s a stupid idea.
I’d rather use a piece of Ur than… 


Muriel clasped Rovelia’s hand in surprise at the instant realization. 

Muriel knew all about where the sculptures of Ur were that would be used to hold Kaiton Ur’s leash.
It was because I knew the whole story, but the last one was unknown, but now that I think about it, it was an easy answer. 

Muriel couldn’t have been the only one who had gotten a piece of Ur.
Kaiton was a great man who thought that if he couldn’t identify who the saint was, he would remove all the saint candidates. 


“Will you help me, Muriel?” 

“You said you’d give me whatever I wanted instead, right?” 

“Of course.
It doesn’t matter.
Do you want me to give you a written document? Part of the estate that I’m going to inherit….” 

Give me a piece of Ur.” 

There was a moment of silence.
Rovelia’s eyes shook like a forest in the face of a typhoon. 


“You have it.
A Piece of Ur.” 

“The profanity!!!” 

Rovelia threw away Muriel’s hand and shouted like thunder.
She inherited the name of the guardian and was asked to give a piece of Ur’s sculpture.
There was no bigger insult. 

Having a fragment of Ur means being a follower of evil.
To Sharan, as well as the demon king’s men who threaten the kingdom.
Rovelia clattered her red cheeks. 

Not realizing that being sensitive is a desperate thing to be, she preached how loyal she was as Sharan’s servant and an heir to the proud guardian Dachini. 

“I’m just trying to get rid of our pieces safely.
I won’t wonder how Rovelia got the Ur sculpture, so give it to me.
Then I’ll do you the favor.” 

Rovelia glared at Muriel with a suspicious stare.
One day, at her bedside, a sculpture of Ur appeared, and of all places, in the royal palace protected by Sharan’s eyes. 

How does Muriel know something she’s never told anyone… Muriel must also have a piece of Ur too. 

Rovelia considered the cards in her favor.
Having a fragment of Ur makes you a traitor who breaks the law.
Should I threaten Muriell? 

She’s already hidden the piece of Ur, so whatever Muriel says won’t hurt her.
But Muriel may have already hidden her fragment of Ur as well.
Well, I would have done that as well. 

“I’ll give it to you.
I’ll give it to you when we get back to the palace.” 

Rovelia, of course, did not intend to give up such an important card.
The sculpture will be a good tool to prove her strength when she becomes a saint. 

For Muriel, I was going to make a fake.
If Muriel recognizes it as a fake, it would mean that she has used a sculpture of Ur, so she could deal with her by national law. 

Rovelia had to be a saint.
She was born under the name of Dachini, but was never treated properly because of her humble Pasio. 

There was no better family than Dachini, and there was no way she could raise her status.
She thought of marrying into another guardian family, Eclum, but that alone did not change her value. 

Then it was revealed she was born with the star of a saint.
It was miraculous news.
As long as she is a saint, she can be indispensable to the kingdom.
In addition, if she married Sharan, she would achieve far more than she would’ve by just born under the name of Dachini. 

Rovelia rose neatly. 

Yeah, it’s not over yet.
Panic came when I saw my father hurrying to mrry me away into some other family, not Eclum and nor any foreign royalty, as if her father had noticed her true value, but there is no need to hurry because it is not over yet.
She has the star of the saint and a sculpture of Ur that would prove her ability. 

“I’ll see you at the palace, Muriel.” 

There were times when Muriel was annoying because I thought she was blocking my way, but there was no harm in using her like this.
Because the star of the Saint belongs to her anyway.
Muriel just needs to accompany her like a bridesmaid to make her feel better. 

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