Episode 09 The Magic Class of the Devil 

“I’m going to teach you two the 1st-level healing magic.
It’s something that can be learned regardless of compatibility, so it’s not impossible for two of you to learn.” 

The magic lessons continued. 

Although Muriel and Rovelia’s magic talents were so poor and there was no progress in learning white magic that was not suitable for them at all, Kaiton did not budge. 

What was annoying was that he knew how bad Muriel and Rovelia were already, but he never stopped mocking and making sarcastic remarks every time he saw them.
It must be a class that focuses on bullying rather than training. 

“Let me show you first.” 

When I asked how he would demonstrate the magic of healing the wound, Kaiton’s face did not change even a bit of color and he hurt the back of his hand.
There was no spell or sign, just as he put his hand close to him, the black, purple glow briefly brushed past and a shallow, long wound formed on the back of his hand. 


As Kaiton chanted the spell, a white glow emitted and covered the scar.
You hurt yourself, and then you heal yourself. 

Despite everyone’s astonishment at the outspokenness, he was calm. Muriel felt uncomfortable with Kaiton’s expressionless face and black eyes.
It was because I was uncomfortable with the twisted mind hidden behind the thin and powerless curtain. 

“Try it.
It’s a rudimentary level of magic that you don’t even have to teach at the academy, so even young children can do it.” 

“Where should I test it?” 

asked Rovelia in a sharp voice. 

Unlike her confident and gentle appearance at the banquet hall, she lost her composure as she proceeded with the magic classes.
She seemed to lose her composure because of having to show a clumsy and wandering appearance to other people. 

In this country where Pasio is everything, I thought it would be already be familiar to giving in and facing her limitations if she was born with a humble amount of Pasio, but maybe not, as Rovelia was under great stress whenever her magic failed. 

“It’s hard to control attack magic, so use a knife.” 


Kaiton found a palm-sized dagger on a messy desk and handed it to Rovelia. 

“Wouldn’t you only be able to test when there is something to heal?” 

“Do you want me to hurt myself like you, sir Crawford?” 

Robelia frowned like her pride had been severely injured. 

“Then who do you want to hurt, Lady Rovelia? If you want to bring servants from your mansion, I won’t stop you.” 

Kaiton’s voice became sweet, but his eyes remained cold.
The corners of his mouth that were twisting up were absolutely that of the devil.
As expected, it’s true that you’re just teaching to bully. 

“I’ll give you my hand.” 

August stood in front of Rovelia, blocking Kaiton’s gaze with his body. 


“This is better than watching lady Rovelia hurt herself.” 

“So kind…” 

“I’ll be happy to offer my service to you any time, so feel free to use it.” 

August rolled up his arm and drew a sword and wounded his arm.
The wound was long and deep enough to be healed by Robelia’s magic. 

Is this what you call being ignorant? 

As if I were the only one to know, The surprisingly good August, looked at Muriel and drew his other arm before she could stop him. 

“This is for Muriel, so don’t worry.
I’m glad I have both arms, hahaha.” 

Oh, that idiot, he’s a pushover. 

That’s why it’s unnecessary kindness.
Muriel doesn’t feel pain, so it’s not a big deal to make a small cut, why come forward. 

“I’ll take care of it myself.” 

“Use this August’s body to your heart’s content, not the specifications.” 

“Do you hear what you’re saying?” 

Don’t just give away your body as you please to use. 

Muriel sighed and snatched the dagger from Kaiton’s hand.
I didn’t want to be played with the vicious Kaiton rhythm, but August, who kept giving up his body made me feel no better and more reluctant so I had no other choice.  

“It’s not a strange knife, is it? Like if a stabbed person is cursed.” 

“Black magic is prohibited by national law.” 

“So do you get cursed or not?” 

“There’s no way a court magician can use black magic, right? Feel free to use it, Lady Muriel.” 

How dare you lie with such a brazen face without blinking your eyes.
I felt uncomfortable because I thought there would be poison on the dagger, but I didn’t want to continue to see August’s self-harm. 

I scratched the back of my hand lightly.
August watched Muriel with regret as if he couldn’t understand her, and Rovelia watched with an expression of disapproval. 

Kaiton also kept an eye on Muriel.
He found Muriel’s grit offensive, irritating and funny.
But on the other hand, it was also very satisfying.
It was clear that Muriel would have been more unpleasant if she had avoided or hesitated in fear. 

It wasn’t painful even if it bled red.
However, whenever there was no pain, it was bitter because it seemed to be confirmed that this body was not my body. 







It was said to be easy magic, but the wound did not heal even if I shouted the spell. 

“I have to tell the magicians.” 

August said, scratching his forehead. 

“It’s all right, Muriel.
It could be a failure.
It’s a relief that no side effects have occurred.” 

The end of August’s words, which were trying to comfort him, were shaken.
It seemed to be an incredibly easy magic, given that even he, who is good at hiding emotions, could not hide his surprise. 

“It’s hopeless.” 

Kaiton looked directly at Muriel and said monotonously.
The expression that he didn’t expect much was even more annoying.
I wanted to shout, “I said no,” but I had no choice but to endure it because I thought it would look more pathetic. 

“I’ll try, too.
Can I just use a talisman?” 

Rovelia took a step closer to August, fiddling with the ring on her hand. 

Muriel was surprised to see the ring.
It was because the ring had a talisman embedded in, which was bigger than a grape, shone red and was very familiar to my eyes. 

