Gulp, gulp…..

Maya held me in her arms and brought a bottle of warm milk to my mouth.
I hurriedly sucked the milk down.

‘Damn, I can’t believe I’m a baby sucking on a bottle…..but I can’t help it because I’m so stupidly hungry.’

It had already been three months since my mom’s funeral was held.

My arms and legs were getting chubby, and my neck was a little stiff.

“You’re a good drinker, My Lady,” Maya cooed, her warm eyes on me.

I’d never seen her name in the original, but maybe she was a maid brought by my mother, Trisha, from her home, Quenne.

The head maid gave Maya the task to look after me, and she did her best for me, even though she often shed tears, thinking of Trisha when she saw me.

“How nice it would have been if the Duchess was still alive.” Maya sniffed again, and when I finished emptying the bottle, she stood up and hugged me.

“No one cares about the young lady; it’s as if they forgot you exist.” 

It seemed that I had already been forgotten by my family, and seeing that no one had come to see me since the day I was born, were things still the same as in the original?

I suddenly remembered the blue system window I saw on the day I was born.

‘’Legendary fate’ – what are you talking about?’

Legendary Fate may be fitting for Evan Taylor, the main character, but it certainly doesn’t suit the Korean-American extra Sasha Winchester.

Moreover, the meaning of the last window that appeared was even more difficult to understand.

[Complete various achievements to lay the groundwork.]

‘I don’t know what’s going on.’

Maya started patting me on the back.
Being a baby with a completely blank slate of a mind meant….it would be more difficult that I thought.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

There was something coming up from inside of me.


The process of a series of burps coming out of the mouth was shameful.

In addition, the sight of Maya being so happy with my burp conjured a thousand emotions in my heart – mostly shame, though.

“Well done, My Lady.”

She praised me, laid me on the crib and continued.
“Now, shall we look at the diapers?”

I struggled with all my might, but she easily grabbed my feet with one hand and began to change the diaper.

This was the moment I hated the most.

“Wuah! Wuah!”

“If we don’t change your diaper, your butt will hurt, My pretty Lady.”

I know that, but it does not lessen my hate of this.

“If your butt turns red, you need a cream.
It works fine, but I don’t know how awful it smells.”

She muttered and continued to change the diaper, no matter how much I cursed inside.

The heavy cloth diaper flopped onto the shelf.

“It’s done.
You feel refreshed now, don’t you?”

To be honest, it was refreshing.
I lay on my mat, my eyes wide open.

Maya made eye contact with me, smiled a few times, and then began to pat me on the chest.

“It’s time for a nap, Miss.
Sleep, sleep…..

What happened is that my daily life is always eating and sleeping every day.
Well, that’s the only thing a baby can do with this body, but it’s so boring.

I started crying again and Maya hugged me to her chest and began patting and rocking me.

“My Lady, you’re a sleepyhead…..

It’s just boring ….and annoying……

Ah, why do I feel heavy and irritated when I’m sleepy? Was I always like this?

As I continued to cry, my eyes gradually closed.

“You have to sleep well and wake up with a pretty face, my sweet little girl…..”

Maya’s shoulders were cozy and warm.


I woke up with a frown creasing my eyebrows at the sound of footsteps and an opening door. 

When I turned my head slightly, I saw two boys with delicate pink and sky blue hair.

‘These kids….?’

They both had the same green eyes as mine, handsome faces that looked as if they came out of a cartoon, and they were wearing navy blue uniforms like those of an aristocratic school.

Their skin tones were as white as their father’s and they had pitiful expressions on their faces.

To be precise, the light blue hair had a cold expression and the pink hair had a mean expression.

‘Yeah, they would come to see me at least once.’

I don’t know if I’m nervous or awkward.

No matter how you looked at it, it looked like they were controlling me….
anyway, these two are the Winchester twins – my brothers.

Jin Winchester with sky blue hair, Othello Winchester with pink hair.
My half-brothers are six years older than me.

They are children who will grow into imperial villains with Winchester’s influence in the future.

“Young Masters, this is Miss Sasha.
Isn’t she so cute?”

Of course, the two of them must have attended my mother’s funeral, but this was the first time I met them.

“Sasha, say hello, too.
They just returned from their education in Rosento.”

