The sky turned a shade of grey, foretelling a downpour. The yet lingering scent of roses travelled from the Imperial Rose Garden up to the pavilion of pansy gardens by the Ivory palace.

A white rose adorning her dark hair—a thirteen year old blankly gazed at the blue pansies ahead. Bright turquoise eyes which once glimmered like the starry night, seemed to have lost their colour, a sense of gloom laid in every fragment of her body, and a deceased mothers last wish weighs her down heavily. She never wanted this.

A faint rustle and wisps of steadfast breaths could be heard from the outline of the deodar trees lining the field of wild pansies. It could be mistaken for the aftermath of a breeze but the young girl knew it was otherwise.

She faced the direction of the Imperial Palace, which lay to the west of the Ivory Palace. It would take about half an hour to reach the gates. She knew the Ivory palace was emptied before-handed and not one sword would heed her words.

I need to get out of here.

The water laden clouds above grumbled as the young girl picked up her peach-coloured evening gown, exposed her knees and frantically sprinted across the garden. Following pursuit, a series of rustling noises came from the shrubs and grasses, a few feet away.

They are fast.

With a flick of her finger, a small ball of light appeared out of thin air. It dispersed across the pansy field and created a mirage , thus hiding away the young girl headed to the castle walls.

Just a bit more.

She was just half-a-mile away from the small opening in the Eastern walls of the palace. It was just enough to let her squeeze herself out, but a grown man wouldn as much as get his upper body inside.

”Don let the Princess escape! ” a frantic cry came from behind.

A handful of masked men seemed to openly order the royal guards guarding the castle walls. The walls had a corridor atop where the guards, armed with bows and arrows, were meant to protect the castle from the intruders. But now their arrows were directed at the Crown Princess of the Kingdom.

The arrows were showered on to the petite little girl, who was ready for the attack. She cast a shield around her with the help of a young spirit she contracted just a day ago. Still unfamiliar with the flow of mana which drained out of her, she felt like her organs were being crushed from within. After surviving the first rain of weapons,she ran as fast as she could and reached the dog-hole. She hurriedly squeezed herself in, ripping apart her gown in the process.

As soon as she headed out, she was welcomed by another handful of skilled assassins, covered in black from head to toe. She knew she was about to reach the limit of complete exhaustion. She burst out for one last time, creating a thousand icicles which pierced through the assassins. Using the momentary opening, she escaped.

As she ran through the dense forest lining the Ivory castles walls, her legs gave out. She tumbled down a rather steep slope and laid limp on the forest floor. Her breaths were haggard while her mana was completely drained. But that still didn explain why she felt a greater loss. It was as though she knew, this was it. Her gaze fixed at the dark clouds above, she mumbled,

At the end, no one cares.

A blinding light screeched across the sky, with the thunder following soon after, it poured down heavily.

At the age of 13, the young Avalina Riverton, died an unprecedented death. Her cruel fate was to last longer, but her soul bid farewell. For a brief amount of time, not a breath was taken by the limp body, when all of a sudden it gasped for air and sat up straight. Neither the blood oozing out from her forehead, nor the mud-drenched hair could be washed away by the heavy rain.

”Where the hell am I? ”

”The Villainess is dead?! ”

A squeal was heard from the corner of the room.

As though struck by lightning, people jumped from their seats and took out their phones. The Villainess of the worlds most popular novel is no more!

”Who read it? Please explain! ”

A cry followed. The announcer was up on her feet again.

Tall, toned body of a skilled athlete, sharp features paired with dark hair and brown eyes, the Universitys Student Council President, Evelina Rogers narrated the gist of the shocking new update.

The period novel, Elisse, was trending in the #1 spot for nearly half-a-year now because of its mysterious plot and unknown Villainess. The latest mass-update not only revealed the Villainess but as well had her killed! The most shocking discovery was that the villainess w

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