een taken by men.

Due to the toxic patriarchal views held by the board members, a new position was created right then and there. To tie the Saintess down to their institution and make sure that she would not top the authority ranking.

Saintess Lucia knew that they purposely did it and marketed it as a gracious, desirable thing. And yet, she couldn fight against the ultimate consensus.


Serenia was a different case. She was a foolish girl who lived in vain, trapped in a game of puppetry by the ones around her. She didn know she was being used and kept believing that she was a treasure. That was what everybody told her, after all. Sweet lies.

In the end, she was tricked into becoming the perfect puppet. A girl who would do anything that others told her.

Cardinal Elias, who she was about to meet was one of those bastards who actively took advantage of her.

Well, this isn so bad. Although a Saintess isn the most honorable position ever, it leaves lots of chances for me to relax and prosper without doing anything.

Iris thought about it.

The only reason Serenia suffered was because she didn know any better. She let herself stay the naive and gullible Saintess she was until the very end, where she undoubtedly meets her terrible fate.

However.. now that Iris was in charge, wouldn things change?

She deserved a vacation, didn she? She worked nonstop for years. For her people, for the world. Sacrificing every single fiber of her being for the greater good.

Now, she wanted to protest. Rebel. On this second life, she doesn want to torture herself anymore. She wanted to be spoiled. Live a life where she could wake up to a morning where a mountain of work was already laid out for her to do. A day where her schedule wasn packed to the brim with issues.

The easiest way to achieve this lazy, cozy life as the Saintess would be…


Many would desire a marriage with the Saintess. After all, it meant a direct connection to the Holy Palace. She should have no problems getting in contact with promising, successful suitors.

Previously, she had no chances in meddling with love. She was way too busy to bother about something like that.

Serenia was a cute and lovable young woman. If Iris played her cards right, who wouldn fall into the palm of her hands? Who wouldn leave every single thing behind just to please her, to get an angelic smile out of the lady?

She had zero plans on rotting in this temple as a puppet Saintess. This time, it was her turn to be the puppeteer.

All I need to do is snag a good man to take me away from this menial lifestyle, and Im set!

Iris- Wait, no. She was now Serenia.

Serenias eyes burned with anticipation and ambition.

She now had a goal. If there was one thing to note about Iris, it was that whatever she desired would come true under all circumstances.

The same would happen with this case.

Serenia stared at herself in the mirror, pleased at the decision she came up with.

”Cardinal Elias is entering. ” A voice announced from the other side of the door.

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