“Where am I?” 


Vikir checked his body. 


No mana.
No strength. 


“Did I fall into hell?” 


But it's not. 


This place is…
too barren to be called hell. 


It's a place far worst than hell. 


It's the Baskerville family. 

There is no way that he didn't know the air from where he had lived as a hunting dog for the past 30 years. 


The smell of blood, pus, and everything that has died dirty. 


Vikir van Baskerville had an intuition. 


That he returned to not long after he was born. 


“What should I do now?” 


A body that has just lived for about 100 days.
There is not much he can do. 


Just flipping over and sending a signal to the nanny in the shared childcare room to get wet? 


Right then. 


‘There are no guys that look useful.’ 


He heard a familiar voice. 


Marquis Hugo Baskerville was seen standing in the center of the childcare room. 


As soon as he heard his voice, Vikir almost stood up quickly and repented according to his lifetime habits. 


Fortunately, it was impossible because it was the body of a newborn baby. 


When he saw  the main culprit who executed him after falsely accusing, his teeth automatically grind. 


However, there was no sound because the body had not yet teeth. 


‘Let's calm down.’ 


Days of revenge and misogyny that have been struggling to become part of the Baskerville family, to be recognized by the father, and to pretend to be an illegitimate child. 


He said goodbye to the past life, in which he used to be like inferior blood and dried blood.


‘I will live differently in this life.’


Right then, 


There was an opportunity to make Vikir's resolution stronger. 


“Move the children to the cradle of sharp needle.” 


Hugo's words were heard. 


As he was lifted out by the nanny's hand, Vikir thought. 


‘Is it the first rite of passage?’ 


The cradle of the sword is a journey to the Styx River that winds around a small hill. 


The moment you soak yourself in the Styx River over a wall made of knives, the children of the Baskerville family are reborn as warriors. 


Of course, the lifeline of this Styx River does not give everyone abundant strength. 


Survival of the fittest. 


It is the same from birth that a strong man eats a lot. 


The children of the Baskerville family have to get out of the cradle of knife saliva as soon as possible and soak in the river for as long as possible to gain an advantage over their brothers. 


So Vikir moved as soon as he was thrown into the center of the cot of the knife sting. 




Twist the blade with your cute hands and press it. 


Children from some prestigious families hold one thing or another to help the future at their first birthday, but children from the Baskerville family must hold blades that threaten the future from the first birthday. 


Spit- Pod- Crunch- Crunch- 


The blade ova the whole body. 


Whenever he squeezed through the blade with force, burning pain was pouring through his whole body. 


But it doesn't matter. 


This degree of pain has already been familiar while being a hunting dog for the past decades. 


When someone is scratched, bitten, photographed, and pressed, they have already endured hundreds of times as a reaction. 


Furthermore, the deeper the wound, the better to allow the water from the Styx River to get into the body better.'


Vikir knew all of the secrets, legends, myths, and ghost stories of the Baskerville family. 


Therefore, he also know how to make the most of the Styx River. 




The child's soft body is guided to hell by the tough soul of the hound. 


A blood path, a red road. 


The blood flowing out of the body and going down the ramp showed the shortest distance, the straight route to move forward. 


Vikir continued to crawl in the direction indicated by his drops of blood. 


Soon after, he reached the Holy Land of Baskerville. 


The Styx River that flows through the swamp. 


When you soak in here, your body becomes as hard as steel and your soul becomes clearer. 


Vikir threw himself into the river in the pose of a fetus. 




It was heavy.
It was painful as if it had entered the boiling metal. 


It can't be painful because he fell into this place with countless knife needles all over his body. 


However, Vikir endured the boiling pain.
And he waited. 


Styx river seeps in with cuts, tears, and bursting wounds. 


In a little while, 


Tsutsu Tsutsu. 


The body began to change. 


The water of the Styx, which permeated the wound and entered the bones and intestines, was changing Vikir's body from one to ten. 


‘It's definitely different.’ 


