>Tears were in Haruno’s eyes as she screamed to the end, letting her emotions take over.


Tears overflowed one after another, running down her cheeks to the tip of her chin.

This may be the first time….I’ve seen Haruno cry like this.

“Even if Riku-chan forgives me……I can’t forgive myself……!”

“I mean, I’m still alive as far as the outcome is concerned, right?”

“I don’t care! If it weren’t for Ayana-chan…You’d be dead! I would have killed you!”

“C, calm down!”

Haruno is getting more and more agitated.

I get up and try to comfort her.

“No more! I…should have been the one to die!”


I impulsively and forcefully hugged my childhood friend in front of my as she sobbed.

In my arms, Haruno was jittery and flailing around, but she regained her calm little by little.


“Don’t tell me you wanted to die.”

I am so glad I didn’t commit suicide now….from the bottom of my heart.

If I had died, Haruno would definitely have gone after me.

“If the person I love dies, what face will I have to live with from here on out?”

“…Riku-chan…you can’t say that about people.”

“That’s true.
But that’s how much I liked you.”

“…I love you too, Riku-chan.
Most of the days I’ve lived up until now were spent with you…….”



After all the commotion, it was very quiet.



Haruno, embraced by me, gazes at me with feverish eyes.



Was the name calling a signal?

Haruno closed her eyes and lightly lifted her chin.

I intuitively understood what she wanted.

I brought my face close to hers to kiss her――――




Just before kissing her, I stop moving.
Haruno opened her eyes and was puzzled.

“Ah, no….Why did I remember Hoshimiya…Huh?”

“I see….I knew it was like that.”

“Th, that’s wrong.
This is…..I wonder…Sorry.”

No matter how I put it, I was now the worst of the worst.

Understanding this, I could not say anything.

What I just said ruined the atmosphere.

What kind of abuse would I receive from Haruno?

However, Haruno was smiling a benevolent smile that seemed to encompass everything.

“It’s okay, Riku-chan.”


“You like Ayana-chan too, right?”


I fell in love with two girls at once.

However, there is something fundamentally different about the feelings I have for Hoshimiya than the fondness I have for Haruno.
But if I had to give this feeling a name, I could think of no other than ‘like’.

“I like you.
I like you so much that most of my life is about you.”


“So…The best thing I can do is to make you happy.”

“Um…In other words?”

“If Riku-chan chooses Ayana-chan, I’ll accept it.”

“Th, that’s…”

“Of course I’d be annoying if you were getting along, and I’d be jealous but…”

Showing her white teeth, Haruno repeated, “I’m a possessive girl.”

“Listen to me.
I really do care about Haruno……”

“You don’t have to give me an answer right now.
Just go about your daily life from now on and take your time to think about it.
Like me, you may come to realize your feelings at some point.”

“….realize….how I feel.”

You’re still staying at Ayana-chan, right?” As you live together, realize….Hey, Riku-chan, do you have to live in the same room? Wouldn’t a doghouse be better?”

“Isn’t that crazy? That’s human abuse.”

“Because…I don’t like the idea of you being with another girl.”

Haruno writes the character “no” on my chest with her fingertips.
My sulky childhood friend is cute.
Even so, it’s strange that she would choose the doghouse.

“I think I’m going to be jealous a lot from now on.
Just imagining about it makes me sick.”

“Imagining what?”

“The image of Riku-chan talking to a girl other than me.”

She really is possessive, as she says herself.
Do you just hate me talking to other girls?

“I’ve never even imagined it until now.
But even so, Riku-chan’s happiness comes first….”

“Thank you.”

Haruno is thinking about me even though she is jealous.

As I said, my childhood friend is a wonderful woman.

“I’m going to check again, Riku-chan isn’t dating Ayana-chan, right?”


“But you like her?”

“I wonder if that’s true……”

Hoshimiya is someone who saved my life.

And Haruno is someone who supported me.

I don’t think I can choose one over the other.

I don’t think I am in a position where I can choose a girl.

Above all, Hoshimiya’s feelings are probably the most important.
I can’t help but wonder what she thinks of me.

“Until Riku-chan gives me an answer…I’ll be waiting.”

“But you’re jealous, right?”


Haruno immediately answers.
She’ll wait for an answer, but her possessiveness is also alive and well….

In a sense, she has a dexterous mind.

But, well, I think the rift has been broken by our frankness with each other in this way.

I guess you could call it a step forward.
I know Haruno’s true feelings, and Haruno knows mine.

“Don’t worry.
Even if Riku-chan chooses Ayana-chan, I won’t hold a grudge…I’ll be miffed and I’ll probably cry.
Also, I think I’ll go berserk with jealousy every day.”

…Isn’t that an indirect threat?

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