Everyone in the hall was shocked by the Queen’s actions.
In their impression, she never fought back, rebuffed others, and was dull and sluggish.
Today, she turned into a fierce tigress.
Her usual dignified and charming face became extremely sinister and ferocious, and it makes people feel scared when they saw it.

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“Xiao Li, who’s the one that hit you just now, hit her now and hit her back double!”

“Yes, Niangniang!” The queen suddenly became extremely fierce, and Xiaoli’s courage immediately became stronger with it.
She rushed over and slapped Lin’er a few times.
Lin’er had been shocked by the queen earlier on, and now she was slapped so much that she couldn’t speak out.
All the arrogance in her eyes turned into fear.

Concubine Lan’s personal maid, Chunxiang, reacted, and hurried over to help her stunned master from the ground, and exclaimed loudly, “Niang Niang, the corner of your mouth is bleeding.”

Yu Xinruo quietly rubbed her sore wrist and stared coldly, only to see that Lan Fei’s pretty face was red and swollen at the moment, and there were several thin and long blood marks on her face from her long nails.
It was estimated that only very expensive and good plaster is needed to smooth the marks.
There was blood overflowing from the corners of the gorgeous mouth, and even the lips seemed to be swollen.

You deserved it! Yu Xinruo spit out these two words in her heart.

“Yu Xinruo! You slutty slut! How dare you hit me! I’m not going to let you off!”

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As soon as Concubine Lan regained her senses, she immediately went crazy and rushed toward Yu Xinruo.
Yu Xinruo kicked her belly fiercely, with her hands on her hips, her expression was cold and terrifying, and she said viciously, “If anyone dares to insult me again, I will have her head chopped off so that she will never be able to speak again!”

Concubine Lan was kicked heavily on the stomach, she hugged her stomach and curled up on the ground in pain.
Concubine Yan knew that she couldn’t get any good results today, or she might get into trouble herself.
She quickly retreated wisely, apologized to Yu Xinruo against her will, and then helped Concubine Lan’s group to leave in a hurry.

After their figures disappeared from Fengluan Palace, Xing’er breathed a sigh of relief, patted her chest, and looked at Yu Xinruo with a look of admiration: “Niang Niang was majestic just now, look at those Niang Niang.
Their angry faces are now blue and their noses are crooked, hehe, we the servant admire you.”

Yu Xinruo put down her hands from her hips, adjusted her dress, and smiled proudly: “That’s right, they should look at who is your master! How can a queen of a dignified country be frightened by a few slender concubines? Alright, I am now in a good mood, I want you two to take me to the outside to see what fun there is in this palace.”

Xiaoli smiled and said, “It’s the turn between spring and summer, and the flowers in the imperial garden are blooming.
Do you want to see the flowers?”

Yu Xinruo became interested when she heard it.
She was fond of flowers and liked the scent of flowers the most, so she excitedly asked them to take her there.

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Xing’er laughed and said, “Niangniang, when did you become so impatient, you have not finished your breakfast yet.”

“It’s alright, you can bring the food along, I’ll just eat it as I walk.” Yu Xinruo waved her hands, took the lead, and headed for the garden.
As she had just woken up, so she wasn’t very hungry.

Eating while walking? Xiaoli and Xing’er imagined the vulgar appearance of the dignified empress eating while walking with a piece of cake, and the corners of their eyes twitched a few times.

Xing’er hurriedly grabbed her, frowned, and persuaded her: “Niang Niang, you are the queen of a country, you should pay attention to your image anytime and anywhere.
If you are seen by someone, they would spread it around and cause you trouble again.”

These two girls are cautious, Yu Xinruo shook her head, patted Xing’er on the shoulder, and smiled: “You can rest assured, anyway, I won’t last for another two days as the queen, whoever wants to talk about it, let it be.
Even if it gets to the emperor’s ears, what can he do with me! He doesn’t even want to see me, he just wants me to disappear from his eyes.
I guess he doesn’t want to bother with me.”

“Okay then, we will obey.” Xiaoli sighed helplessly, turned around, and went to get a plate of cakes.

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Yu Xinruo stretched out her hand to pick up a piece of cake and put it in her mouth and started eating it as she walked.

Along the way, she met many palace maids and guards, and when they saw her, they respectfully gave way to her, but their lowered eyes were full of surprise.

“The Empress is eating cakes while walking! Is there anything wrong with my eyes?” After Yu Xinruo and the three of them disappeared from the corridor, a palace maid immediately exclaimed in a low voice.

“Yeah, I thought that I’ve saw it wrongly! The queen of a country is eating cakes while walking in public, and you can still see crumbs of the cakes stick to her face, it’s really, it’s absurd! I don’t even do so myself.
What a shameful thing to do.”

“Hey, go back to your work, who do you think you are! You as a little slave girl dare to be compared with the empress? Aren’t you afraid of being a laughing stock! Besides, it’s not that I haven’t seen your eating appearance before.
Look at the Empress, although eating while walking is not elegant, her movements are elegant! And I heard that the Empress had just made a big show of her power and slapped Lan Fei’s group of arrogant people.
The woman taught them a hard lesson, and when I think of that scene, I’m so excited! Hehe.” A certain maid said with a look of admiration.

“Hello! You are just a boot licker!” Another maid gave her a rolled eye.

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Yu Xinruo ate while walking along the way, she turned left and right under the leadership of Xing’er, and soon finished the plate of delicate pastries.
When she was about to stop to take a breath, she suddenly felt a fragrant scent of flowers in her nostrils.
She was instantly refreshed.
It turned out that the Royal Garden had arrived.

Yu Xinruo cheered, without caring about her manners, she held up the long skirt that was in the way with both hands and ran towards the dazzling splendid flowers with a smile on her face.

“Oh, my lady, slow down!”

Xiaoli and Xing’er stomped after her in a hurry.
When the queen was happy, she didn’t care about her image at all.
If the emperor was in the imperial garden at this time, it would be bad for all of them.
The two of them hurriedly chased after the queen.

“Xiaoli Xing’er, come here, haha, the flowers here are so beautiful!”

Yu Xinruo shouted happily like a child, shuttled between the flowers, and soon held a handful of beautiful flowers in her hand.

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