Vikir was surprised that getting off to a good start could make such a dramatic difference. 


The body of the previous life was tough and skillful, but it was small and thin. 


Since the bones themselves were weak, there was a limit to attaching muscles, and because of the narrow mana pain, there were clear restrictions on burning up the aura. 


But the brothers were different from him. 


Tall, thick bones, wide manatons. 


It is different from talent, qualities, and starting line. 


In his previous life, Vikir had graduated from the tower of swords almost at the bottom. 


So he really didn’t enjoy the effects of the Styx River. 

This is because all the brothers have already sucked in that power. 


Since then, due to the background of being an illegitimate child and poor talent, he has been discarded by the family. 


When others eat clean things, wear clean things, sleep in a clean place, and do clean work. 


He ate dirty things, wore dirty things, slept in dirty places, and had to did only dirty things. 


The achievements that have been achieved so far have become those of different brothers every time. 


The same was true for the war against the Demons. 


No matter how many devils and demons have been killed, his achievements always belong to the father or half-brothers. 


There was little such thing as compensation. 


It was not only the Demons that had to be killed, but also the enemies and humans of the father. 


He had to actively travel back and forth from the entire seven families and engage in spy, assassination, intelligence, ambush, and intimidation activities, thereby putting Baskerville in the best position among the seven families. 


But what was the result? 




When the rabbit disappears and the hunting is over, the hound is boiled and eaten because there is no need. 


On charges of communicating with the Demons, Vikir was executed while carrying all the dirty charges of Hugo. 


His sin was only one. 


Knowing too much.




Vikir grinded his teeth. 


Teeth that have suddenly begun to grow into the mouth collide fiercely. 


The Styx River has been pushed into the bone marrow with anger and soon changes the bone to thicker, tougher, and wider the manatong. 


Of course, burning pain continued to flood in, but it doesn't matter. 


Vikir began to inhale water. 


It was intended to clearly strengthen the intestines. 


He was recalling an old legend handed down to the Baskerville family. 


A long time ago, there was an invincible warrior in Baskerville.' 


The strongest censorship that didn't leave any scratches on the skin, let alone bones, even if it was hit by an axe. 


But his end was truly absurd. 


An arrow shot by another family's rival with poison was hit by the heel and died of the aftereffects. 


This is because, when he was a baby, a nanny grabbed his ankles and immersed them upside down in the river Styx, because the nanny's palms created relatively weak areas where the river did not reach.


'It shouldn't happen.’


Vikir did his best to stir himself in the river.


He twists his body as best as he can so that there are no parts that are less exposed to the water.


In the meantime, the wound opened up, but it was even better.


Because water can seep into the body properly.


And he sobbed his soul to pull out of the blood. 


The blood drains, and the mind wanders.


He was out of breath and wanted to get up to the surface quickly.


But it can't be.


River Styx does not accept a child who once left her arms.


If only the head is exposed to breathe, only the head can no longer receive protection.


So, Vikir desperately held on to the stone in the river.


He continued to stir his arm so that the river water reached the palm of his hand that was holding the stone.


at that time.


The faint voices heard in his ears.


“young master! You must come out!”


“If you dive more than that, you will die!”


“Oh my gosh! Maybe like this!”


“Get it! You must get it out!”


There seems to be a riot from above.
Well, that's the way it should be.


Excessive greed is poison.
It's good to strengthen the body, but shouldn't you die from suffocation?




Come on up now.”


Hugo Baskerville's voice is also heard.


But that voice only fuels Vikir's coming.




Vikir got up.


But he didn't just wake up.


gulp gulp gulp –


Breathe in the water of the River Styx into your mouth.
until the very end.






As soon as he ascends, he breathes in the air to his heart's content.


Vikir with his mouth wide open to breathe.


Hugo Baskerville sees him, and  smiles brightly.


“Hahaha, can you see this guy? You already have teeth?”


A hound boiled in boiling water exposed its fangs.

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