erous prank that would endanger his life if found out.
But the anger still didn’t go away, so I cooled my face by pouring water on it from the fountain. 

However, to Muriel’s eyes, who had been worried about Kaiton since hearing Sharon’s previous statement, Kaiton, with a wet face, looked like a person who was crying. 

He looked scary enough that if anyone else saw it, they would misunderstand that he was killing someone, but to Muriel he was like a pathetic puppy returning from the rain. 

It was the moment when Kaiton, who was only seen as a rabid and fighting dog, was transformed into a miserable puppy amid Muriel’s prejudice. 

Ding! Ding! Ding! 

The fateful bell rang. 

Muriel’s nose cramped. 

How can you turn a blind eye when you know the devil is crying secretly but you’re the only one in the world who knows how frustrated and lonely he really was? 

From the moment Muriel saw Kaiton walking out wet from behind the fountain, she decided to help him no matter what. 

It was a resolution different from just lying flat and not causing trouble.
A determination to clear the entire kingdom’s false accusations about the Devil.
To make them love the devil.
It was a great resolution that would cause uproar in the kingdom. 

“Did you cry?” 

When asked that question for the first time in his life, Kaiton looked uncharacteristically stupid. 

Did I hear it wrong? Did Muriel say he cried? I cried.
Did I say that? 

In a moment, a lot of thoughts crossed Kaiton’s mind.
But his bewilderment seemed like hesitation to Muriel, and he quickly turned into a bewildered figure after being caught crying. 

“I cried.
I cried….” 

Kaiton couldn’t tell what Muriel was asking, but he could clearly see the compassion and sympathy on her face.
Angrily, he crumpled his eyebrows. 

“Who’s crying?” 

Muriel thought Kaiton was blushing because of shame.
Yeah, let’s pretend we don’t know.
There are times when someone wants to cry alone. 

As far as Muriel remembers, she’s never cried in secret or shown tears to anyone, but it’s not a shame to cry. 

“Yes, you didn’t cry.” 

Kaiton’s face turned white.
He finally realized what misunderstanding Muriel had made.
It was just an absurd illusion that was laughable, but he couldn’t laugh it off. 

I can’t believe you thought I cried.
How can you misunderstand that? Who? Me? He swept his face down with a big hand.
The face, which had barely cooled down with cold water, rose again. 

“Do you think I cried now?” 

“No, you didn’t cry.
Sir Crawford never cried.” 

Muriel winked, flinched like a twitch and said, “Let’s keep it a secret between us.” As if she had agreed to Kaiton’s obvious lies. 

Kaiton’s breath trembled with astonishment.
What kind of mentality does this crazy woman have to have to think this absurd thing? Would you still have a misunderstanding like this if you knew who I really was? 

“Muriel Storm.
I swear to God I didn’t cry.
Stop the misunderstanding.” 

Kaiton said coldly.
He even brought up a God that he didn’t believe in.
That’s how much he wanted to make sure that she heard him. 

“Yes, yes.
Crawford didn’t cry, I swear too!.” 

Muriel’s delusion was solid.
Kaiton wanted to scream at her to stop saying silly things, but he couldn’t get down to Muriel’s level, so he clenched his teeth and passed by her. 

* * * 

Muriel, who returned to the storm mansion without difficulty thanks to the portal, was also bitten by employees who needed to treat their arms and was stuck in her room.
Determined to save Kaiton, there had to be a plan. 

After many thoughts, I realized that I had to solve two things to help him. 

Clearing up the false rumors. 

Pasio supply. 

Kaiton had to let people know that he was not the evil Devil King as they thought he was, but an ordinary man and a black wizard. 

But he wasn’t completely innocent, so it was a problem.
Kaiton used a piece of Ur, which was split into seven, to get a supply of Pasio, and took away many people’s Pasio.
Some of them became demons. 

Like those who gave their souls and signed a deal with the devil, they were all those who put their hands on Ur power for the sake of greater power, but that did not mean that Kaiton was innocent. 

He had to stop his misdeeds before he could be cleared of wrongdoing.
Then, a second problem arose.
How to stop him when he was full of thoughts filled with revenge on Sharan? I couldn’t imagine him willing to change his mind to Muriel’s persuasion and cooperate with her. 

Two of the seven Ur sculptures were already in Sharan’s hands, and the other five were spread throughout the kingdom.
Muriel realized that getting her hands on all the other five pieces was the first task to be solved. 

Cut off the supply of Kaiton’s Pasio, and you’ll be able to grab his leash.
If she makes a pledge of allegiance to Kaiton, who is all out of Pasio, he can never kill Muriel.
Then you can give Kaiton your unlimited-refill Pasio. 

“I have one already….” 

I’m gonna have to get four more Pieces of Ur.
Will Muriel, who only has an infinite amount of Pasio, be able to do it? 

The people she has to deal with are those who try to gain strength by any means necessary to touch the sculpture of Ur.
Whether it was Serenus or Severus, she was not able to handle a single healing magic spell. 

“What should I do?” 

An unexpected guest came to Muriel, who was worried.
It was Rovelia who lost all her peachy vitality and sparkle of gold. 

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