Chapter 1 – Jiang Mingyue’s Previous Life

“The heavens didn't tell me to shut up.
Yet you, a deceitful old woman, asked me to shut up?! You…”

Old Madam Xu of Anyuan Houfu (Anyuan County’s Marquis’s Manor) was adorned with shiny beads and jewels from head to toe.
So when she jumped to her feet to scold someone, a jade hairpin fell from her head to the ground and broke in half.
This paused Old Madam Xu's scolding for a moment.
However, she then immediately began berating again, even more fiercely this time because of her heartache from having broken the hairpin.

Inside the embroidery room in the back garden of the manor, it was amidst her grandmother’s loud scolding that Jiang Mingyue opened her eyes.
Coincidentally, the sun shining through the window lattice shone right onto her eyes, making Jiang Mingyue—who had not seen the light for a long time—tear up instantly.

“Mingyue, are you awake now?” A voice came from beyond the bedhead.
It belonged to Elder Sister Jiang Yue’e [1], who stretched over her head to look at her younger sister.

“Pei! [2] You—child of a slave who should be killed with a thousand knives [3]!”


Between the sound of her grandmother’s scolding, which was like an arrow piercing through the clouds with the ability to tear through the skies and split open the ground, and her elder sister’s anxious and deeply concerned call, Jiang Mingyue appeared to be in a trance.
This wasn’t right.
The sunlight was coming through the window at just the right time, and Grandma Xu’s yelling was filled with ample energy.
Jiang Mingyue’s older sister also appeared to be alive.
Moreover, this place… It didn’t seem like she was in the underworld.

“You’re even crying? Why?” Jiang Yue’e asked.
She sat down at Jiang Mingyue’s bedside and used a handkerchief to wipe Jiang Mingyue’s tears while saying concernedly: “What’s the use of crying? Your marriage…
Mingyue, tell your elder sister the truth.
What do you think of it?”


Jiang Mingyue placed her hand on the bedboard and sat up suddenly.
Her cheeks, which had been bright red due to the heat, seemed to be instantly stripped of color and became deathly pale.

“What’s the matter with you?” Jiang Yue’e said anxiously.
“Zhou-momo [4] said that when you heard the Princess had found the Crown Prince of Tushan (Mt.
Tu) to be your husband, you fainted because you were too happy.
Grandma doesn’t believe it, so she’s currently arguing with Zhou-momo in the front courtyard with all of her might.
Tell me, just what exactly is going on?”

“If anything happens to my Mingyue’er [5], this old woman will pull together her weary old body.
Then you and your family’s master—don’t think that any one of you will be let off!”

“Say something!” Jiang Yue’e became even more anxious.
Were they really going to let their grandmother kill people?

Jiang Mingyue turned and looked out the window, where a few peach blossoms were in full bloom.
This was the three-month season when grass grew tall and nightingales were often in flight.
Jiang family’s Second Miss gazed at the springtime garden outside the window and wondered, how was she to tell her elder sister? That in the 17th year of the Yin Dynasty under Emperor Dongsheng’s reign, she—the Imperial Concubine of Tushan’s Crown Prince—would seal her fate of having a violent death with the single stab she used to kill Tushan’s Crown Prince Zhao Lingxiao, in front of two armies?

“Elder Sister, I died once and came back alive again,” Jiang Mingyue said.
Then, in a voice as gentle as if welcoming the three months of spring, she told Jiang Yue’e, “I’ve really missed you.”

Jiang Yue’e: !!!

“Are you possessed?” The Eldest Miss of the Jiang family, the second wife of Ningguo Gongfu (the manor of the government official posted at Ningguo), raised her hand and smacked her younger sister on the head: “You’re just a silly little girl.
What’s this about dying and returning to life? Did you pick up an elixir on the way to the Yellow Springs [6] and came back as a human again?”

Jiang Mingyue was clutching her head that ached from the hit, but she still looked at Jiang Yue’e with a smile.
This smile made Jiang Yue’e’s scalp tingle in alarm.
Regardless of whether her sister was happy or confused from the hit, Jiang Yue’e thought her sister had gone crazy!


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