than for Hoshimiya to be touched by someone I don’t know.

“Ku, Kuromine-kun….Kuromine-kun’s smell is…!”

“Hoshimiya? Are you okay?”

“…Ueh? Eh?”

To use a cartoonish expression, Hoshimiya’s eyes were now glazed over.

She has no fixed gaze, and is ostentatious.
Apparently, she is not used to men in the true sense of the word.
This is what she gets like when she lives with a man.
She is not immune to this.

A little time passes and the train stops.
However, it is not the station where we get off.

New people are entering the station in droves.
The train was originally packed, but now people are coming in again, which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on my back.

I had been keeping a safe distance from Hoshimiya by putting my hand on the door, but it became difficult to do so.
My arms lost their strength and support.
I was in close contact with Hoshimiya from the front.


The voice, which was cute but suppressed, was emitted from Hoshimiya’s mouth.
In any case, Hoshinomiya is now sandwiched between my body and the wall of the train.
It must be painful.

“Ho, Hoshimiya…Are you alright?”

I ask Hoshimiya, who buries her face in my chest.




Hoshimiya slowly raised her face.

Her eyes are staring at the sky, and her cheeks are red like apples.

It’s as if she had a bath and it got a little too hot.

“I can’t….anymore…”

Finally, she dropped down.

Ho, Hoshimiyaaaaaaaa!



“Never thought I’d see the day I’d feel safe in the classroom…”

Feeling a sense of normalcy in the usual noisy classroom, I sit down in my seat and let out a breath.
It really has been a tumultuous morning.

I casually looked at Hoshimiya.
She was happily conversing with her friends.
Her voice was loud.
You’re still a prominent presence.
She acts like she’s having fun and forgot about the train.
…I’m glad.

“I feel like what I did was counterproductive…”

I had driven Hoshimiya to the wall with the intention of protecting her, but I ended up sticking close to her.

Now my achievements will be, ‘suddenly hugging her’, ‘possessing an erotic book similar to Hoshimiya’s’ and ‘sticking close to her with my whole body’.

……That’s more harmful than a stalker, isn’t it?



The childhood friend who looked kind of miffed was standing in front of me.
She seemed to be in a bad mood.
Thinking about it, it had been a while since Haruno had spoken to me like this.
Recently, I had been feeling a bit distant from her.

“I need to talk to you! Can you come with me!?”

…Wh, what?

I don’t have a very good feeling about this.

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