“Keep quiet! The moment you report it, it will explode! Throw the phone on the floor! Driver! Drive properly! If I notice something strange, who do you think will die first?!”

The man shouted.
He was drenched in a cold sweat and the passengers turned pale.

Each time the man spoke, the energy ball inflated and contracted repeatedly.
A guy who had tried robbery before would be good at it, but this guy was a novice.

‘Did Woowon arrive at the exam after resolving the robbery?’

Danwoo finally understood the situation.

This was why the police drove Cha Woowon to the exam.
When he arrived, the exam had almost begun.

He didn’t have a hunter certificate, and he was involved in a robbery before an important exam.

‘Should I call him brave or reckless…?’

Typical Cha Woowon.


Danwoo covered his face because he thought he was going to laugh again, and Cha Woowon put one hand on Danwoo’s knee.

Danwoo froze.
Then he noticed Woowon with his eyes wide open, speaking softly.

“It’s alright.
Nothing’s gonna happen.”


“I’ll figure it out.”


His voice was low and gentle, but powerful.
Anyone who would hear such words would believe him.

But not Danwoo.

‘No, that’s not it.’

Cha Woowon’s voice was so sweet that he finally came to his senses.
If Danwoo knew Woowon correctly, he should’ve been saying something like—

— Our Danwoo is so lucky.
I have hands-on experience, so you won’t get hurt if you’re by my side! That’s right, Danwoo!

tl/n: the last sentence, woowon called him danwoo-ya (단우야) and 야 (ya, added at the end of a vowel) or 아 (ah, added at the end of a consonant) are usually added at the end of a name when you’re informally addressing a person you’re friends with or your junior.

— I won’t get hurt if I’m by your side?

— I’ll think about that.

Was the purpose of Cha Woowon’s life just to make Danwoo angry?

Of course not.
The fact that he unintentionally pissed people off was the annoying thing about Cha Woowon.

Either way, Woowon was a good guy.
Whether he was qualified to be a hunter or not, if there was a robber in front of him, he would head straight in if someone was going to get hurt.

Young Cha Woowon was no different.

“What are you doing?! Why are you covering your face? I told you to raise your hands!”

The man shouted.

His eyes met Danwoo’s and that was when he realised.

‘You were talking to me.’

Cha Woowon raised his hands and spoke politely.

“I’m sorry.
He’s my friend, and he’s not feeling well.
He’s been feeling sick and nauseous since a while ago.
Can you just drop my friend off?”

‘Will that work?’

Danwoo was surprised by Cha Woowon’s naive response.

“I told you not to talk!”

“If you need money, I’ll give you my wallet.
It would be easier and better for you to take my wallet than other people’s cash.
Please, check the amount, and if it’s not enough, I’ll take some out from the nearest ATM.
How about taking the wallet, checking it, and getting off together? Just like ordinary passengers.
No one will report it.
I just want my friend to be taken to the hospital.”

Cha Woowon’s voice was so relaxing that it even calmed down the listeners.
It did the same to the robber, who was in a cold sweat, frightened by what he was doing.

“You! Are you sick?!”

He suddenly asked Danwoo.

‘What are you doing?’

Was he a doctor?

“T-Then… Give me your wallet! No, throw away your phone first! Don’t do anything else! Do you think I can’t shoot my skill while checking your wallet?”

“No, no.
I’ll give you my wallet.
Can I come over there and hand it to you? Or should I throw it?”

Cha Woowon was calmer than the robber, and that helped calm down the passengers as well.

Everyone was nervous and their hearts were pounding, but they were hoping that the situation would be resolved.
They all hoped that Cha Woowon had a lot of money in his wallet.
Danwoo had no idea what else the robber would want, so he assumed that money was what he needed the most.

Of course, Lee Danwoo knew that there must’ve been a large amount of money in Woowon’s wallet.

The amount would exceed the robber’s expectations.

“Don’t throw it! Don’t just throw it! I… I… I’ll come.
Don’t move!”


“I’m coming!”

Danwoo lowered his head and peeked at the robber who was getting closer.
The energy ball was shaking dangerously in the air because it wouldn’t keep up with his movements.

It was clumsy and dangerous.
If the robber were to lose control for even a second, the bus would blow up.

Cha Woowon wouldn’t die from the explosion.
Awakeners wouldn’t die.
Because the ’s magical power was low.

However, normal people could be seriously injured, or even lose their lives, and Cha Woowon must’ve been worried about that.

The shoes of the robber who approached came into Danwoo’s sight, then stopped.

“Now, just reach out! Just give me your wallet! With only one hand!”


Without hesitation, Cha Woowon took his wallet out of his pocket and handed it over.

He thought it would be okay as long as he gave the robber his wallet.

‘Anyway, I must save the people here.’

That was what he thought.
Catching the robber was the next thing on the list for Cha Woowon.

‘For now, I’ll let him go and chase and catch him afterwards.’

Danwoo was able to predict Woowon’s actions, because Cha Woowon was that type of person.
He would think of others first.

