toward Sid and Marius, who are his allies and childhood friends; therefore, although it’s hard to put into words.

Clarisse wants to believe him.

That he really wants to marry her.

“Mary’s family was originally a barony, but after her father’s scandalous downfall, the family split up, and Mary was taken in as a maid by my family.
I was only eight years old, and she was twelve.
We’ve been together ever since.”

Jean’s eyes widened.

“Oh my, Mary was a former baron’s daughter?”


“I see; I thought she was more than just a servant, but to think she had that background.”

The rank of baron itself is the lowest in aristocratic society, but aristocrats are still aristocrats.
Somehow, Mary didn’t feel like an ordinary servant, so it made sense to him that she was originally a baron’s daughter. 

Jean suddenly felt that Sid would be pleased with this information but decided to keep it quiet for Mary’s sake.

As he had heard from Marius, Jean could not help but admire Clarisse’s manner during the trip.
She never showed any signs of displeasure or whine and was always cheerful and caring, not only to Jean but also to everyone else.

Typically, when people are severely fatigued, their true nature reveals itself.
So, this is Clarisse’s true nature.
It was very attractive, and it was no wonder that Marius was instantly captivated by her.

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Jean had originally trained as a knight and was blessed with a good physique, so he didn’t feel that tired on a trip like this, but Clarisse had never even left the royal capital before coming to Jean’s home. 

After such a long trip, she might be physically tired, but how could she be so mentally calm and not even show a hint of tiredness? 

Moreover, she always seemed to be satisfied with the food and the not-so-luxurious accommodations.

Jean was beginning to respect this thin and petite girl, who was almost ten years younger than him, for her strong mental strength.

It had been a long time since he had been to the royal capital, but it was definitely a city.

Sid was going to stay at his relative’s house, so he went on his way, and Clarisse, Jean, and Mary were going to stay at Jean’s aunt’s house. 

Marchioness Lotte Ainsworth, who was the sister of Jean’s father, and just like Jean, she was a rather large and beautiful woman with a clear face, much like Jean.
Her husband, Marquis Ainsworth, and their son were currently staying in their territory, not in the royal capital.

“Oh my god! Jean, to be engaged to such a beautiful girl! I couldn’t be happier for you.”

The Marchioness of Ainsworth gave her a sincere welcome.

“Nice to meet you, Marchioness Ainsworth; my name is Clarisse Farenheit.”

“Soon to be Gutenburg.”

Clarisse was a little surprised when Jean interrupted her from the side.
It’s almost as if he wants to get married as soon as possible. 

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Marchioness Ainsworth looked at her nephew with extreme amusement.

“Well, well, you shouldn’t dwell on little things like that, Jean.”

“No, I’m just stating a fact.”

It’s hard to tell, but it looks like Jean is acting spoiled in front of his aunt. 

Clarisse thought that the relationship between Marchioness Ainsworth and Jean was good.
Marchioness Ainsworth smiled at Clarisse as if to say, “This boy’s a real troublemaker.”

“May I call you Clarisse?”

“Of course, Marchioness Ainsworth.”

“Hehehe, Lotte is fine between us, Clarisse.”

“Lady Lotte.”

When Clarisse curtsied with the hem of her dress, Lotte giggled happily.
Her laughter warms the heart of anyone who hears it, and Clarisse is able to understand why Jean was so fond of her.
She, as well, liked Lotte very much.

“Aunt, tomorrow, as I informed you, I need you to help Clarisse get ready.”

“I know.”

Jean nodded and turned to Clarisse.

“I want you to go with aunt to pick out a dress tomorrow for the visit to the Farenheit family.”

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