ice lady, but now she was like a high strung lady.

I feel like she’s a pervert.

…No, it’s too early to assume.

「Ah, my name is Kadondo Chiharu.
I’m an erotic manga artist by profession!」

You say that with a really nice smile and a lot of pride.
No, it’s great to be proud of your work.

No matter what your profession is.

You can call me ‘Monmonchan’ if you’d like」

「…Is it me, or does it sound like a dirty word?」

「Eh? Monmon, the erotic manga artist, is in agony? Noo, Rin-kun is a pervert~」

「Okay, okay, you’re a pervert.」

It’s a gate, Monmon.

And an erotic manga artist….

Yeah, it’s not good.
In many ways.

And she’s calling me by my name.
The distance between us was close from the very beginning.

「Hey, I’ve got some advice for you.」

「What is it?」

「When you do it, don’t get too close to the wall as much as possible.
Because I’m in the next room.」

what thing?」


「No! You don’t have to say it!」

I figured out when she almost said it.
I regretted that I should have realized it way earlier.

This person is tougher than a convenience store robber.

「This is a story of pure love between a runaway boy and a gal under one roof.
And finally…… Oh, no, I’ve got an idea for a story.
Sorry Rin, I’m going home!」

「What are you really doing here?」

「Hmm? I’ve been hearing Ayana-chan’s screams for a while now, so I came to check on her.

With a slight wave of her hand, Monmonchan disappeared into the next room.

She’s like a storm.

I didn’t think she’d be able to swing me around so easily after I twisted a convenience store robbery from the front…….!

「……Let’s eat carbonara.
It’s getting cold.」

Let’s not think too much about that woman.

I don’t think I’ll be seeing her again (I hope so).

「That was a tough one.
Monmonchan, really is a peculiar person, isn’t she?」

「Not just amazing, it’s outrageous.
She left a strong impact in that short amount of time.」

Hoshimiya, who had just finished taking a bath, let out a wry smile, “Hahaha…….”

By the way, I should mention that Hoshimiya was now wearing pink pajamas.

The traces of tears that had stuck to her cheeks had disappeared, and her hair, which had been dried thoroughly with a hair dryer, was shiny and reflected the lighting.

「But I’m sorry.
You didn’t like it when she thought she you were my boyfriend, did you?」

「I didn’t mind, though.
I was a little surprised.」

I told Hoshimiya what I had talked about with Kadono-san.

But I didn’t tell her about the part about the thing.
There’s no way I can tell her.

「Well, Kuromine-kun.」

「Yes, Hoshimiya-san.」

Hoshimiya is sitting upright on the bed.
I sat upright on the floor.

「Where… will you sleep?」

「The front door―――― is no good, I guess.
I’ll sleep here then.」

on the floor?」


「You’re not gonna hurt yourself.」

「Don’t worry, I can’t sleep in soft places.」

「You mean, you can’t sleep in a bed?」

I nodded to Hoshimiya, who seemed a little suspicious.

「Kuromine-kun, even I can tell that’s a lie.」

「That’s not a lie.
If that’s the case, why don’t you come to my room next time? There’s no bed, no futon, no couch, no nothing.」

「….Okay, I get it.
I believe you, but don’t overdo it, okay?」


Hoshimia said, “Then I’ll turn off the light”, she turned off the light in the room.
The room was enveloped in darkness.

「Good night, Kuromine-kun.」

「Good night, Hoshimiya」

I hear the sound of a futon.

In the hazy darkness, I could see the outline of Hoshimiya lying down.

….I should go to bed too.

I lay down on the floor with a thump.
My back might hurt more than I thought.

But, it’s okay.

I’ve seen some assassins and killers sleeping in bathtubs in comic books.

So sleeping on the floor should be no problem.


I never thought I’d be sleeping in the same room as Hoshimiya.

Aah, what will I say to my childhood friend?

No, I don’t need to make an excuse.

I’ve already gotten rejected by her.


I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

I’m definitely going to have to face my childhood friend.

I don’t know what face I should make.

This is just my guess, but since it is my childhood friend…… I think she will treat me normally as usual.

When I think about it, it’s starting to get kind of frustrating.

「Suu… suu」

I can hear her breathing peacefully in her sleep.

She’s fast asleep.

I’ll go get some sleep, too.

It’s no use thinking about it now.

If my childhood friend will greet me with an innocent face, saying “Good morning!”, I’ll just snap at her, “Shut up! You disingenuous woman!”

Un, I’ll do that.

As I planned that, my consciousness gradually faded.

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