Episode 10 Magic Class of the Devil 

“Will you be okay?” 

“Is there anything that’s not okay?” 

Who am I worried about? You’re worried about the devil? A vicious pervert who pretends to teach you healing magic but just casually bullies you? 

Muriel’s concern for Kaiton was funny and incomprehensible, but she was worried about him being kicked out by Sharan.
Yes, this nervousness is just worrying that Kaiton will be kicked out of the royal family and go about doing something worse.
I don’t have any other feelings. 

“There must be a hero among the two of us.
Something like that, it’s not something Sharan would be happy to know.” 

“How could you hate it when it says they will eliminate the cancer of the kingdom?” 

That’s not true.
Sharon will want Ur to live forever unless he gets rid of him with his own hands. 

Darkness is the only way to have light, and stars shine in the dark night.
For Sharan and the three guardians, Ur as an old enemy they had to get rid of, but at the same time a necessary evil that had to exist for their power. 

Sharan couldn’t be unaware of that.
So he’s hiding everything that he’s incapable of.
Even by imprisoning his brother like a slave. 

And this guy can’t have not known that. 

“Why are you so sure? The Oracle only said that a saint would appear to save the kingdom.
It never predicted that she would kill the devil king.” 

Kaiton glared at Muriel with frightening eyes as if she were the saint of the oracle who would kill him. 

“What if the devil wants to destroy the kingdom?” 


He whispered in a low voice as if he were telling a secret. 

“The only way to save the Kingdom is to stop the Devil King.’’ 

His black eyes seemed to say this: You’re the one who’s gonna do it. 

“There’s only one way to stop the king, find him and take his breath away.” 

So what can I do? I like you very much, but I have no choice but to get rid of you.
His black eyes, which were sinking low and blazing, seemed to say that. 

“The Oracle could be wrong.” 

“If the Devil kills the Saint first, it would.” 


A sigh came out of my mouth.
I thought everything would be fine if I didn’t have an evil mind, but why are there so many things to be careful about? At this rate, I think I might be nearing the ending where my life is lost to Ur.  

But I wasn’t afraid.
Obviously, the heart was pounding, but not because of fear.
Is it because I perceive this place as a novel, so I’m losing my sense of reality? It wasn’t too sad, it wasn’t too scary.
I just thought it’d be a bit bothersome. 

Kaiton kicked out Muriel without healing the wound on her arm.
It didn’t matter because I didn’t particularly want it to be treated, but it was uncomfortable because the blood kept flowing since it didn’t heal no matter how many times I said the spell. 

I thought of Nicholas, the high priest who was impatient to help, for a moment, but I didn’t want to get involved with him, so I just found a handkerchief and tied it around roughly.
It was enough that the blood stopped because it didn’t hurt. 

* * * 

That night, the sky was dark without a moon. 

Muriel was in a deep sleep without knowing that the roughly tied handkerchief had become united.
She glowed white even in the dark where there was no light.
Her pale skin, her pajamas swaying narrowly on her fluttering chest, and the thin blanket wrapped around her flamboyant waist and slim legs were all white. 

Only the loose handkerchief was stained with red blood due to the sloppy binding.
The red handkerchief was a splotch on the painting.
It was a stone that flew into a calm lake, a crow that flew into the gap of elegant swans, and a rain shower that came on a picnic day. 

One of those disparate niches was ruining the holy atmosphere of Muriel, who was sleeping peacefully. 

This is why I liked it. 

Kaiton rewound the handkerchief running down her arm.
He even made a tight knot so that it wouldn’t fall off easily.
He thought it was good that he didn’t use healing magic earlier. 

I couldn’t have put up with it if she was sleeping as peacefully as a calm lake.
I thought I would have made a small crack and ended up seeing a crack in her expression in the end. 

“I hope you like my present.” 

Kaiton placed a piece of Ur’s sculpture on the table. 

I thought it was time to finish what I had been putting off.
I still wanted to wait a little longer, but I didn’t have time. 

I wanted to find out what the mysterious magic was hanging on Muriel, and I wanted to bring out her lost memory, but if Muriel became a demon, it would all be useless, so I have to bury that wish. 

Her blue hair which hung on the bed caught his eye.
her hair, which shone like the blue sea when it receives light, looked quite dark now.
It was the color of the calm night sky as if it were colored by the darkness around it.  

I wish I could dye it a little more black, but if I dyed it more black and similar… 

If her eyes, which are straight and confident with a crooked smile and a sour expression, were a little darker… 

I wouldn’t have to leave a piece of Ur behind. 

Kaiton could not resist the temptation and grabbed a handful of her hair.
The blue hair flowing through his fingers was much softer than he remembered. 

There was another unbearable twist in the examination, and he hurried out of the room.
I ran away because I thought I would forget the job if I stayed a little longer. 

Muriel woke up to the damp air of dawn coming through the window.
Did she leave the window open? I didn’t remember very well.
I felt cold and pulled the blanket up to my chin and fell asleep again, but something shiny was caught at the end of my view. 

a piece of transparent bead that is sharply broken, A piece of Ur was placed on her table, sucking up Pasio and giving her a powerful force. 

