Three months had passed, and there was still no signs of the Emperor waking up.

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The autumn days had passed, and the weather was already turning cold slowly, filled with light snowing and bone-chilling cold wind.

Shao Yin came back from the outside and entered the brazier-warmed hall, before passing her fur-coat to a handmaiden nearby and making her way into the inner quarters.

The Queen Dowager was currently making inquiries towards the Imperial Doctors, who gathered around nervously.

“T…This… This one really does not know…” Lord Chen, the deputy head of the Imperial Doctors, stuttered in reply as he endured the sharp suspicious gaze of the Queen Dowager, he was so nervous that he could feel his sweat streaming from his forehead, “According to our professional judgement, the blood congestion in His Majesty’s brain should’ve already been dispersed…”

“If that was the case, why was he still not awake?” The Queen Dowager insisted.

Lord Chen could not answer her question, and he was sweating even more now, to the point that he had to lift up his sleeves to wipe away the sweat from his face, “T…This… This one and the others are still reading through medical books to find the cause.”

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The Queen Dowager glared at him for a while, and upon confirming that she would not get another answer from him, she moved her gaze onto Shao Yin, who was standing nearby, “You have arrived.”

“Mother.” Shao Yin bowed gracefully as she greeted her respectfully, before turning her loving gaze onto the bed-ridden Emperor behind the Queen Dowager, “I’m here to visit His Majesty.”

“Aiiihhh…” The Queen Dowager could not help but sigh tiredly.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the unconcealable love within Shao Yin’s eyes, she would’ve suspected a long time ago that the Emperor’s fall and unconsciousness were caused entirely by her.
But every time she saw Shao Yin, these suspicions would always dissipate, because no woman would ever harm one that they loved so wholeheartedly.

“You can stay and talk to the Emperor, I’ll be taking my leave now.” The Queen Dowager said with a tired and resigned voice, before holding the hands of her handmaidens and leaving the place.

Everyone in the palace knew that the Empress would visit daily to spend time talking to the comatose Emperor, hence, after exchanging a few glances with Lord Chen, the Imperial Doctors all stepped back knowingly in order not to intrude on the imperial couple’s privacy.

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Shao Yin made her way slowly towards Luo XuanMo’s bed, before taking a seat at a stool nearby, “Your Majesty, I’m here to visit you once again.” She said as she gazed down at his sleeping face tenderly.
“When will you wake up? Your son and I miss you a lot.” She caressed his cheeks as her voice choked up with emotions.

If Luo XuanMo was conscious at this moment, he would’ve thought that the Empress was deeply attached to him emotionally, let alone anyone else.

“Your Highness, the medicine is ready.” A handmaiden arrived next to her while holding onto a tray with a porcelain bowl filled with a thick brownish decoction.

“Give it to me.” Shao Yin rolled up her sleeves and picked up the bowl and spoon, before proceeding to hand-feed the medicine spoon by spoon personally.

Truth be told, after falling off from a twenty-meter-high platform, the only reason why he had not turned into a puddle of flesh was due to his protagonist’s halo, but even so, suffering a severe case of injuries was inevitable, and three months were definitely not enough for him to recover fully, hence he must not miss any of his daily decoctions, twice a day to be specific.

Hers was the role of a virtuous and loving Empress, and as long as she continued to live in this world, she would keep it maintained as best as she could. 

And as a loving and compassionate wife, it was obvious that she must personally take the decoction feeding into her own hands. 

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Eunuch He stood nearby, while keeping his unblinking eyes stuck to her, as if keeping her actions in check.
But no matter how hard he stared, the full bowl of concoction was fed entirely into the Emperor’s lips, and the Empress had not added any unnecessary ingredients to the concoction. 

“Bring me a cup of warm water.” Shao Yin murmured gently as she passed the now empty porcelain bowl to one of her handmaidens, before proceeding to feed water to the unconscious in order to dilute the bitter medicinal taste within his mouth.

Even if he was unconscious and ignorant of the situation around him, Shao Yin did not treat him perfunctorily.

There were no secrets within the palace walls, and the Empress’s love for the Emperor soon spread to every corner of the palace.
It was to be expected, as there were so many concubines within his harem, and how many of them were capable of visiting the Emperor on a daily basis to feed him medicine and water without hindrance?

Within the room, after allowing the handmaidens to wait outside, Shao Yin glanced at the unconscious man on the bed and sighed deeply.

Honestly, she genuinely wanted him to wake up.

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Ever since the beginning, when she made the decision to change the plot, Shao Yin had actually prepared a backup plan.

Scenario One assumed that his protagonist’s halo was not enough to avoid mortal death.

While Scenario Two was to deal with the scenario that his protagonist’s halo was so bright and intense, that it allowed him to cheat death that would have otherwise been inevitable to any ordinary person.

Shao Yin had predicted that Scenario Two was more likely to happen, hence she had prepared a lot of follow-ups to greet him as soon as regained consciousness. 

However, first of all, he must be bedridden for a few months in order to recuperate, and during this period of time, he must not possess the energy to deal with the country’s political affairs.

He would need help, and the best person for it would be her.

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