Chapter 9 – Borrow Money

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Li Hehua patted her chest, her heart still pounding in shock, “Why are you standing here without saying a word? Almost scaring people to death.”

Zhang Tieshan didn't show any expression.
He is just staring at her, making her felt cold.

Li Hehua was uncomfortable with his stare, so she pouted secretly.
She gave up communicating with this man.
With steamed buns in her hands, she bowed her head, intending to continue walking.

“Stop your tricks!” Zhang Tieshan stared at the bowl on the stove, his voice full of coldness.

  Li Hehua paused, “I'm not playing any tricks.
I just gave the child something to eat.
What kind of tricks am I doing? If you don't want to give him food, just throw it away.” Li Hehua felt like being stabbed with a knife on her body.
She couldn't wait to leave this person's sight immediately.

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What's the matter with this person, isn't he just an ordinary villager? How can he have such sharp eyes? Could it be that he discover something?

Li Hehua was secretly shocked in her heart, but she still pretended to be calm, and said, “I'll leave now if there's nothing more.”

“Li Hehua, I'm warning you.
Don't play any tricks under my nose.
If you dare hurt Shulin again, I will let you taste what it means to regret.” The sharpness contained in these words is obvious.
Li Hehua believes that if she really dares to hurt the child in the slightest, this man will not let her go.
However, she was not the original owner and she never thought of hurting that little child.
She just wanted to be nice to that child, so what was she afraid of.

Li Hehua looked directly at the man in front of him fearlessly, “Don't worry, I don't have the intention to hurt Shulin.
I just want to be nice to him.”

However, Li Hehua's words attracted a cold snort from the man.
“Nice to him? With the treatment that you gave him before, now you want to be nice to him? Do you think anyone would believe what you are saying? Li Hehua, I don't care what idea you have in your mind but you should forget about it.
This is no longer a place where you can be wild.
I have given you a period of time to live here and I'm already being merciful.
Don't try to challenge my bottom line.”

Li Hehua said that she will be good to Shulin, but Zhang Tieshan didn't believe a word.
In the past few years, she could treat her own son so madly.
How could she have changed her mind in such a short period of time? He only knew that the nature of the country is easy to change, but the nature of this woman is vicious and dirty and it will never get better.
At least, she cannot be as good as she appears on the surface.

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He knew that the food for Shulin these two days was given by her, but he wouldn't believe that she was really being nice to Shulin.
This woman must be planning something.
He quietly observed for two days but he didn't see anything unusual.
This woman was more scheming and patient than he thought.

However, no matter what she wants to do, he won't let her get what she wants.
Appropriate warning is necessary.
(T/N: basically, what ZT doing right now is warning LH to prevent her from doing something bad.)

How could Li Hehua know Zhang Tieshan's inner thoughts? She was a little angry and aggrieved by his warning.
Didn't she just give the child something to eat and nothing else? What's the point of warning and reprimanding her like a criminal? But her reason also knew that this man regarded her and didn't know that she wasn't the original owner.

After all, it was the original owner's fault.
Her grievances were all caused by the original owner.

Li Hehua told herself not to be angry.
Don't get angry.
She then took a deep breath and said, “Whether you believe it or not, I really have nothing in mind.
If you are worried, just observe.
I won't do anything and will just make some food for the child to eat.” After speaking, she didn't wait any longer and directly went out.
Walking by the door, she added, “On the stovetop are the fried dumplings I made for the little guy.
It's up to you whether to give it or not.” After speaking, she entered the woodshed without looking back.

Sitting on the bed, Li Hehua lost her appetite and felt a little uncomfortable.
The feeling of having her deeds being interpreted as some kind of conspiracy by others was really uncomfortable.
Would she have to be seen by others with a tinted glasses in the future? Can't she just be herself? (T/N: looked at based on previous mistakes, not through the current her.

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Well, the original owner's sin is just too deep.
As long she's here, she will always be shrouded in the shadow of the original owner.
Don't even think about getting out of the shadow of the original owner.
Unless she is far away from here, away from everyone who knows her, then will everything become fair and square.
She can be herself openly whenever she likes.

It seems that it is really necessary to make money.
She must earn enough money quickly, go to town to buy a yard of her own, and then move out of here.

No, no, buying a yard is still far from reach.
Let's make money to rent a house first, and then slowly earn money to buy a yard.
With that, she can move out earlier.

Thinking of this, Li Hehua couldn't help cheering herself up.
She must work hard to make money.

There are still a few days before she can prepare the banquet for the Wang family.
She has nothing to do before that.
She can use these few days to find a way to make some money, otherwise, her pockets will be empty.

But what she do?

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In fact, she wanted to go to a restaurant to sell a recipe or something.
She believed that one recipe could help buy a yard, however, all of her recipes were unique to the Li family.
Their family motto is to never pass recipes to someone else or even buy or sell recipes.
Even if she is now in a different world, even if there was no one to supervise, she still didn't want to break this family motto.

So, she still need to think of another way.

Li Hehua was thinking about a solution while biting the steamed bun.
Suddenly, her eyes were fixed on the steamed bun in her hand, and an idea rose in her heart: Yes, she can make some novel and delicious pastries and sell them to the market.
People who come to the market and people who live in the town would buy it.
No matter what time or place, foods will never be unsold.

Li Hehua's eyes lit up.
She began to think carefully about what kind of cakes to make to attract guests.

After thinking about it for a long time, Li Hehua decided to make a red bean cake and then a chicken cake.
These pastries are very simple and do not require complicated machines.
They are delicious and can be made in the current kitchen conditions here.

Red bean cakes belong to Chinese-style pastries.
As long as they are delicious and slightly cheaper than those sold in pastry shops, she didn't have to worry that no one will buy it.
Chicken cake belongs to western-style pastries.
No one has seen it in this era, so it will most likely be able to attract guests.
She also didn't have to worry about it not being sold.

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