Lin Chaosheng threw the shuttlecock in the air and caught it again steadily, “Xiao Gu.” 

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“Lin Chaosheng!” A chubby boy dressed in Bai ethnic group’s traditional clothing ran at them from a group of children across from them and yelled while sweating, “Are you here to buy mushrooms from my grandma?” 

Lin Chaosheng corrected him seriously, “You have to call me older brother.” 

“No way,” Xiao Gu wiped his forehead with his sleeves.
His cheeks were blushing red from exercise, and he panted, “A real man never easily admits other people as their older brother!” 

“Good, having integrity is good.” Lin Chaosheng put the bags in the bike’s basket and pulled up his sleeves pretentiously.
He moved his shoulders and cracked them loudly, then he crossed his arms and provoked the boy, “Let’s have a bet.
If I win, you have to call me older brother in the future.” 

Xiao Gu brushed the dirt off his clothes and raised his buzz cut head, “If I win, you have to give me 50 yuan pocket money!” 

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Lin Chaosheng high-fived him, “Deal.” 

Lu Chenfeng was amused by Lin Chaosheng’s bluff.
Before he could smile, a few chicken feathers abruptly appeared in front of him.
He looked up and Lin Chaosheng was smirking at him. 

Lu Chenfeng blinked blankly for a few seconds.
He took the shuttlecock, and he couldn’t stop himself from asking, “……Me?” 

Chapter 5 Part 2

Lu Chenfeng blinked blankly for a few seconds.
He took the shuttlecock, and he couldn’t stop himself from asking, “……Me?” 

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Lin Chaosheng nodded solemnly and confessed, “I don’t know how to play it.” 

Lu Chenfeng: “……” So, what you did just then was just trying to make yourself look cool? 

he moved into the area that the children drew on the ground.
The requirement was to keep the shuttlecock inside the circle, the best of six out of eleven rounds.
Lu Chenfeng gave it a try in his spot and won in scissors, paper, and rock to go first.
He considered that he was versing an underage child and kicked it lightly over to Xiao Gu. 

He lost miserably in round one and two. 

It was Lu Chenfeng’s personality that once he focused on doing something, it would provoke his desire to win.
He realized that he shouldn’t look down on his opponent.
Although Xiao Gu was chubby, he was flexible, and he was better at it. 

Lu Chenfeng tensed up as he concentrated highly for the next few rounds.
He was overcautious in the first few rounds but relaxed as he played more. 

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It dramatically proceeded to a five to five.
It was a simple game, but Lu Chenfeng treated it seriously.
Before the key round started, he took off his coat and passed it to Lin Chaosheng, who was watching the game while sitting on the step outside the circle.
Lu Chenfeng unbuttoned his sleeves and rolled it up before waving his arm once at Xiao Gu. 

Dark clouds disappeared and sun sprinkled down at the street’s crossing, creating faint shadows and lights on the brick walls.
They kicked over twenty rounds until Lu Chenfeng failed to control his strength and the shuttlecock flew outside the circle.
Xiao Gu won the game. 

Lu Chenfeng put both hands on his knees and panted lightly as the children chirped, he raised an arm and wiped off the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand.
He tilted his head without noticing and saw Lin Chaosheng smiling at him while resting his chin in his hand.
He sat under the sunlight, and his eyes were smiling brightly. 

Xiao Gu panted and opened his hands in front of Lin Chaosheng while yelling loudly, “50 yuan!” 

Lin Chaosheng folded the money and put it in Xiao Gu’s hands while smiling and urged, “Money is hard to come by, make sure to use it right.” 

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Lu Chenfeng draped his coat on his arm.
He bid farewell to the children and walked along with Lin Chaosheng back to where they came from.
Although the game was just an unexpected little incident, he hasn’t felt so relaxed in a long time. 

The market started closing, and they walked through the alley back to Huanhai Road.
Lu Chenfeng pondered for a while and spoke up unnaturally, “I’m sorry.” 

They both were still wearing the straw hats because of the sun.
Lin Chaosheng heard him and looked up, “For what?” 

Lu Chenfeng, “I made you lose 50 yuan.” 

Lin Chaosheng turned back to look at the front and laughed, “Don’t be pressured, I didn’t need those 50 yuan anyways.” 

The sky was blue, clouds and mists lingered by the mountains as the mountains looked like they had white hair looking from a distance.
Bushes of flowers bloomed in the wind, and there was something Lin Chaosheng couldn’t say.
He silently said it in his heart: I gained from that, really.

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