d, “Then Baby, I won't disturb you.
Can you eat by yourself? Be careful not to get burned, I'm leaving.” After that, she simply brushed the pot, and then slowly returned to the wood room with her bowl of noodles.

While eating the noodles she made, Li Hehua thought about the little boy in the kitchen.
Did he eat it? Will he get burned?

Halfway through the meal, Li Hehua put down the bowl uneasily.
She got up and walked to the kitchen, wanting to see if the child had been scalded.
As a result, as soon as he walked to the door of the kitchen, he heard a woman's voice inside, it was Zhang Lin.

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Li Hehua quickly stopped.

Inside, Zhang Lin was surprised, “Shulin, where did the noodles come from?”

No one answered.

Li Hehua quietly returned to the woodshed.

As soon as the door of the woodshed was closed, she heard voices of two people outside.
It was Zhang Tieshan and Zhang Qingshan who returned.

Li Hehua lowered her head and continued to eat her own noodles.

Zhang Tieshan and Zhang Qingshan didn't see their mother and Shulin.
They put down the things in their hands and went to the kitchen.
They saw Zhang Lin was standing by the stove with her waist bent and talking.
When she saw her sons coming back, Zhang Lin straightened up.
“You guys are back.”
Zhang Qingshan was curious, “Mother, what are you doing? Are you talking to Shulin?”

Zhang Lin's brows were slightly wrinkled: “I just went to the stream to wash some clothes.
When I came back, I saw that there is an extra bowl of noodles in front of Shulin.
I don't know where it came from.
I asked Shulin but he ignored me.”

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Zhang Qingshan rushed in to look.
Sure enough, there was a stool in front of Shulin with a bowl of steaming noodles.
When he smelled it, there was a strong and attractive fragrance.

“This noodle is really fragrant.
Where did it come from?” Zhang Qingshan followed suit and couldn't help but look at his brother.

Zhang Tieshan also saw the bowl of noodles.
He didn't speak but his eyes were condensed.
After a while, he shook his head and said in a light tone.
“It's okay.
I'll go out with Shulin.
Let's go out.” He took Shulin into his arms and walked out.

Zhang Qingshan looked at the noodles on the stool.
After a while, he still picked it up and followed out of the kitchen.
This noodle smells really good.
No matter who gave it to Shulin, they must have good intentions.
It not eaten, it will be wasted.

Zhang Qingshan put the noodles on the table and handed over a pair of chopsticks.
“Brother, this noodles are so fragrant.
It must be the same person who gave the buns to Shulin yesterday.
This person must be very good at craftsmanship.
Brother, feed it to Shulin.”

Zhang Lin is still doubtful and said, “It's strange.
I was washing clothes not far from the door.
I didn't see anyone entering the house to give deliver food to Shulin.
And if the villagers are giving something to eat, why don't they make a sound?”

Zhang Qingshan shook his head in confusion, “I don't know.
They probably didn't want us to know.
Anyway, as long as it's good for Shulin.”+

Zhang Lin thought about it, “It must be good so give it to Shulin.
Don't waste the kindness of others.”

Zhang Tieshan glanced at the closed doorof the woodshed without saying a word.
He just took the chopsticks in Zhang Qingshan's hand, picked up some noodles and put it into his mouth first.

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