The Saintess Wants Marriage

I\'m Awkward, You\'re Awkward

”Ive definitely attracted his suspicion. The seeds of doubt.. has been planted. ” Serenia gritted her teeth.

She couldn believe that it hasn even been one day since she reached this place, and this already happened!

”Haa.. I really have to amp up my skills before I repeat the same mistake. ”

What happened couldn be reversed. There was no medicine for regret, after all. All she could do was suck it up and continue with her act.

”Anyway.. This system is definitely a good thing. ”

Even though it was just by miniscule amount, a normal being still wouldn be able to artificially increase their powers like this. In such a short time, through such an easy method.

Power was always welcome in Serenias hands. Although she had no experience in wielding the Holy element, magic was more or less universal no matter what your alignment is.

Thus, her knowledge and proficiency could more or less be passed down. She was a Demon Queen trapped in the body of a clueless child, so to say.

The former Serenia didn care to work on her magic skills at all. The people around her basically told her that all she needed to do was sit there and look pretty.

This has to change. Serenia made a new resolve.

Being a Saintess puts her at a vulnerable spot. Many would wish to control her, and she would be thrown into lots of fights involving the Holy Palaces inner strifes. To protect herself, she had to acquire strength.

For example, the upcoming banquet Elias mentioned. She was about to face countless nobles and officials who had a knack to suck up to her. She would be treading on thin lines. She couldn offend anybody, and yet she also couldn lean over to one side too much.

Prior to this, Serenia would always hide behind Elias back and use him as a shield when it was time to do important ceremonies. She would leave herself in his total control, afraid to make a single mistake.

However, this only served to cement the image that she was nothing but a puny princess doll.

She had to erase that image. Take the stage for herself.

I could use that banquet as a stepping stone to find my partner, too.

Theres also one other thing that bothers me.. Serenia looked at the window propelled before her.

It was essentially an item box. She received a reward earlier, and when she thought about it for just a second, this window suddenly popped out. It was filled with empty boxes, which she can scroll through and see no visible end whatsoever.

In the uppermost left corner, an item in shape of a golden key was present.

Tapping it lightly would cause the item to materialize on her palm.

[Key to the Skill Library (one-time use).

Gives access to the Skill Library for an hour. Caution: When used, the holders body will be teleported into the dimensional space. Time would run as always.]

The last sentence.. Ill use this key when midnight arrives so that no fuss will be created.

Tired from the events she went through today, she succumbed to the powerful pull from the bed and the warm blanket that encased her. She fell asleep and was only woken up hours later by repeated knocks on her door.

”Mmm.. Enter. ” Serenia weakly commanded.

A figure stepped inside the room. It was the maid that she had seen earlier.

”The Cardinal wants to have dinner with you. Hurry up and get ready, or hell be mad at you. ” The maid let out a loud sigh, as if Serenia was the biggest burden in her life.

Serenia was once again, surprised by this strange treatment.

Really? I shrugged it off before because my mind was still hazy, but even a maid dares to disrespect me? Serenia scoffed inside her heart. She knew that the odds would be against her, but to think that her authority was this low..

No one took her seriously. That was the problem.

”Whats your name? ” Serenia asked, her eyes cold and piercing.

”..What? ” The maid was taken aback by Serenias sudden change in tone and temperament.

”I said, whats your name? ”

”Its Sarah! Ive been your maid for as long as I could remember, and you don even know my name? ” Sarah protested as if she was offended.

”You weren important enough, so it seems. ” Serenia crossed her hands and looked at Sarah straight in the eye. ”Say, Sarah, have you ever undergone proper maid training? ”

”Of course I have! What are you trying to say with all this? You
e acting weird, miss! ”

”Oh, so you still know how to call me miss! But is using force to pull the blanket off your master without permission, and speaking to your master in a loud and rough tone included in your so-called training? ”

”I.. just wanted you to hurry. T-this isn like you! I had to knock for minutes before you answered, and you would usually freak out over this kind of meeting and rush to meet the Cardinal! Its weird! ” Sarah reasoned.

The audacity to mention herself knocking on my door! Serenia found the situation quite funny.

”Is that your only excuse? Can you repeat my title and my name? ”

e Saintess Serenia Aubellin. ”

By now, Sarahs head was already hung down.

”What right do you have to comment on what I, the Saintess wants to do? You
e just a maid, nothing else. If Im asleep and didn respond to you, do I have to feel bad and apologize? If I am not in the mood to meet the Cardinal, does that give you a reason to criticize me and call me weird? ”

Serenia was not someone who worshipped titles, but she did instill a strong sense of respect onto her subordinates. None of her followers would dare act like Sarah to her.

”We will talk about this further. Don repeat the same thing. Tidy my appearance up. ” Serenia got up from her bed and sat down by the dressing table.

Behind her, Sarah bit her lips in vexation.

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