The Prince Of War

The Hidden Dragon-Chaptor 2

In the midst of the battlefield there is one man who stands above the rest and he is Varon the DragonSlayer.The man is known to have killed countless people in war,but has also been the only person to be able to kill a Dragon by himself.The battle was large with both armies having 10,000 strong each,one side however had a significant difference they had Varon with his strength equalling 100,000 men so the battle would logically be his win.

That arrogance that The Crimson Curators had was astonishing you could tell that they thought that they would win because the of General Varons appearance,soon that expectation would fade,during the battle where Varon was going through the enemies army viciously and just when Varon had stopped fighting a loud screech was heard which stopped everyone fighting and they all began to look at the sky until they had seen a shadow in the clouds resembling a Dragon. ”rahhhhh ”the Dragon screeched when it came through the clouds wasting no time to kill everyone in sight until it seen Varon running towards it like lightning.They both began to charge at eachother before Varon leaped into the sky and before they could collide another Dragon came seemingly unknown to Varon and ate him whole.

Varon was dying inside the Dragons stomach and he began to think, ”i will survive ”he said with incredible willpower but as he got up his organs and body had shut down due to the intense bleeding and injuries.inside Varons head a voice said to him softly ”Do you wish to live a relaxful life with no worries? ”the mysterious voice said to him,with no second thought he said yes and all his senses went in seconds until they came back.

Varon was in a room that looked like it was for royalty he tried to get up but failed and he looked at his body that was in bandages and had realised that someone or something had sent him to another world.Varon was thinking intensily until a voice and a person came to him saying ”My child your Name shall be Varon and you are the third Prince Of The Crodal Empire ”.The man had said looking as if he was the king.another voice arose ”My King congratulations, but it would seem that the Crown Prince and the Second Prince wants to visit his Brother. ”The old looking King Proclaimed ”Let them in and so they can see Varon ”.The King had said his commands and the man who spoke before rushed to the door and let in two Princes who where Varons Brother,while they were hugging Varon and holding him Varon began to hear everyone in the room talk and found out that the Crown Prince is 5 and The Second Prince is 4 and Varon who is really 25 was now 1,when he thought that he chuckled to himself and he began his new life.

16 years later

This year Varon is now 16 while his Brothers are 21 and 20.Throughout the Empire the First Prince is known as The Prodigy and The Second Prince is Known as The Flame Bearer, these nicknames are due to The Crown Prince being extremely good at whatever he does, The second prince is known as The Flame Bearer due to being blessed by Qhetarr The God Of Fire.This is true howver most have been exagerated but when it comes to Varon he is known as The Quiet,this is because unlike his brothers he has been fighting his whole life in his previous life,so Varon just relaxes and does what he wants which isn much,so not much is known to the public or even high-ranking officials or Leaders Of High positions.

In the Royal palace where the Powerful reside Varon is Relaxing in a tree, until a voice shouts up at him ”Varon stop sleeping and come down ”When Varon looked over at Who had just talked to him it was The Crown Prince Elnaril.So Varon got Down from the Huge Tree and Elnaril began to speak ”Come on we`ve got some work to do ”He exclaimed with joy while Varon was walking with his Brother as soon as Elnaril let his guard down Varon mad a run for it his brother saw and said ”Really,Varon you`ve got to do this again,You know i will catch you ”.Varon was sprinting at this point knowing that his brother was chasing him,they ran for awhile until Varon looked back and seen Elnaril was not in sight so he let out a sigh until he looked forward and Seen Elnaril in front of him. In an instant Elnaril dragged him back into The Palace away from the Palace Gardens with much to the displeaure of Varon who just wanted to relax.

After a long distance they made it to a room and quickly entered and it looked to be a study room for the Princes, ”Nice one Elnaril you caught him i couldn`t find him the other day ”The Second Prince Drannor, both Elnaril and Drannor began to laugh.When they stopped;One man standing at the front proclaiming ”Ahh well done my Prince, you have caught Varon now we can begin ”.This man was Sylvar The Briliant, he is a master stratagist and is incharge of educating the Princes which was an excellant choice.Elnaril sat down and so did Varon and in the Corner was the Second Prince Drannor.

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