Chapter 3: My Brother Came

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My brother came.


“Are you doing okay?”

“Nii-sama! What happened with the engagement!?”


I quickly drew closer to look my brother in the face.


“Prince Clark won’t cancel it.”

“Haa!? But he did that time…”

“Try to remember it properly, Leticia.
Did Prince Clark clearly say he’ll break off the engagement?”



I thought back to the time that my brother was talking about.

He brought along Burikko and said ‘I can’t escort you today,’ then I asked, ‘Then that would mean the engagement…?’ When I asked that, he said– Hmm?


“He didn’t say he’ll break it off…”

“That’s right.”

“But what does this mean!?”

“His Highness never planned on breaking it off from the beginning.”


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Then why did he start off by saying he’ll escort Burikko?


“It looked like he wanted you to burn with jealousy.”


“It means he wanted you to be jealous.”

“No, it’s not because I don’t know the meaning of jealousy.”


I replied to my brother who rephrased his words as he grinned.


“It seems like His Highness likes you.”

“He definitely said that yesterday…”

“Because you won’t look at him on your own, he tested you.”

“Even so, I still haven’t really looked at that person.”


I had no ounce of interest, that’s why.


“Looks like it.
But seems like for the first time, you properly looked him face-to-face, and that made him really happy.”


Was it yesterday at the river? It’s true that I haven’t looked at him head-on until now.
Since I didn’t want to get married.


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“Since he created a chance to get you to do so, I’d like it if you guys got married.
It’s just that because you went back to one of our territories, he’s now taking action and preparing something with a sense of urgency.”

“What’s he preparing?”

“The wedding.”



I held my head in my hands as I shouted in despair.
This is the worst plot twist.
Even though I thought I managed to escape!

If it stays like this, my life will go back to when I couldn’t fish, sprawl on the grass, or run around.


“Nii-sama, help me out!”

“It’s no use.”

“There must be something!”

“It’s no use.”



My brother looked at me gleefully as I screamed.
This development is something my brother wanted, having a connection with the Royal Family and getting ahead in life has been his dream from  way back then.


“Excuse me… Please stop carelessly ignoring me.”


A female voice said as I was grief-stricken.
I looked in the direction of the voice, and behind my brother was a woman.


“Ah, I forgot.
I brought her along since she wanted to meet you.”

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“Like hell you normally forget that!”


I recognized the woman snapping at my brother.


“Bri…Bri… Burikko-san!”

“It’s Brianna!”


She firmly tells me her name, doesn’t look like she’s the type that butters up to someone without first looking at the situation.


There’s no angry feel to you today.”


“Are you quitting, Burikko?”

“I quit already!”


Eh, she did?

I was surprised, and then Burikko continued.


“I was approached by the prince and figured it’d be okay since the prince is madly in love with you.
I was just a test*.
We’re not messing around!”


She clenched her fists.


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“Even so, as punishment for creating a scandal, I was forced to do the princess training for some reason! I didn’t know what you were going on about or how harsh it really was! Even just for yawning, I’m scolded everyday, what’s with that!? Yawning is something that humans do!”

“They do.”

“I knew if it was you, you’d understand!”


As she agreed, she grasped my hand.
Are we comrades now?


“You’re amazing.
You endured that for ten years? I could never.
I gave up in half a month.”

“Don’t give up, and give it one final push!”

“It’s impossible!”

“If you do, you’ll become queen!”

“I definitely can’t! Because the prince declared that he definitely won’t bear any children if he marries anyone aside from you.”


Wh-What did you say!?

I looked at my brother, and he laughed happily.


“Looks like His Highness isn’t interested in marrying anyone aside from you.
Just give up.”



Give me back my peaceful life!

*She actually said stalking horse, but I never really knew what that meant until I started reading LNs/WNs, so I just rephrased.

If there’s any mistakes, please do let me know.

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