When I was young, I was an unrecognizable little pebble in the bottom of a pond that I didn know the depths of. Since my identity and origin are inadvertently tied to this pond, I shall take the liberty of introducing it before I introduce myself.

The history of seven human Kingdoms dates back to a thousand years when we, the human race, didn know right from wrong and good from bad.

To begin understanding the formation of the seven Kingdoms, one needs to know the chaos, bloodshed, and strife that led to that.

The unity of our species, the tenacity, and the firm will to adjust and adapt to the surroundings that transformed us into a force as dominant as the mighty magical Elves of the mountains and the bloodthirsty Vampire Kingdoms of the plains in a comparatively short time of a thousand years has been questioned and assessed time and time again by the sages of the other two forces.

This was because, in the beginning, there were only vampires and elves, the two naturally dominant species of nature, one adept in magic and another, lording over every other race with their powerful physiques. Humans have been there from the very beginning but have always been very lackluster, just another species in the food chain whose members were reared and hunted like livestock by the younglings of the other two races.

Our ancient researchers believed that humans, elves, and vampires all are part of the same family tree, humans just being incredibly lackluster due to our incomplete genes. If one looks at how the three of our species look on the surface, it does seem to be the case.

Though, in the eyes of the other two species, humans have always been inferior creatures, just animals that resemble themselves a little.

All of these prejudices, when combined, led to increasingly adverse reactions from their kind. Most elves chose to ignore us, while the dark elves chose to enslave us.

Vampires, on the other hand, were much crueler, enslaving and capturing our ancestors and using them as both a source of entertainment and food.

Our ancestors, who were fortunate enough to be spared from that humiliation roamed the lands like any other animal, only with a sense of awareness and a fear of being hunted by the vampires.

Naturally, people also began to gather in larger groups and form small and secret societies to protect themselves from dark elves and vampires.

These tribes then evolved into a feudal system where one feudal lord ruled a group of tribes.

This was, in no way better than the time when humans roamed in smaller groups and were captured because now, it was their fellow humans that kept them as slaves and gave those slaves to the vampires for their own lives to be spared.

It was truly a dark dark time for our ancestors, especially if they weren the ruling class.

I shudder, thinking of the plight of being treated like a sacrificial offering by members of my own species.

Though, even if they were the ruling class, if they managed to enrage or even irk a stronger vampire, there was no way they would be spared the pain and humiliation. Entire tribes and feudal territories would be slaughtered and enslaved in seconds.

To the narrow-minded feudal lords who were already used to the idea of ruling vast territories, they saw no difference between themselves and the vampires other than the individual power.

And thus began the time when the most daring humans began to secretly capture and experiment on the mighty vampires.

Of course, some of them were found out and faced retaliation but eventually, someone succeeded and it wasn an egotistic individual but a secluded tribe full of mad men.

That was the Lunar Frask tribe, a feudal territory that still went by the title of a ribe to save themselves from the power struggles of the bigger forces. Primarily, they remained focused on all sorts of research but if that research required bloodshed or chaos, they devotedly and efficiently completed their tasks.

They were the madmen, the rebels that opened the gates to a whole new world for us humans and the chaos ensued by their achievement still sends shivers down the spines of the mighty and bloodthirsty vampires.

It wasn only the discovery itself that was spine-chilling, the way they arrived at those conclusions also reeked of blood and despair of the mighty individuals of the two dominant races.

They had discovered a way to use the blood of the vampires, both noble vampires, that applauded themselves for being pure-blooded and
eal and hybrids, the mix-blooded vampires that were the result of copulation between the pure-bloods and members of other similar species such as humans to enhance ones body and cast powerful magic spells through their own ingenuity.

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