, before passing them to the curious ministers, “Gentlemen, please give it a once over and see if it would help with the issue?”

“Your Highness is virtuous.” Several ministers bowed respectfully before taking hold of the documents.

And after one single look, a huge shock was plastered on their faces!

The methods listed on the documents were of such a comprehensive, ingenious and unique strategy! Her methods were new and unheard of, but they knew it was fully feasible even after a single glance!

Extremely impressive!

“As a woman, I believe that my views are shallow and sparse, and I understand that I am not as well versed as a studious man, but I would feel great unease if I were to ignore this issue and not do anything to help…” Shao Yin said in shame.

“The Empress is too modest!”

“Your Highness must not belittle yourself!”

“Such talented insights, what Your Highness claimed was a ‘shallow and sparse view’, was so incredible that not a single knowledgeable officials in the court had thought about this!”

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Shao Yin maintained the look of shame and embarrassment on her face, but smiled knowingly deep within her heart.

Of course, she knew her capabilities, and in order to solve this flooding issue, she had spent almost half a month preparing this document.

Luo XuanMo was an extremely ambitious man, and in order to leave his name in history, he had intended to solve this flooding issue and settle all of the refugees in a single swoop.
But his capabilities and talents were not enough to support his ambitions, hence he had passed this project to her.

And of course, Shao Yin had agreed to his demands, as her role in this world was to be a ‘kind and considerate’ Empress.

She had worked very hard for him ever since marrying him years ago when he was still the crown prince.
In fact, she had also helped him with the various errands handed over to him when the late Emperor was still alive.
And later on, when he had ascended the throne, she had stayed up for many nights helping him to solve the many administrative troubles.

Her ‘help’ had never been just a verbal statement, hence, she had been extremely unhappy when he had accused her of being unhelpful on the top of the tower.

“I am glad to be of help.” Shao Yin continued softly, her voice full of modesty. 

The ministers and court officials’ views of her increased significantly.
The Empress was extremely talented, but she was not proud and arrogant about it, and they were very impressed by her.

Furthermore, no one had suspected that she had falsely claimed the Emperor’s merit as her own, because the Emperor was not dead yet, hence if she had done so, it would surely be exposed when the Emperor woke up.

The men exchanged a few glances between themselves, before saluting her respectfully, “We’re in your care, Your Highness.”

And not long after that, various documents were sent unendingly to the Imperial Study Room, and Shao Yin was now officially the reviewer of the government affairs.

She was not arbitrary on the job, and she would never pretend to understand things that she did not.
She would always call upon the ministers and court officials to discuss it whenever she came across a difficult decision.
She was also quick-witted, and all of her decisions were based on the overall situation after taking into account the general people’s interests and wellbeing. 

Hence, in no time at all, the ministers and court officials were convinced of her abilities.

Therefore, even when Luo XuanMo was still in a coma half a month later, court affairs were still going on smoothly and steadily.
There are even situations where thoughts such as ‘the office efficiency had raised significantly’ and ‘the errands had become much easier’ would cross the minds of the ministers and the court officials.

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But these thoughts were extremely disrespectful to the comatose Emperor, hence they were always suppressed instantly as soon as they emerged.

“Why is High Majesty not waking up!?” The Queen Dowager had exclaimed anxiously after confirming that Luo XuanMo’s injuries were recovering steadily.

The head of the Imperial Doctors wiped the sweat from his forehead, before responding distressingly, “We believed that there is congested blood within his brain, and because the blood will not dissipate easily, His Majesty is unable to wake up for now.”

“When will the congested blood dissipate, then?” Shao Yin asked softly.

“Three months at most! We will take turns taking care of His Majesty and perform acupuncture treatment to help hasten the process!” 

“We appreciate your hard work.” The Queen Dowager and Shao Yin both nodded at the answer in satisfaction.

Furthermore, in order to accumulate karma for the Emperor, Shao Yin had even gone to the extent of using her private savings to perform good deeds to the people, and when it was no longer enough, she had borrowed some from her father, brother, and even Xi Er.

She had her men prepared meals for the homeless and bestowed clothes and food to those living in poverty.
As for the elderly over the age of sixty, and the orphaned children under the age of eight, there were more gifts bestowed.

All in the name of the comatose Emperor.

This move had instantly made the entire country more aware of the Empress’s benevolence.
And for a long period of time, there were countless praises for the period of her temporary reign.



In fact, this is actually a legit rule in all of the dynasties during ancient times in China.
This is to prevent the concubine’s family from having more political power because of the concubine’s status within the palace because it will cause unnecessary groupings/unfairness in decision making, which will lead to issues such as corrupt officials, etc…

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