that, she slips into the room quietly.

On the big bed in the hall, the brocade cloth and blanket was in disorder.
The sight and sound of man and woman doing love exercise could be clearly seen inside.
A low moaning constantly comes out from inside, the room is full of ambiguous and obscure atmosphere, which completely contrast to the original elegance of the house.

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Lan Xiaoruo sat in a red sandalwood arm chair.
She wrinkled her nose in disgust, and thought to herself that the emperor was really wild and shameless.

Xiaoli walk in slowly, silently bringing a cup of tea and handed it to Lan Xiaoruo, then went out with the red faced Xinger.
The Empress had the support of Empress Dowager, so she wasn’t afraid to offend the emperor, but these humble little maids didn’t dared to be so bold.

While looking at the scene, Lan Xiaoruo accidentally choked when she drank the tea and coughed instantly.

“Who’s out there?” the man in the bed shouted.

She didn’t expect that the people inside the blanket who were still doing the wild exercise had very good ears.
The emperor stopped immediately when he heard the sound and asked angrily.
The voice is stable and there is no trace of something unusual in his tone.
It can be seen that he is so good at controlling his voice.

This emperor is really powerful ah, his ear is more sensitive than a dog’s.
Lan Xiaoruo pouted her lips and then listened to the woman’s seductive and unnatural timid tone: “His Majesty, will it be the Empress coming in? She was angry that His Majesty had brought this concubine here, so she hit the wall trying to kill herself.
When she woke up, she must have come here to trouble this concubine.
Emperor, I’m afraid that she’ll doing something to me.

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Lingfei said as she snuggled in to the arms of the emperor and intentionally rubbing her beautiful body to seduce and get the emperor attention.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.
That b*tch won’t dare to do anything to you.
Hmph, did she think that if she keep crying and trying to kill herself will catch my attention, and make me treat her better? Even if she killed herself in front of me, I won’t look at her!”

As Jun Yilie opened the brocade blanket as he spoke, he saw a beautiful girl who was relaxing on the arm chair, drinking tea with leisure.
His face remained unchanged.
His eyes sank and said with a sneer: “The Empress is surely relaxed.
Just a while ago she tried to attempt suicide, but now she is sitting here and drinking tea leisurely.
Could it be that the Empress just hit the wall on purpose to get my attention?”

Lan Xiaoruo turned her sight to the man in the bed, took the tea from her lips and looked at him with a laugh and softly said, “Naturally, it was not intentional.
Concubine Ling were so fond to the Emperor and fall for you at the first sight.
It was a pity that she was so obsessed with this son of heaven.” She lengthen the tone, gently swept the head of the fox beauty behind Jun Yilie, and fixed her eyes on Jun Yilie.
She sighed to herself.
She didn’t realize that the wicked and shameless emperor was so handsome.
He looked only about twenty years old and had such a good figure.
The skin is white and tender, the chest is firm, powerful and spattering.
It’s really a model body.

“What a pity?” Jun asked with his raising eyebrow.
How come the empress in front of him felt a bit strange? In his impression, she was always timid, cautious, courteous and didn’t talk much.
Only this time, in order to save her dignity, she fought against him by knocking her head in to the wall to kill herself.
Now, she wakes up like a different person.
Although he could not feel where she had changed, he felt that she was different from before.
Why did she become more bold now?

“Unfortunately, the almighty emperor was in bed with this fox spirit, wasting his wife’s sincerity in vain.” Lan Xiaoruo regains his mind.
He’s so young and handsome but had many women to serve him.
The smile in her eyes slowly fading.

(fox spirit: shameless woman)

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