Chapter 4 Part 1

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Soon, feathery clouds floated over and covered the sunny sky temporarily.
It became foggy around them, there was a good chance that it was going to rain. 

Although Lu Chenfeng controlled his expressions quickly, Lin Chaosheng still caught the panic that flashed across his eyes. 

It was an inappropriate topic.
Lin Chaosheng immediately regretted his question as he closed the notebook.
He could feel Lu Chenfeng’s gloomy mood yesterday and although he didn’t know why, the conversation they were having in the moment clearly made Lu Chenfeng feel less comfortable; it was his negligence. 

“Erhai Lake’s weather can change unpredictably, sometimes we get sunshowers too.
Although it’s not the rainy season yet, remember to bring an umbrella if you are going out today.” 

A corner of the notebook hit the table lightly and Lin Chaosheng used his action and language to shift Lu Chenfeng’s attention.
Lu Chenfeng followed his hand as he put the notebook back, and he continued, “You can read anything you like from these shelves, don’t be so tense, Mr.
Lu, you can relax more.” 

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Beautiful Dusk started its business at seven in the morning.
Jian Yi wandered to the counter with widened eyes and turned on the computer.
He sat in his spot, letting his eyelids fight themselves to open.
He yawned and the crisp sounds of the wind chimes sounded when he was about to take a small nap.
He immediately stood up straightforwardly and pulled a standard smile out of reflex, “Hello, welcome!” 

Jian Yi looked at the door and it was Lu Chenfeng, he was only wearing a thin wind coat outside his shirt.
Jian Yi sniffed; there was an extremely light smell of cigarette that came into the room along with the cold air. 

“Good morning, Mr.
Lu,” Jian Yi politely greeted the guest, “Breakfast starts at eight, would you like to eat in your room?” 

Lu Chenfeng didn’t have any ideas and nodded, “Sure.” 

“I’ll bring it up for you later,” Jian Yi saw that he didn’t stop and quickly reported the breakfast menu, “We have noodles with tomato soup, stir fried minced meat with rice cakes, and steamed egg with rose.
Is there anything you don’t eat?” 

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Lu Chenfeng took out the coat and his voice disappeared at the entrance of the corridor, “No, thank you.” 

He returned to his room and took a hot shower, wrapped himself in the bathroom the guest house provided and wiped the dripping water on his hair with a towel.
He heard the melodies from this morning again in the quietness, it was much clearer than before.
He remembered one of the lyrics, “I gift you the furthest clouds in the sky”. 

A knock on the door broke the silence, it was Jian Yi bringing breakfast.
Lu Chenfeng thanked him and brought it to the balcony.
The song drifted further away, only the vast stretch of fogginess and shadows remained. 

After breakfast, Lu Chenfeng decided to go out.
He had half a day left till he was leaving Shuanglang and even though his mood was like the weather outside, he should still try to visit the tourist spots. 

He left the guest house and walked through the empty streets.
He went a long way before he remembered that he forgot to bring an umbrella, but he didn’t mind it.
Lu Chenfeng put his hands in his pocket and walked along the streets he walked yesterday, and the scenery looked different. 

He suddenly stopped in front of a bush of blooming flowers and looked down surprisingly.
He remembered his place, and it was clear in his mind – Lin Chaosheng was observing the flowers here. 

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Lu Chenfeng leaned down slightly and looked at the vivid colors, the different shapes of flowers and the different highs and lows, but nothing could interest him. 

Lu Chenfeng walked along the path amongst the bushes of flowers to the narrow dock and rested on the bench until his legs were sore and his back heated up. 

He lit a cigarette and smoked it without tasting it.
Lush green canna blocked half of the path and he was the only one there because of the poor view. 

He first stared at the smoke that disappeared into the air for half a minute, and followed the flying bees, eventually fixed his gaze on a ladybug that climbed onto his knee.
The cigarette was extinguished, and it was quiet.
He sat there with the ladybug in coexistence peacefully without disturbing each other. 

He wanted to be alone the more frustrated he felt.
Lu Chenfeng left his life with people because he was afraid of their good intentions.
He felt stressed at the comforts he received, and he didn’t know how to respond to it.
It was impossible to feel the exact negative emotions others had, and that was why Lu Chenfeng didn’t want to speak about it with the others. 

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But the more time he spent alone, the emptier he felt, the more he pitied himself.
The cold waters of reality poured on him and extinguished his passion, and he couldn’t even keep the smallest fire aflame. 

Lu Chenfeng put the cigarette butt in his pocket and waited for the ladybug to fly away before standing by the end of the dock.
He ignored the danger and stepped onto the edge, one more step forward and he would fall into the waters. 

He took out his phone and called his best friend, but still, no one picked up. 

Cloud gathered above his head and the rain that held up all morning finally fell down.
The result of spending time alone was dismay, frustration and disappointment which were even harder to break away from.
Lu Chenfeng was as gloomy as the clouds, he felt as if he accidentally sank into the swamp, but he sank deeper the more he tried to struggle. 

“Ding– –”

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