After the discovery was made, they kept the fruits of that research to themselves and continued improving and perfecting both systems.

Unfortunately, further research also required more and more blood from the stronger vampires, and eventually, the time came when the tribe managed to capture the attention of an Archduke of the hybrid vampire kingdom.

The hybrid vampire kingdom, Wilcrux, was the most rampant and domineering force of the world at that time, not because they were the strongest, but because they were the cruelest and slaughtered the most.

Naturally, the huge army of the archduke of such a kingdom wasn something the tribe could escape from.

The elders, leaders, and elites of that historical tribe also knew of this, and therefore, they thought of the perfect way to have their revenge on everyone that had humiliated and tortured them and their ancestors for a long long time.

They chose the most intelligent people of the tribe and sent them off as missionaries of a brighter world for humans to the rest of the feudal territories.

When the burden of posterity and future was off their shoulders, they let their repressed emotions loose, and went mad.

The arrogant vanguard of the duke was slaughtered even before they could commence their attack.

Their heads were hung on spikes and paraded everywhere as trophies. It was a battle they were destined to lose but it was also a battle that would shake the lands and signal the rise of another dominant force, the weaker, the inferior humans.

For seven days and nights, the newly created artificial warriors and magicians of the Lunar Frask tribe slaughtered to their hearts content. For the first time in history, it was the blood of the vampires that were used to fill puddles and ponds with blood.

According to some legends, when Archduke finally managed to claw the heart of the tribe leader out of his body, he looked behind him and he was alone, his army was slaughtered like pigs and cows.

That battle filled the hearts and spirits of humans across the world with an emotion they had never experienced before. Was it pride? Was it something else? Nobody knew for sure, yet, it was something they resonated with, something that allowed them to hold their heads high when looking at the members of other dominant races, even if it resulted in their heads being rolled on the ground.

The seed of rebellion had already been planted and the massacre that the Wilcrux kingdom did after the rebellion of the Lunar Frask tribe only helped water that seed.

Anyway, the killings finally paused when the Kingdom of Wilcrux started losing manpower, thereby causing them to lose territories to the mighty Sankrusk kingdom of pure-blooded noble vampires.

The missionaries came at this time!

These missionaries were the remnants of the Lunar Frask tribe, and when they arrived at the 7 biggest feudal territories, they were welcomed and celebrated as Saints of humanity.

Their teachings led to the establishment of a peace treaty among them, one that paved the way for those seven territories to keep growing and developing together and eventually led to the establishment of the 7 vast allied human kingdoms.

These kingdoms were named from one to seven by the saints themselves and because they carried generations of research that required each of them to participate for it to work most efficiently, they formed a bond that held the alliance together.

The vampires and the elves might still be stronger than us but they don dare to attack us now.

Of course, there are many among them, especially the Dukes and Archdukes of the kingdom of Wilcrux that want us to pay our debts in blood but as long as they don attack with the combined force of their entire kingdom, they
e bound to be defeated.

And even if they achieve a bitter victory, they are bound to be swallowed by their pure-blooded neighbors.

The fearful and humiliating era of humans is long gone now.

Now, from west to east, the seven human Kingdoms, Unustria, Duopis, Tribuston, Quattuoris, Quinquene, Sexal, and Septemca protect the peace and ensure the prosperity of their subjects.

And I… was a proud citizen of the Silvermore town of the Luopis province of the Duopis Kingdom, a small, isolated, yet a peaceful town.c

This little town of Silvermore… is my dear home.

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