ook in the first place!“

“Wait a minute! That’s not my erotic book!”

“Whose is it then!?”



“…Sure, Chiharu draws that kind of manga, but…..but! No woman would give an erotic book to someone she just met!”

“I was there.
You were in the next room……!”

I clenched my fists and appealed strongly.

She…Monmon is not normal…!

“I understand? Kuromine-kun is a boy too, and he is interested in this kind of thing…”

“Even if you understand, it was pushed to me by Kado-san.”

“Then you’re not interested? Can I throw it away now?”


I can’t help but shut up.
Isn’t it a waste to throw it away?

“I, I see…I guess erotic books are still important to you…”

“Ah, no.
I just have a spirit of taking care of things———”

“Please go to sleep at the entrance, dirty boy!”



So this is how I ended up sleeping at the front door.

I was guilty of suddenly hugging her + possessing an erotic book.

I wonder if Hoshimiya hated me this time.

“Oh, great…!”

Uoooooo, Monmon, I hate you for this!

And I will hate myself for the rest of my life for not throwing away that erotic book yesterday!

I screamed out in desperation in my mind and lay down on the floor with a blanket.

Even though summer is approaching, it is a little chilly at the entrance.

“…Well, never mind.”

As expected, it was probably not cold enough to catch a cold.

I curled up and closed my eyelids.



How long had I been asleep?

My body felt as if I had woken up in the middle of the night.



I hear Hoshimiya’s whispery little voice.

I felt a poke on my cheek.

“Um, I didn’t know how to treat you……I’m sorry.
I couldn’t quite sort it out myself……To actually drive you out to the front door.”

It sounded like she was talking to me and to herself.

At least she wasn’t talking to me with the intention of waking me up.


Somehow I didn’t feel like responding and kept my eyes closed.

Actually, it’s cold.

I underestimated the front door at midnight.
It chills me to the core.

“Kuromine-kun? Are you cold?”


I’m cold.

Okay, let’s wake up.

Then, let’s apologize to Hoshimiya and ask her to let us into her room.

With this in mind, just as I was about to put it in action, I felt a soft cloth being placed over my body.

“How is it? Do you still feel cold?”


I’m still a little cold.

Perhaps my thoughts were understood, Hoshimiya uttered a voice that seemed to hold determination, “Okay…”

I wonder what she’s going to do.
Can I get a quilt?

Hoshimiya’s actions far exceeded my expectations.

“Th, this is not something I want to do….Yes, like saving lives.”

I hear what sounds like excuses.

Some kind of cloth was turned up, and I felt someone lay down next to me.

…This can’t be true..

“Th, this is what…Kuromine-kun said the other day, and it’s fine.
Let’s sleep together in the entranceway…”

I said that as a joke.
Don’t take it seriously.

In the first place, is Hoshimiya okay with it?

Aren’t you wary of me?

No…Maybe she’s wary of me, but she’s concerned about my well-being.


If so, what a kind girl.

If you think about it, Hoshimiya is a girl who cried just hearing about my situation.

There is no way that such a girl would feel nothing about letting someone sleep at her doorway.


Suu, suu, I can hear steady sleeping breaths right beside me.

Somehow, I’m getting sleepy.

The drowsiness is irresistible, and my dazed consciousness fades further.

Using Hoshimiya’s sleeping breath as a lullaby, I slowly fall into a dream world.

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