Did I see it wrong? No, that was definitely the ring Muriel knew. 

The time is coming! 

August’s death, the first to break the peace of the kingdom.
The time for the arson is coming. 

The content of the novel Muriel remembers were fragmented.
The details of the development were not known.
But the important events were clear. 

That ring was definitely a Talisman, which Muriel used to burn down Sharan’s mountain.
Later on, August recognized the ring on the scene and turned himself in to protect her. 

But was the ring originally Rovelia’s? What happened? Muriel was wondering when she would get her hands on that ring, but I never thought she’d see it here. 

You can’t just get a ring from Rovelia… Maybe she stole it or took it away? 

“Is it Talisman with Pacio?” 


Kaiton looked at Robelia’s ring and asked. 

Talisman was a mana aid, which amplified mana and protected Pacio.
It was very expensive because it was made mainly from the fossils of spirits. 

Among them, Talisman, which contains Pacio, was high-end.
This is because the craftsman’s Pacio was also used. It was ironic that someone else’s Pacio had to be ground to protect my Pacio, but it was a popular product that I couldn’t get my hands on because of the talisman with Pacio in it. 

Talisman, which contains Pacio, has never remained the same shape in the world because the shape of the crystal changes every time it is made.
The Talisman, which has the sun painted inside the red crystal worn by Rovelia, is probably the only one in the world. 

The reason why Muriel in the novel coveted Rovelia’s Talisman is probably because of its scarcity.
Still, stealing… My appetite is bitter.
She’s an evil woman trying to destroy the world, but isn’t this act of petty theft just acting cute? 

“There’s nothing more extravagant than using Pasio talismans to use Serenus, but let’s do it.” 

Rovella’s cheeks flushed with Kaiton’s sarcasm. 

Still, she thought it was better than failing in magic, so she shouted “Serenus” with her hand on the ring.
Obviously, she shouted a magic spell to heal the wound, but August’s wound caught fire. 


Surprised, Robelia gave a short scream.
The fire went out quickly but she was still shocked.
I wasn’t sure if she was surprised that she hurt August, or if she was surprised that she didn’t succeed in the first stage of magic even after using high-end Talismans. 


August gritted his teeth and held back his groan in order not to surprise Rovelia even though his arm was on fire.
It must’ve taken a lot of mental strength. 

“Serenus Fortis!” 

August healed the skin that had been burned and melted.
It was a big enough wound to require a two-stage treatment magic. 

‘’The Talisman’s power is incredible, It’s really hot.” 

“I’m sorry…” 

“Don’t be so heartbroken, Rovelia.
You know how hard it is to learn magic that doesn’t work with you.
You’re just not compatible with light magic.
It’s nothing to be frustrated about.” 

Robelia’s face did not brighten up even with August’s consolation.
Muriel finally realized that the reason why Rovelia was surprised was because of her failure. 

Her mistake is more unacceptable than the fact she burned August.
It’s not easy to live with the Dachini’s name. 

“Let’s do it again.
If you keep doing it, you’ll get the hang of it.” 

August raised his sword as if her were going to injure himself again, but Rovelia shook her head with a pale face. 

“No, I can’t.” 

“Is that so…? Yes, don’t overdo it.” 

“…How long do I have to continue this stupid show?” 


Crawford, tell us! The oracle must have said who the saint is.
But a saint is learning magic .” 

“No, Lady Rovelia. I’m pretty sure.” 

Kaiton’s black eyes looked at Muriel.
The straight, deep eyes seemed to be saying that you were the very person in the Oracle. 

“The main character of the Oracle will kill the demon king Ur.” 


So I thought I’d get rid of you, he seemed to have whispered on his own scarily. 

Rovelia’s face hardened with astonishment.
She even turned white as if she had heard profanity. 

“I can’t believe that the Holy Saint will kill Ur the Devil… What nonsense is that?” 

“It’s hard to believe it when you look at the poor performance of the young ladies, but if you take a look at the interpreted Oracle, it is true.’’ 

“The only heroes who will defeat Ur are Sharan and the three guardians who inherited the hero’s names.
You’re not saying you don’t know that, are you?” 

Even though Rovelia was serious and arguing, Kaiton was snorting.
The pride of the Dachini, Eclum and Pendragon was great.
The title of guardian was more valuable than anything else. 

Sharan and his three guardians, who have protected the world from Kalin Ur, have so far gained power from the title.
It can’t be taken away by anyone else now. 

“A hero is like a star.
If you win, you win.
If you lose, you get a new one.” 

“What do you mean, the stars of heroes are falling? What a disturbing thing to say, Mr.
Crawford…! You’ll have to take responsibility for that now.” 

Rovelia ran out of Kaiton’s lab.
Muriel thought the magic class without any progression was boring, but Rovelia seemed to be under greater pressure. 

I didn’t know she would explode like this.
I didn’t expect to her to be so driven. 

“I’ll have to catch up with her.
Muriel, make sure you get the wound treated by Crawford.” 

August hurriedly followed Rovelia but he did not forget to care for Muriel’s wounds. 

She’s going to Sharon, right? How will the self-loving king react? How dare you say that the heroes are burdening stars! he might throw out Kaiton with anger. 

It was true only Muriel, who knew the contents of the novel knew, but there was in fact no God’s treasure like “Sharan’s Eyes,” that monitors Ur.
So they’ll be more sensitive as to hide this fact. 

How will that play out for him? 

Muriel looked anxiously at the man in front of her. 

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