A few days after Jin and Othello left– 

“ My face turned red and I ended up crying.

Right now, I was ‘having fun’ doing tummy time.
Tummy time is when the baby holds their head up while lying on their stomach, which is said to help the baby develop.

This is also the knowledge I learned in my liberal arts course, while I was still alive!

“Oh, my Lady, when did you turn over…..!”

I was probably on the fast-developed side.
Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to flip over after only three months passed!

Of course, it was impossible to flip over and then turn over again, so this aberration always ended with me flapping and crying.

“Lady, do you want to turn over?”

I wanted to nod at Maya’s words.

It seems to be a baby’s instinct to turn over.
It’s nice to be able to turn around, but just looking at the ceiling……!

Maya laid the grunting me down on my side.
Here, as in my previous life, I could use my side for about 100 days.
This side was also much used as a useful item to reduce my boredom.

As an adult how could you live without your side…..I couldn’t imagine.

I guess I became a real baby!

“My lady, do you smell?”

At the sudden attack, I flapped my arms and legs, but Maya changed my diaper regardless.
When I looked up at the mobile hanging, I was able to forget the shame more and more.

“The stool is in good condition, and it smells okay….”

Hey, don’t say things like that.
I tried to divert my attention back to the mobile.

After a while, Maya, who changed my diaper, patted me, and was suddenly startled, as if she had thought of something.

“Oh, come to think of it, I heard that a new toy was coming from Yelle Toy Shop today……!” Maya said while stroking me.
“Wait a little bit, Lady.
The package must have arrived, so I’ll get it right away.”

After speaking, she went out of the room.

It’d been a long time since I’d been alone.

You’re not supposed to leave a little baby alone, but it seemed to be safe because the guard of the crib was high.

I blankly sucked on my cheeks and organized my current situation. 

Sasha Winchester, probably a hundred days old.
My future in the original is growing up with a rather weak body and suffering from minor illnesses, and by the time I’m 17, the chronic disease will get worse.
It’ll get so bad that I will not be able to even go for a walk.

Evan Taylors destroys the Winchester family with the powerful force of the main character of a Munchkin fantasy novel.

That must be when I will be 20.

The two brothers pass away, and my father, the final boss, also dies!

And seeing the family fall, Sasha begs Evan to kill her too, but Evan ignores it as if it is not worth dealing with, and eventually she dies alone.

As a reader, I watched the scoundrels die and shouted out….

‘The original is off.’

However, like every reincarnated person, I had no intention of surrendering to fate.
Even if you’re born in a bad place, there’s a way to survive when you get your act together!

I will be careful not to get involved with my dad or brothers, who are villains, and will become independent as soon as possible.
And I will contact Casillion, the “great magician” to obtain my cure.

Evan’s colleague, Casillion, is a blood relative of the Duke of Akada, a family of the land, and saves the lives of Evan and the others who are in danger of death by making an “elixir” that can cure any disease.

So, before Evan makes contact with Casillion….
If I meet him first….

Badong –

Perhaps because I was too absorbed in my thoughts, I turned over again.

That’s bad.
Maya isn’t here either.

Naturally, I’m not in a position where I’m receiving attention from others, so unfortunately no one will come to me.

I gave strength to my neck and endured the weight of my head that kept trying to fall to the floor.

Damn, I’m out of energy.

Why is my head so heavy?

While I was concentrating so hard that I turned red, the door opened.

Maya! Maya, right?

I flinched as I moved my gaze there with all my might.

Ricardo Winchester, the most handsome villain with silver hair and dark green eyes….
he was probably 28 years old now.
He was walking in with a frown.

My dad who hadn’t even looked for me for almost 100 days….


He stood next to me and looked down at me.

I felt very uncomfortable with him, but I had to struggle and ask him.
In an emergency like this, even an unwelcome father was needed.

Flip me over again.
My neck hurts!

He frowned even more as he looked at me, barely raising my head while lying face down.
I clenched my lips.

“Look at this….
What are you doing there?”

Damn it, what are you talking about?

It was no different from Othello, who told a cute baby like me that it was fat.

How can you interpret my moaning for help as staring at myself? Come back when you’ve studied about babies!

After looking at me for a long time, Ricardo finally put his hand on the tip of my arm and lifted me up.

All right.
Now just lay me down…

My little feet were still floundering in the air.

And being this close to him, his dark green eyes were visible.


He was looking at me as if he were observing me.
We’re not close.
Why are you doing this all of a sudden?

Ricardo Winchester in that I read, didn’t bleed even when stabbed, he seemed like a man who wouldn’t fall.

As soon as I was born, I also saw that heartless figure that didn’t even shed tears when my mother died.
Maybe if I die, he won’t be any less heartless.

“Or are you hiding your face?”

Ricardo’s lips twisted slightly as he looked at me.

I got a chill in the back of my neck.

When a handsome villain smiles, it’s even colder and scarier.


Feeling the redness of my eyes rising again, I gave strength to them and began to cry.
And even with so little effort, a cry broke out.


Let go, you bad dad.
I’m going to lie down now!!

I, who was struggling and crying in the hands of the Duke, gradually stopped crying with a soft feeling that touched my back.

He gently put me back in the bed.
He stared at me as I stopped crying as soon as I lay down.

Would you please stop observing and leave now….?

It was when I spoke to him with my eyes, full of hope.

The door suddenly opened, and Maya, arms full with toys, entered the room, startled.

“Your Highness….the Duke…..?”

Maya’s eyes were the largest I had ever seen of her.


He was very angry with Maya.

The word “threat” would be more appropriate.

You don’t want to waste your life.

Ricardo’s cold eyes and the energy of the black flame that was squeezing the room are still vivid.

Maya fell on her stomach, trembling, and Ricardo left with a word.

Never leave her side again.
If the child gets hurt, you die too.

I thought you weren’t interested in me at all, though?

But, you’re scolding her like that.

Well, leaving a baby like me alone and leaving like that was her fault.

If Ricardo hadn’t come in, I might have fainted.
The soft bedding material may have suffocated me.

“I’m sorry, Lady….

But it seemed the reason she was sobbing all day was not because of fear of Ricardo, but because she was sorry for me.
She blamed herself when he said he found me upside down.

I was sucking the baby bottle with excitement as if I knew nothing and Maya continued to rub my leg as if she was touching something precious.

‘It’s okay, it’s okay.
Anybody could make mistakes.

There was nothing more merciful to me than satiety.

After drinking one bottle, I leaned on Maya’s shoulder and burped again.

And then, a strange array of text popped up in front of my eyes.

[Milk 500/500 servings]

[Burping 500/500 times]

[Met Jin Winchester]

[Met Othello Winchester]

[Met Ricardo the Duke of Winchester]

[You achieved all the tutorial achievements.]

[The “100 Day Baby’s Peek-a-boo Package” has arrived in the gift box.]

[Menu is available.]

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