s why, until today, Xi Er was still the only student taking lessons in the royal study room.
And because their lessons were taught one-to-one, Xi Er’s growth was significant.

And she was proud of her little gentleman.

The sky was filled with streaks of purple, which is slowly turning into a darker shade as night falls.

Shao Yin was in an extremely good mood as she laid down on her bed that night.
The man she hated was bedridden and in a coma, while she gets to enjoy an evening walk and dinner with the man she loved.

Today was an extremely wonderful day.

“How is it possible that not a single person suspected you!?” A voice sounded within her mind, and though the voice was mechanical, it was obvious that the system was shocked.

“That’s because I did it unintentionally.” The corners of Shao Yin’s lips curved up into a sly grin.

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It was purely self-defense.

“I know you didn’t do it on purpose.” The system continued, not suspecting her at all, “I’m just amazed that no one suspected you.”

“My father is the General of this country, and my uncle is the Prime Minister.
Who would take the risk of suspecting me, since it would only bring their families countless problems?” Shao Yin explained patiently.

The system listened silently, before sighing mechanically, “You’re just lucky that no one witnessed it.”

Was it truly luck? Shao Yin wondered.

If it was, then it would’ve been Luo XuanMo’s protagonist luck.

Because in the original plot, the only indication of the Empress’s death was just a mere sentence clamoring that the emperor was heartbroken and sad after her death.

Shao Yin assumed that no one had witnessed what caused the tragic death of the empress, because if anyone did, surely it would’ve been brought up in the later chapters of the plot.

This was basically a plot armor, which was just a mere situation created to show how the heroine saved the emperor from his depression…

And this was also why Shao Yin had been sure that there were no witnesses at the scene when she accidentally switched places with the emperor just when she was about to fall off the tower.

In fact, she must thank Luo XuanMo’s protagonist halo.

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Her grin widened.

Honestly, it wouldn’t have been so successful if it wasn’t for Luo XuanMo’s acting.

His favorite hobby is to act the role of a loving husband, just to show the entire country how he pampered his Queen.

This was the ultimate reason why no one suspected her, because the Empress was famous for having a soft temperament, and not once did they fought or argue in their six years of marriage.

She was kind and considerate to him, and he was respected and loved her as his other half.

This did not change even after he ascended the throne and took the concubines as his women.

Furthermore, there was once a concubine who had tried to speak ill of the Empress after sleeping with Luo XuanMo, but he had reacted in rage and punished the concubine instead.

This was why everyone in the palace recognized the status and power of the Empress.

She had absolutely zero motives to kill him.

Though come to think of it, was it truly an accident that he had slapped her hands away and knocked into her shoulders while standing so close to the tower’s edge?

Shao Yin’s eyes darkened grimly as she wondered.

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