But Danwoo didn’t.

“Keep your head down.”

Cha Woowon immediately responded to those words.

A good hunter reacted sensitively to mana, mostly because this type of mana was threatening, a power that could harm a hunter.

Cha Woowon didn’t ignore the voice.
He bowed his head, and Danwoo’s hands covered the .



His hands started smelling burnt, along with smoke coming out.
There was a scream that threatened to escape his lips.

‘It’s an illusion.’

Danwoo clenched his teeth.
His mana was protecting his hands.

Since he returned to the past, Danwoo’s skills and stats were all reset.
Now he’s nothing but an E-Class awakened.
Although that was how it would’ve been measured based on his stats.

He had countless experiences with mana.

A light burst through his fingers.
It was as if he was crumpling a sphere of light with both hands.


Danwoo wasn’t an A-Class hunter at the start.

He was a so-called ‘worthless person’ with F-Class mana.
In that state, he started as an E-Class hunter who was treated as a worker.

tl/n: ‘worthless person’ is written as 폐급 (pyegeub) which is a korean military slang used for military supplies that are so low quality that it is unusable and needs to be discarded.
I don’t have an English equivalent so I just explained what it means…

It meant that he had no mana, no talent as a hunter, nothing.

Danwoo didn’t even have a signature skill.

‘I did, but it didn’t evolve.’

Because of that, Danwoo was able to do things that other hunters wouldn’t dare try: using his mana directly, without a skill.

In any case, he had to be a hunter to make a living.

There was a reason why others didn’t try it, and Danwoo had almost died dozens of times.

However, he didn’t die, and that’s how Danwoo became an E-Class hunter who could directly use his mana that was merely the size of a rat’s tail.

Even after returning to the past and losing all his stats and skills, the little mana that Danwoo had was still working properly.


The robber swung his arm and Danwoo didn’t even try to avoid it.

Before the robber managed to hit Danwoo, Cha Woowon subdued the robber by blocking his arm.


‘I knew it.’

Cha Woowon was smart and quick-witted.
He actually had a great personality, so there were a lot of followers around him.
Except for what he did to Danwoo, how did he get away with it?

Meanwhile, Danwoo completely annihilated the .

At the same time, his body ran out of mana.

‘It doesn’t make sense.’

Danwoo was amazing.
Did Lee Danwoo of the past drag his body to become a hunter?

Regardless of his astonishment, the passengers jumped up with cheers.

“It’s gone!”

“R-Report it! 119! No, 112!”

tl/n: 119 – fire, emergency, and ambulance.
112 – police

“Thank you, thank you!”

“Are you a hunter?”

“No, you’re young! You look like a student!”

Danwoo was dizzy so he took a seat as he watched the scene where Cha Woowon was surrounded by people.

He was used to such a scene.

“I think you’d better not get too close to him.
Just in case.”

The sly smile exuded credibility, so the passengers followed his words well.

“Hey… What did you just do?”

Kim Jigyu asked.
Danwoo held his breath, although he was panting.

“Don’t talk to me.”

“Was that a skill? It’s said that skills will explode when they collide.
How did it disappear? Have you been practising that?”

Danwoo pushed Kim Jigyu’s face away.

Even though he couldn’t properly reach it, Kim Jigyu fell back with a gasp.

“…So what should I do? My daughter is sick! Do you want a child to die? Would you let that happen?!”

“He’s not a robber… No one was hurt, so there must be some consideration.
I’ll ask the foundation about the hospital bill and find a way to support you.”

“You can just let it go! I’ll never do this again! I made a mistake, I was so worried about my child, so I made a mistake in judgement! Yes, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone! You said it yourself!”

The robber grabbed Cha Woowon and confided his life story.

‘Do you really want to do that to someone who’s old enough to be your son?’

But Cha Woowon was letting it happen.
Even though he had a calm face, he seemed embarrassed.

Danwoo was stunned because he seemed to be thinking, ‘Is that so?’.


‘What are you doing?’

The robber had tried to blow up the bus, but Cha Woowon was sympathetic.

In the past, Cha Woowon couldn’t have done that.

The Woowon that Lee Danwoo knew.
When he was 24, 25, and 26 years old, Cha Woowon was never shaken by anything.

When he made his decision, things went as they were supposed to.
It was what it was.

He was the same with punishment.

The second time he had seen Cha Woowon, Danwoo had rushed to kill him, and he was beaten half to death by Cha Woowon.

Cha Woowon had squatted in front of Danwoo, who couldn’t even list a single finger anymore, and while gripping at his chin, he looked at Danwoo.

— Let’s do this.
Danwoo, you’re joining my team.
For your information, my team’s rule is ‘do not rebel against the leader’.

— Fuck you.

— Danwoo, let’s have a beautiful start.

Cha Woowon decided on how to punish Lee Danwoo, and Danwoo became a member of .

Other team members hated Danwoo, but no one could tell Woowon to get rid of him.

Cha Woowon was a dictator.

However, in front of Lee Danwoo, there was a young and naive Cha Woowon.

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