Muriel got out of bed.
The air on the floor was cold.
Even though it was still a hot and windy season, the air in the room was cold. 

Kaiton Ur. 

He’s been here. 

Muriel looked outside through the open window.
It was still too dark around.
He was hiding under a big tree, but Muriel couldn’t see him.
She closed the window carefully, and wrapped a small cloth around the bead. 

* * * 

I didn’t sleep well last night, but I felt even worse when I was called to Sharan’s office in the morning.
In the office were Sharan, Rovelia, Kaiton and August, as well as The lord of Dachini, Veron Dachini and the high priest Nicholas Neville. 

I thought she would have a high-spirited face after telling on us, but Rovelia was also had dark circkes under her eyes.
Thanks to her peach-colored face and bright blonde hair, she didn’t give a haggard impression like Muriel, but anyway, Rovelia had a dark expression that she had never seen before. 

The topic, too, was about the magic lessons of Kaiton. 

“You’re teaching magic to the stars of the Oracle?’’ 


Kaiton did not appear to have any intention of defending himself or explaining the situation.
Just a short answer and he kept his mouth shut. 

“Why? People with special powers cannot master magic.
It’s not like you don’t know that, Do you think Lady Dachini and Storm are not saints?” 

Sharan sat on a huge golden chair with his chin resting on his arm.
The toes of the twisted legs were shaking with a flick. 

“The Young Ladies didn’t have any special power.
But the Oracle predicted that the saint would save the kingdom, so I just tried to prepare for it.” 

“To kill the Demon King?” 


“Rovelia and Muriel?” 


“They’re terrible at Pasio, too? They’ll Kill the devil? 


“Ha! You’re talking nonsense.” 

Sharan leaned deeper.
He didn’t care about Veron Dachini’s gritted teeth and snorted at Rovelia’s darkened face.
Rovelia couldn’t even look up at Sharan’s face, and gripped the hem of her dress as if she was holding back her contempt. 

This is what the snitch said, so Rovelia’s face was understandably down.
What she wanted was a picture of Crawford being scolded, and the person in charge of the saint’s confirmation turned into a high priest.
It seemed unbearable to be ignored and ridiculed unexpectedly. 

“It’s just following the Oracle.” 

“It’s just a word left by a saint lost 12 years ago.
Maybe she’s been gone for a long time, or maybe the location of the star has changed.
Don’t try to do anything hopeless, Crawford.” 

“Sharan… How could you say that!” 

Veron Dachini shouted, unable to contain his anger. 

“Ridiculous! Rovelia has been steadily cultivating virtue in Dachini’s name.
If you insult my child, I will not put up with it in the name of Veron Dachini.” 

“You’re not going to put up with it under the name of Dachini? Are you saying that you, who have sworn allegiance, will hurt me? 

Sharan laughed in derision.
On his dark brown skin, his bright yellow eyes stared at his subjects who had devoted themselves for generations. 

He knew that Dachini would not betray him.
So the anger of the loyal subject who dared to threaten him was unpleasant.
It was unpleasant and funny. 

“I know you care about Rovelia, but protecting Sharan is not a child’s play.
If you find the devil, will you send Rovelia? Can you send your daughter, who is not even successful in healing magic, and command her to catch the devil?” 

Behind Sharan was a golden lion statue called his symbol, but his tongue moved like a snake.
When he took out his poisonous teeth, he bit everyone indiscriminately. 

“I revoke the search for the saint.” 


This time Nicholas Neville was appalled. 

“You can’t do that.
Obviously, these young ladies were born under the stars of the Saint.
The safety of the kingdom is at stake.
You have to be careful.” 

“Neville, do you mean that the royal family isn’t enough? Do you mean that my hard work of watching over the kingdom of Burlion day and night is useless?” 

“…Sharan… That’s not….” 

Nicholas Neville could only say no and bit his tongue.
It was dizzying to think that he was so riled up that he almost argued that it was obvious that it was. 

The man, who had rubbed the hearts of women as the most popular man in the kingdom until August appeared, kept his mouth shut to wait for the right time in case he made a slip of the tongue and lose his neck. 

“Isn’t it enough for me and the three guardians to catch and kill the Devil king? Don’t you think so, Lord Dachini?” 

“…Yes, Sharan.” 

Rovelia tried to hold back her tears.
Lord Dachini was heartbroken at the sight, but he had no choice but to give the answer that Sharan wanted. 

It would have been nice if she had been honored as a saint, but if the main character of the Oracle was forced into a position where she had to deal with the devil, he had no intention of giving up his precious daughter. 

Muriel was a little surprised at the situation that was going in an unexpected direction.
It was a completely different development from the novel, but for her, as long as she got away from the royal family and Kaiton, it didn’t matter what order it was going in. 

Are we getting out of the palace now? The timing was the best.
Kaiton took out a piece of Ur that was his last card.
He even threatened to kill anyone if they got in the way. 

Muriel glanced at Kaiton, who was pretending to be cool.
Do you want him to let you go? Don’t tell me you’re coming after me… 

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