>Zhang Qingshan said: “Mother, it seems to be true.
The fragrance came from our house and it seems to be from the kitchen…”
Zhang Lin looked at the kitchen and doubts flashed in her eyes.
Could it be it is that woman who bought it then eat in the kitchen?
Zhang Tieshan, who had not spoken for a long time said at this moment, “Mother, Qingshan, sit down.
It is from our kitchen.”

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Zhang Linshi and Zhang Qingshan looked at each other and sat down.
Zhang Lin couldn't help but mutter, “This woman is always like this.
She is lazy and buys expensive things like cakes to eat.
She even hides in the kitchen and eats them alone.
It's really a shame for our family to marry such a woman.
If it wasn't for her father…”
“Mother!” Zhang Tieshan's scolding blocked Zhang Linshi's next words.
Zhang Linshi pursed her lips and did not talk any further.

Zhang Qingshan glanced at his brother and then at his mother and kept quiet.
He subconsciously looked in the direction of the kitchen and saw Li Hehua came out with a plate, coming towards the yard.

Li Hehua had just finished the red bean cake and chicken cake.
She cut them into pieces, found a basket and spread a layer of clean white cloth inside, waiting to go out to sell them early tomorrow.

However, she deliberately set aside four pieces of each item, intending to give them to the Zhang family to eat.
The money for her materials was borrowed from Zhang Tieshan, and the kitchen she used was also from Zhang's family.
The firewood, rice, oil and salt were all from Zhang's family.
It was reasonable to give some to the Zhang family to taste.
In addition, she wanted to give the little guy some pastry that she made.
So this time, she came out with the pastries in person.

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Li Hehua walked over while ignoring the unkind eyes of Zhang Linshi and Zhang Qingshan.
She put the plate on the small square table, “This is the red bean cake and chicken cake that I made.
They are just out of the oven.
Brought them for you to try.”

Zhang Lin's and Zhang Qingshan's eyes flashed with surprise.
They both thought that she bought the pastries and came back to eat them.
They didn't expect that she actually made them.
How could it be impossible? Li Hehua can make such delicious and beautiful pastries? Could it be a lie?
Li Hehua also saw the distrust in their eyes.
She didn't say anything and just pretended that she couldn't see it.
Zhang Lin hated Li Hehua deeply, so how could she accept her kindness now? Even if the pastries were really tempting, she would not give her any face, “Hmph, when did you become so kind? I don't dare eating your food.
I'm afraid you'll poison me with your stuff!”

Li Hehua was silent and didn't want to pay attention.
She said lightly: “You guys can eat, I'm going back to my room.” After speaking, she turned and entered the woodshed.
Forget it.
She already show courtesy anyway.
If they don't want to eat, she doesn't need to care.

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