The Saintess Wants Marriage

I\'m Awkward, You\'re Awkward

ecause she was the Saintess, her wishes couldn be ignored. He had to play house with her. Go along with her whims. Talks of marriage even surfaced multiple times. The Holy Palace, who wanted Ardennes power would actively support this marriage, whereas the Dukes loyal retainers would do anything it costs to suppress the deal and cut it short.

”..Yes, I am. Whatever I mightve done in the past, please don remind me of it. Its now a dark past that I desperately want to forget. ” She calmly replied. ”With how much youve asked that same question.. Im curious, how low is your trust for me? Are my words really that meaningless? ”

”Its not about trust. Its just that.. your past actions are notorious enough to be talked about in neighboring kingdoms, you see? Did you know? Your infatuation with Duke Ardenne, many even attributed demonic arts being used as the reason. ” Elias chuckled, but his eyes weren smiling at all.

Serenias actions towards the Duke ranged from light, heartwarming approaches to downright creepy and illegal acts. The Holy Palace has had to cover up her tracks so many times in the past. Naturally, Elias would always be on the frontlines for her protection.

Judging by those experiences, it was hard to believe Serenia right away.

”..I acknowledge that, but please believe me. Ive changed. Im no longer.. that same girl who would throw away everything else just to chase after a mans heart. Someone who won even look at me properly. I was foolish. ” Serenia acted like she was gloomy and depressed.

”Might I ask the reason why you suddenly changed your mind? ”

”Its for Els sake, right? I don have to bother over men like him, who doesn hold the El in his eyes. ” Serenia continued to spout bullshit as if it was her innate talent to do so.

”Haa.. Alright. I hope you truly can hold those words. ”

”Please don worry, Ill act in accordance. ” Serenia smiled as she cut up a piece of meat on her plate and ate it. ”How about we eat first, Cardinal? Im quite hungry. ”

”Serenia. ” Elias called out in a domineering tone.

”Hm? ” Mid chewing, Serenia looked up to meet Elias eyes. She looked like an innocent squirrel who tries to stuff as much food as possible into her mouth.

”I don know what kind of games you
e trying to pull, but be mindful of your identity. As a Saintess, you belong to the Holy Palace. Whatever you do… Forget it. My point mustve gotten across, yeah? Im sure that a smart girl like you doesn need to be told the same thing over and over again. ”

”..Why are you getting angry? ”

”Im not angry, Im just warning you beforehand. I don want you to commit a mistake because I care for you, yeah? ” Elias flashed his signature smile. ”Im worried about you. ”

”Really? ”

”Really. ”

”Hm. ”

The two finished their meal in silence after that. The attendees around them sensed that something was wrong, but was too scared to voice out their thoughts.

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