His features were extremely sharp, as if it can easily cut someone up, and after taking a glance, Shao Yin hurriedly lowered her head, not daring to take another look at him, while her heart felt as if it would jump out of her chest any time soon.

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The system, on the other hand, was still screaming within her head, “You knew, right? You knew he was the famous Prince Qin and you hid this from me, didn’t you?! What are you trying to do?! I will certainly–”

“No! No!” Shao Yin hurriedly defended herself, “What sort of sorcery monster do you think I am? I honestly thought him to be a mere farmer!”

“Do you think I would believe your words?” The system replied in a shrill shout.

Shao Yin quickly coaxed the system and she mumbled underneath her breath, Such a coincidence…

This story was a long one.

When Luo XuanMo proposed to her, the daughter of the country’s greatest general, his attitude had been sincere as he swore to never take another woman in his life.

However, less than half a year after Shao Yin got married to him, this dog Emperor cheated on her behind her back.

He was not very clever, or perhaps he did not bother to hide, because Shao Yin had quickly discovered it and obtained evidence of his cheating.

Shao Yin did not deal with the women, as it was unnecessary and boring, so she pretended ignorance and did not even mention it to Luo XuanMo at all.

All she did was complain to the system for a very long time, until the point that the system got annoyed with her ramblings and finally asked her what was her next plan.

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In which, Shao Yin had replied, “I want to cheat too.”

At that time, the system was in so much shock that he almost gave her another punishment zap, but she stopped him quickly, “We won’t let him know! It’s just a way to vent my anger! After this, I will continue with the task perfectly, alright?” 

She would secretly take a bite, and not allow the male protagonist to find out.
This will not affect the plot at all.

The system was utterly speechless, but in the end, it agreed to her request.

And so, Shao Yin used the Double Ninth Festival as an excuse to visit a nearby temple, and searched for a good-looking man.

At that time, the man was dressed like a commoner, and there were calluses on his hands.
His skin was dry and tanned from being under the sun all year round, and at first glance, he had no noble or strong background, and he was just a person that she would never meet again in the future.

Furthermore, there are unmatching colored patches on his shirt, and the needlework was clumsy and obviously not a work of a woman, hence it could be assumed that he was a single man with no family

So, after discussing with the system, Shao Yin had finally selected this handsome and burly man.

And after striking up a conversation with him, Shao Yin was relieved to learn that he was indeed a single man.
The farmer was unhappy at first, but Shao Yin managed to coax him into agreeing with her honey-covered sweet words.

After eating her fill, she patted the dust from her dress and left the place, while instructing the system to manipulate his memory.

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And though the system was forbidden to mess with the characters from the missions worlds, he was able to do so because the farmer was just a person that was never mentioned in the original plot.

Shao Yin had long since forgotten about that episode from before, but when she saw him again today, the man’s outstanding looks and demeanor suddenly aroused her memory.

Feeling somewhat guilty about the situation, Shao Yin did not dare to move from her spot at all.
It wasn’t until the monk was finished with his diagnosis that she regained her spirits and get into character once again, “Master Monk, how is the Emperor?”

The monk glanced at her with gentle eyes, but the helplessness within was obvious, “Unfortunately, this one’s medical skills are inept, and could not recognize the symptoms of His Majesty.”

Shao Yin frowned slightly at his words as a wave of disappointment spread through her gentle and hopeful face.

“This one is ashamed.” The monk lowered his eyes and raised his palms to chant in the Buddha’s name.

Upon hearing the monk’s words, Prince Qin’s stern brows furrowed deeply into a knot, and without saying another word, he turned around and left the room.

Shao Yin stood silently in the room as she restrained her curiosity and kept her eyes lowered to avoid catching the man’s attention.

However, the room was only so big, so when Prince Qin walked past Shao Yin’s side, he suddenly noticed a delicate fragrance around him. 

Though the room smelled like burnt charcoal and medications, and the fragrance was hidden within the mixed smells, he had still caught the scent. 

He stopped in his tracks instantly, and his eyes narrowed as he gazed at Shao Yin intently. 

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It was not until the man began walking toward Shao Yin that she realized that she had inadvertently caught the man’s attention as her eyes were lowered the entire time.

And she looked up at him in curiosity as her tensed body relaxed in the next moment.

There was nothing to be worried about, as the system had already manipulated his memory, and he should not even remember what she looked like.

“Uncle Qin?” She asked with bright and clear eyes.


Prince Qin gave her an intended look, but the thumping within his chest was almost overwhelming.

It all happened five years ago when he met this bastard woman on the streets and had since searched for her for two long years after that, to no avail.
He had forgotten all about the incident, but Shao Yin’s bodily fragrance unintentionally evoked the only memory he had from that time.

And right now, he could not help but size her up.

If it was really her, then the famously intelligent and capable Empress would definitely have the ability to avoid his search entirely.

However, this thought stayed in his mind for less than a second before he denied it instantly.

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It was a widely known fact that the Emperor and the Empress were deeply in love with each other, so the chances of Shao Yin being the alluring demoness he had met back then were definitely zero.

Just as quickly as he had approached her, he withdrew his falcon-like gaze and stepped away with similar speed as he made his way towards the door.

However, just when he reached the door, it was suddenly pushed open from the outside, which was followed quickly with a: “Crown prince, please slow down.”

But before the servant could finish speaking, the little boy who was wearing a sapphire-colored fur coat, together with a round hat of the same color burst into the room.

He looked around four to five years old, and was born cute and smart.
But because he did not expect anyone to be at the door, by the time he noticed Prince Qin, it was already too late to dodge in time, and the little boy crashed straight into the man’s arms!

“Ouch!” The muscles on the man’s body were stiff and hard, and Xi Er, who had walked straight into the man, hurt his nose as if he had walked straight into a wall.

However, the man caught Xi Er’s falling figure on time, and he managed to steady himself firmly, before looking up at the man as he blinked his big round eyes, “Who are you?”


At this exact moment, Prince Qin could not think of anything else.

Because, as he stared at the little boy’s handsome young face, who looked around four to five years old, he could not help but think–

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