As she thinks about the good fortune she is having in her heart, she thanks him with a look of gratitude on her face: “Thank you cousin, you are so kind to me.
If I miss you in the future, I will come back to see you, I hope you won’t forget me.”

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Jun Yilie smiled and said: “Look at what you are saying, aren’t you still in the palace? Why did you sound as though you have already separated from me.”

Yu Xinruo stuck out her tongue in embarrassment and kept the jade pendant.
At this time, a guard came over to Jun Yilie and said, “Report to the emperor, the carriage is ready, and Mr.
Qu is waiting in the car, may I ask the emperor when would you like to move out?”

Jun Yilie waved at him and said, “Ok, go tell Qu Yang I will be there soon.”

Yu Xinruo rolled her eyes and hurriedly took Jun Yilie’s arm and asked with a smile, “Where is my cousin going?”

Jun Yilie smiled and said, “The political affairs are a little lighter this month, so I want to take advantage of the fine weather today and go out for a walk.”

“Cousin, are you going out of the palace privately?” Yu Xinruo’s eyes lit up when she heard the words, she blinked her beautiful big eyes, and smiled to please him, “I too want to go out of the palace with my cousin to look around, will my cousin take me? Let’s go out together, okay?”

Jun Yilie hesitated for a moment, then said with a smile, “I have something to do when I leave the palace this time, so it’s not convenient to take you with me.”

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Yu Xinruo pouted, thinking that she would be able to leave the palace soon anyway, so there was no hurry to do so.
She smiled and said, “Well then, I hope my cousin will have a good time outside.”

Jun Yilie smiled and nodded, turned, and left.

Xiaoli and Xing’er then came forward and said in surprise, “Niangniang, the emperor was so kind to you just now, we have never seen him being so kind to you.”

It seems that Jun Yilie treated her really badly in the past, otherwise, Xiaoli and Xing’er would not have been surprised by his mild attitude towards her today.

Yu Xinruo watched Jun Yilie’s slender and sturdy back walking away, a sly smile appeared on her face, and said leisurely: “That’s right, he was really gentle with me today, so I will prepare a big gift for him before I leave the palace.
So he could enjoy the tenderness of his cousin.”

Thinking of Jun Yilie’s expression when he received this big gift from her, the sly smile in Yu Xinruo’s eyes deepened.

“How good that is if the emperor can reconcile with the empress, and treat the empress better in the future, then the empress could keep her post,” Xiaoli said innocently, simply happy for the reconciliation between the emperor and the empress.

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Yu Xinruo was noncommittal, she just smiled and said nothing.

Feiyan Palace.

“Niangniang, l just saw the emperor and the empress chatting and laughing in the imperial garden, arm-in-arm, and they seem to be very intimate.”

Concubine Yan was reclining lazily on the soft couch drinking tea.
She was still angry with the queen from the morning incident and was depressed in her heart.
Hearing the report from the little palace maid, Pearl, she immediately sat up on the soft couch, a hint of surprise appeared on her dignified and bright face, and asked, “Is what you said true?”

Pearl said, “I saw it with my own eyes.
It is absolutely true.”

Yan Fei’s eyes suddenly sank, deep in thought.
Doesn’t the emperor hate Yu Xinruo very much? Why did he suddenly become intimate with her again? What is happening?

Seeing the contemplative appearance of her master, Lin’er, the personal maid, said softly from the side: “Niangniang, is the queen using the technique of turning a retreat into an advance?”

Concubine Yan’s gaze moved to her face, her eyebrows raised, “Why do you say that?”

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Lin’er said: “The empress clearly told the emperor that she would ask the empress dowager for instructions when she returns and will voluntarily relinquish the position of the empress, but now I don’t know what trick she used to make the emperor change the attitude towards her suddenly.
If the emperor took the initiative and let her stay, then her queen position will be unshakable.”

“That’s right.” Concubine Yan frowned and thought deeply.
However, she still couldn’t understand the change in Yu Xinruo’s.
She was like a person who suddenly changed.
She used to be silent and tolerant, but now she is arrogant and aggressive.
She had never used any means toward the emperor before, but today she actually made the emperor who has always hated her became gentle with her.
If she had been acting stupid in the past all this time, just to make it big in the future, then her scheming is way too deep.

“Niangniang, what should we do? You’ve been looking forward to this queen’s seat for a long time, and Yu Xinruo doesn’t deserve to sit in that position at all.
I think that in this harem, only Niangniang can keep pace with the emperor.
To be the mother of the world.”

“What else can we do? With the support of the Empress Dowager, we can’t touch her.” Concubine Yan said helplessly, “We can only wait and see what happens.
If she really wants to play some tricks and won’t give up the queen’s position.
, then, I have no choice but to deal ruthlessly with her.”

A stern look flashed across her eyes, what she dreamed of in this life was to be the queen of the world, so she must not be soft-hearted towards those stumbling blocks in her way.

Two days later.

Ci’an Palace.

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“Empress Dowager, you’re finally back.
It’s been a month since you left the palace, I missed you so much.”

“That’s right, Empress Dowager, as I’m not able to pay my respect to you every day, I feel so uncomfortable all day.”

“Empress Dowager, since you have been recuperating in the Summer Resort for a month.
Your complexion is much better than before, and you look ten years younger all of a sudden.”

Early in the morning, when Yu Xinruo heard that Empress Dowager was back at midnight, she hurried over to greet her.
When she arrived at the gate of Ci’an Palace, she heard the sound of flattery.
It was estimated that when the concubines in the harem saw the Empress Dowager return, all of them came over to her to please her.

It seems that everyone here possesses the skill of flattery.
The corners of Yu Xinruo’s lips were slightly raised, and when the maid at the door saw her coming, she announced loudly, “The Empress is here!”

Walking into the gorgeous and luxurious hall, Yu Xinruo saw at a glance the beautiful woman in palace dress surrounded by the concubines.
Elegant with an amiable smile.

Seeing Yu Xinruo, her smiling eyes swept over, beckoned to her, and smiled kindly: “Ruo’er, come here and let aunt see if you have lost weight.”

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