s room, the concubines arrived hurriedly and gathered outside the room

“What happened?”
“Why did His Majesty fall from the tower?”

“Empress, what actually happened?” Finally remembering that Shao Yin was a witness at the scene, the Queen Dowager glanced over at her grimly.

Shao Yin lowered her eyes slightly, before answering softly, “His Majesty invited me for tea at the tower, and he stood at the edge of the tower and said that the scenery was beautiful.”

Her words ended abruptly here.

The Queen Dowager waited for a while, her brows furrowing tightly together, “After that?”

“After that…” Shao Yin hesitated for a second, before shaking her head in regret, “Imperial Mother should ask His Majesty when he wakes up.”

“I will definitely ask him when he wakes up.” She snapped instantly, “But I wish to hear it from you first.”

But no matter what she said, Shao Yin would only shake her head in response, refusing to say another word.

Noticing that she wouldn’t speak no matter what she says, the Queen Dowager turned her attention to the servants at the scene.

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“His Majesty did not allow us to tend to him, as he wanted to spend a day peacefully with Her Highness.
We do not know what happened.” This was the servants’ reply.

“Please have mercy on us!” They cried out as they prostrated with their foreheads on the ground.

The Queen Dowager pursed her lips in annoyance, before landing her gaze back into Shao Yin, “Empress!” She snapped, “This is a major issue, you better tell me what happened!”

At the same time, Xi Er rushed here the moment he heard of this news.

The five-year-old boy was dressed in high-quality clothes and comfortable shoes.
His puffy cheeks were red from the long run, and his short black hair was wet with sweat.

He noticed the intense atmosphere the moment he entered the room, and upon realizing that everyone’s gazes were on his mother, he immediately stood in front of her, protecting his mother even though he was but a small child.

Shao Yin’s heart warmed instantly at her son’s actions.

This is her cute and adorable son.

She held out the handkerchief from before, the one that she could not bear getting stained with her husband’s blood,

The handkerchief, the one that she could not bear getting stained with her husband’s blood previously, was taken out once again by Shao Yin, before she leaned down to wipe her son’s sweaty forehead.

Making sure that her sweet son is all cleaned up, Shao Yin turned her face towards the Queen Dowager slowly, “I said it just now, didn’t I?”

“When did you…” The Queen Dowager snapped, before halting as realization flashed across her eyes.

She finally realized what Shao Yin was trying to say.

“His Majesty invited me for tea at the tower, and he stood at the edge of the tower and said that the scenery was beautiful.”

The Queen Dowager ran the sentence through her mind once again, finally realizing that Shao Yin’s reply was not a mere brush-off.

It was a moment of total disbelief.

The empress meant to say that the emperor tripped and fell to his doom?!

But still, it’s highly possible, as the empress would never push him down the tower.

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Firstly, the couple had been extremely loving through the many years, to the point that their love and affection were rumored throughout the entire capital.

Secondly, there were no other princes in the palace, and Shao Yin’s son was already named the crown prince.

Their affections were deep, and their status was stable.

This is why the thought of Shao Yin attempting to murder the emperor would never cross her mind.

But most importantly, it’s highly unlikely for the empress to conspire against Luo XuanMo.

Though the emperor was not of her blood, he had indeed been raised by her, hence the Queen Dowager knew him well.

Luo XuanMo had always been an overly cautious person, so there was no way he would be tempted by anyone to go near an edge.

Unless he was the one who did so…

No wonder the empress refused to say the reason out loud, as it would’ve brought shame to the emperor, and all of them would’ve been punished severely.

But still, though the Queen Dowager understood, some people did not.

“So what actually happened?” A concubine asked, “This is a huge matter, Your Highness, it’s better to explain it clearly to everyone.”

“Did I not say it clear enough just now? Or are you trying to say that you’re suspecting anything?” Shao Yin’s sharp glare snapped to the concubine who raised up her voice.

True, she had been a grandkid for six long years, but it is under the control of the system, not anyone else.

She was afraid that the system would swap her out, hence she had tried her best to perform according to the script.

But that did not mean that anyone else could ride on top of her, nor was she a soft and gullible person.

She was the empress, and rightfully, the emperor’s women were under her control as she had the rights over all of them.

True, she had a gentle and considerate temperament, but without an iron fist and a sharp edge, there was no way she could lead an entire group of women without injury.

And now, though low, her voice was filled with a threatening presence, and the concubines quickly lowered their gazes in fear.

“I…I don’t mean that, I…I was just calling out everyone’s thoughts…” The concubine shuddered in fear, before stuttering to explain her actions.

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