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Because of our conversation during the day, I felt gloomy.

I shook my head, ‘I can’t be like this.’

The day had already ended, and Maria wasn’t in the room anymore.
A night, all by myself.
No nuisances.

Since that’s the case, I decided that there was only one thing I could do.

“Let’s see, I’ll go look for a hidden door to snap myself out of this!”

I know the location of this room within the castle.
It’s only natural since I wasn’t blindfolded when I was brought here.

And I roughly knew the structure of the castle.
Sorry to disappoint, but the Royal Family has no secret places.
Coincidentally, it seems that this room is a secret room, and nowhere on the map did it indicate what type of room this was.
It was just disguised as storage.

But the room beside this one is different.
The room next door should have a secret door that leads to this storeroom.

In other words, if the other side has a secret door, I should be able to enter it from here as well.

“Hehehehe, don’t look down on me!”

Being confined next to such a room, it’s like you’re asking me to escape.

Now, beloved door-chan, I wonder where you are.

Despite wandering and searching for it aimlessly, I couldn’t find it.
That’s to be expected.
It is a secret door.

Let’s first try to crawl on the floor to examine it.

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I found a small door on the floor!

It’s a little heavy, but with a little bit of elbow grease, I managed to open it.

“…It’s just an underground storage.”

Don’t make something so convenient in the room I’m confined in!

I closed the door as I lamented.

“After that is…”

I looked around restlessly.
If we’re talking about things that’re suspicious…

“That’d be the bookshelves, huh?”

I went towards the bookshelves as I murmured that.

Bookshelves by the wall should have a secret door.
Looking at it, it looks suspicious.

And the books on the bookshelves look very suspicious as well.

“Though it’s only beautiful, love stories.”

Is this because of the prince? I don’t like romance novels.
Does he want me to read this and study hard? To have me awaken to feelings of love?

Clearly understanding his intentions, I was frustrated with them, and I didn’t read any of the books here, not even once.
I’m never going to read one after this either.

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Just like that, I thought that the bookshelves would move, but they didn’t.
That’s to be expected.

“It probably has a mechanism to it.”

I examined the bookshelves, looking for the mechanism.
Though from the titles of the books, there was nothing here except romance.

I felt unpleasant, but I have to check.

I confirmed the titles, one by one.


There’s one book that’s different from the rest.
Without thinking about it, I said the title of that book.

“Prince Clark’s Diary…”

Ah, it’s probably that dangerous guy’s.

Despite thinking that I should ignore it, it hatefully caught my eye.

Should I take a peek, a little bit, just a tiny bit…?

I picked up the book, thinking it might have weakly caught onto something.



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When I unconsciously spoke, the bookshelf moved to the side for a moment.
And just like that, what came into view was the next room.

What is this, such a cool mechanism!

I threw the book I had in hand towards the next room while feeling slightly amazed.

The pressure lifted from my chest as I dived into the next room.


Feeling like the protagonist of an adventure story is fun.
Me, you’re so amazing to find a secret door!

While I was celebrating, I looked towards the room’s door to quickly leave and froze.


The prince smiled as he stood in front of the door.

“Hey there, Letty.
Took you longer than I expected.”

Clark-sama stepped towards me.

I moved back for every step closer that Clark-sama took.

“Isn’t it too mean of you to throw away my diary?”

He picked up the book I had thrown away as he moved towards me.

“Wh-why is Clark-sama here?”

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“Isn’t it obvious? It’s cause I know that Leticia would definitely think of using this secret door.”

Ahhhhhhhhh, scary, scary!

I felt fear as Clark-sama gradually came closer.

“Isn’t it the best when my cute Leticia comes to me of her own will? That’s why I specifically moved to this room.”

Looking at the room, I could definitely see a bed and a table.

And then finally, with a bam, I was cornered into the wall.

As Clark-sama cornered me into the wall, he took one of the books from the bookshelves from this side.

The bookshelf closed quietly.

He cut off my retreat!

Clark-sama whispered into my ears as my face turned ghastly.

“Come, Letty, the night is long, right?”

Right now is probably the biggest crisis in Leticia’s, the Duke’s daughter, life!

That’s all I’m gonna say.

Also, schedule for this series has changed.
It’s now every Thursday and Sunday @ 11AM PST.

E/N: In hindsight, the trap was kind of obvious when she conveniently found Clark’s diary of all things on a bookshelf of romance novels.
You would think Leticia would figure out most of her escape attempts would be failures by this point.

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