The twin brothers approached me, looking down at me for a long time with a vaguely unnerved gaze, as if they were looking at an alien creature.

Then the pink-haired kid with a mole under his left eye lifted his finger and poked my cheek.

Master,” Maya stammered. 

Maya was perplexed, but the boy didn’t care; he stabbed me a couple more times before expressing his feelings.

“You’re fat.”

I was furious at that relentless voice.

‘Aren’t babies always chubby like this? I was told I belong to a good family but it’s rude to say that at first sight!’

I glared at the boy who stabbed me with all his might.

“Othello, stop,” the child who stayed still warned the pink-haired child called Othello.

‘You mean that’s Othello, right? I knew it.’

The gentler looking kid would be Jin, the older of the twins.
The firstborn, Jin Winchester, would become a reticent ruler of the underworld with the modifiers of cruelty and coolness, and Othello Winchester, the second, was destined to become the real power of the family because of his deep madness.

‘Go away – I don’t want to be involved with you guys.’

I tapped Othello’s chin, which came close as he approached me, by swinging my arm and legs.

“…….? Ouch!”

Othello’s pretty eyebrows could be seen wrinkled.

The atmosphere froze in an instant, but I turned my gaze elsewhere and pretended not to notice.

“I think she knows something.
Her eyes are kind of insidious.”

Othello’s low voice somehow made me feel sweaty.

Jin sighed and glared at Othello.

“How can a baby be insidious? She doesn’t even know her mother is dead.
She doesn’t know who I am, who you are, who we are.”

I know that.’

I glanced at Jin.

Jin’s eyes were on me, and those eyes were complex, not like a child,

But the moment our eyes met, I smiled involuntarily. 

‘Oh? What was that just now?’

Why did I laugh at him? At the moment of doubt, the term “social smile” came to mind.
I learned it in a liberal arts course called “Health of infants” that I took to pad my grades in my past life.

Young babies smile reflexively when they make eye contact, which was probably the cause.


Meanwhile, I could see Jin’s eyebrow twitch when he saw me smile.

You look a little upset by my unexpected reaction.

What? I’m nervous.
Why do I keep looking?

As far as I know, the twins in the original were quite distant from their half-sister Sasha Winchester.

Unlike the two guys who excelled in the black market and dark streets, Sasha was the sickly youngest who only stays home and eats rice.

Later, I kidnap the Taylors family on the pretext of my cure, but that was just an excuse.


So, I plan to live like a dead mouse without getting involved with Recardo or these two brothers….


Suddenly my name leaked from Jin’s lips.

Othello stared at Jin in surprise, and Jin, who didn’t take his eyes off me, asked Maya, “You said Sasha right? Her name.”

“Yes, the Duke named her.”

After a while, Jin’s lips twitched again.

“It’s a fitting name.”

My plump face was reflected on the surface of his green eyes, which were slightly darker than Othello’s.

The corner of Jin’s hardened mouth twisted strangely.


After the twins left my room, I thought about what Jin meant for a long time.

I heard Maya saying to me before that “Sasha” means “black pond” in the language of this world.

What do you mean a black pond…?

If the pond is black, isn’t it just rotten water?

It’s just a pond, so it’s not deep enough to be black on its own… so the only explanation is rotten water…

How could a man who calls himself a father give his daughter such a name?

I didn’t know if Jin hated me or meant something else, but Jin’s voice did not leave my mind for a long time.

“Lady, the young masters sent off the guests of the Quenne family.
The atmosphere was so heavy.”

Maya’s voice was heard.

“When we lost the Duchess, when I think of that day…I really….
Can’t hold in my tears….”

Unlike Maya, who cried yet again, I was filling my stomach by sucking the baby bottle according to my survival instinct.

Sadness is irreversible, so I only pray for the repose of my heart.

‘….I hope you meet a good grim reaper over there.’

In keeping with my new body, the mental facilities seemed to have become a little babyish, and when I felt full, I felt like I was floating.

‘I’m getting some sleep….’

“By the way, His Grace will build a memorial in the backyard for his late wife; I guess construction starts in seven days.
Let’s go together when it’s finished.”

I drank milk, leaving myself to the cloud-like feeling, and as I became still, I heard Maya’s voice above my head.

“Oh….you fell asleep while drinking…..How cute.”

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