A few days have already passed since I started living with Hoshimiya.

I guess it’s time to get used to this life.
At first we argued about laundry and where to sleep, but now we are able to have a stable day.
As expected, sleeping in the same bed was not a good idea, so I solved the problem by purchasing a futon for them.
I can still remember Hoshimiya’s relieved and disappointed expression.

That convenience store robbery was said to have been voluntary, and the only remaining problem was the stalker.
However, I haven’t been able to see any sign of them.
I wonder if my presence is making them wary of me.
Maybe I’m just a good luck charm.

So, the atmosphere was that I could lead a relatively peaceful life.

Except for one uncomfortable feeling……

“Wake up! Kuromine-kun, wake up quickly.”

I woke up to a shake on my shoulder and saw Hoshimiya’s face.
It was Hoshimiya in gal mode.
She is dressed up in her uniform and her makeup is perfect.
…Morning or not, I can’t quite get my head around it.

“Hey, Kuromine-kun.
If you don’t get ready soon, you’ll be late for school.“

“I see…Good night.”

I’m sleepy.
I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep.
“Hey! Wake up!” and my shoulders are shaking again.
Thinking to fight back even a little, I decided to deliver a special blow against Hoshimiya in my hazy thoughts.

“……………I’ll wake up if you kiss me.”

“Eh———K, k, kiss!?”


Even without looking, I can see that Hoshimiya is blushing and flustered.
I know all about the weak points of this shy gal, so I spend my days teasing and enjoying Hoshimiya in this way.

“D, don’t be silly! That kind of thing should only be done after…Entering a relationship——Hey, don’t sleep! Kuromine-kun, wake up!”


Not being able to ignore it any longer, I lazily get up.

“Here, go wash your face.”


“Brush your teeth properly.”


In a daze, I head to the washroom and wash my face and brush my teeth as Hoshimiya told me to do.
…This is uncomfortable.
I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror as I brushed my teeth and wondered.

As for being woken up by Hoshimiya, it’s just as usual.
It’s funny that it’s always the same.

I’ve made a bento for you.”


“Don’t forget it.“


I shortly reply to Hoshimiya’s voice coming from my room as I brush my teeth.
I’m so surprised she’s taking such good care of me.
I came here to protect her from the stalker, but…

I return to my room, once again bewildered by the situation.

“Kuromine-kun, eat your breakfast.”

Hoshimiya lays out breakfast on the table.
White rice, egg omelette, grilled fish, and miso soup…Are the standard menu items.
I may be biased, but I don’t think it’s the kind of breakfast a gal would make.
It is too homey, in many ways, including the food.

Hoshimiya is a good cook, was one of the things I learned over the past few days.

“Hey, Kuromine-kun! You haven’t fixed your bed hair!”

“……It doesn’t matter.”

“I said you can’t! Just be still!”


Hoshimiya, holding a comb in her hand, gently brushes my hair.
It feels like I’m being taken care of rather than taking care of her.
Is it possible that she is treating me like a pet? Maybe it’s because she’s starting to see me not as a human being, but as a pet.

“There we go! You’re really busy in the morning! Thanks for the food.”

Hoshimiya, who has finished fixing my bed hair, also starts to eat breakfast.

While I wondered if I could live such a warm and gentle daily life, I also felt a sense of fulfilment that I had never felt before.
It was as if I was free of everything.

“Kuromine-kun! You have to change into your school uniform!”

“Ah, that’s right.”

“Wait, why did you start taking off your pyjamas in front of me!?”

“You’ve gotten used to it, right? You’ve seen my underwear many times.”

“I, I didn’t see it! I haven’t had a chance to look at it!”

…I’m sure she’s touching and looking at my underwear when she’s doing laundry.

“We live together in a small apartment.
I think it’s inevitable that we’re going to see things in each other’s lives.”

“I still wish you would pay a little attention to me.
It makes me nervous…”

“Why don’t you just come over to my place? I have a room available and you can afford to live there.”

“Th, that’s…I think it’s early for that.
To go to a boy’s house……!”

“That’s a lot less of a hurdle than letting a guy stay at your house…”

I am somewhat taken aback to see Hoshimiya’s face turned red.

Does she have strange values, or is she just innocent…

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