The Last Avatar

Orphan or Refugee,what I\'m I?

Kayne puts the last rock on the grave.Lrosa died in her sleep.Its seem her body couldn stand the toils of her mind.The trauma of losing her kids and her only children.

Kayne sat next to her body throughtout the night weeping.His will of arrogance lost to his emotions.Lost guard to sadness leaving our protagonist to tears crying like a baby,louder than trumpet,all over Lrosa.

He was lost in thoughts,lost in ambitions with no motive to live.

”How could this happen?.You were alright,how could you!! ”he wailed.

With no guardian to look up to.No one to trust he felt alone and sad.He sat in a dark pit he dug to wait for death and escape loneliness as the dawn breaks in.The sun rises and the light stabs his eyes even though they are shut illuminating the pit.

With these feelings he wouldn mind the loud rumbling of his stomach.He would sit still till hunger hails death passing by towards him.


The ground shook with sounds of heavy vehicle approaching.This alerted him.He peeked up to see what it was.

Three heavy duty trucks with cranes had commenced clearing the swamp.Digging,cutting and paving through it.Kayne stared for a while and lowered back into the hole to think.He wouldn care if it killed him.

Then it hit him,he had figured that Lrosas grave was also in the way.And they would drive over her without noticing if not stopped.He earth bender grounded himself up..out of the hole and started sprinting towards the men and the vehicles.

”Hey stop!! ” he lifted his arms to make his existence noticeable.

But he was too small and short compared to the trucks for whicb the drivers couldn see him down there.So they drove still,moving forward right into Kayne weak body playing a pathetic role as a barricade.

He run away to the grave and calculated the truck would run their direction.He decided to hatch a plan.

”Im really glad for the assistance miss Asami,the city would be gratefull for you help. ”said Tenzin.

”Dont thank me for this.This city is my home and will be glad to do this,besides the idea was yours. ”Asami replied.

”Korra had a hard time clearing these veins the last time.I wouldn bother her rest after stopping Kuvira. ”said Tenzin.

”I hope she gains energy soon. She will help me build this city into a beautiful paradise ”.said Asami.


”Why did the vehicles stop ”asked Asami.

Tenzin ran into the swamp.Asami tails him.They stop to watch the other vehicles driving towards the boy in rugs.

”Who is that boy? Somebody get him out of way.Tenzin bellowed.

Kayn stands with both arms up and his eyes clothes hoping the vehicle stops.He opens his eye.

”What Im I doing,how did I become so weak? ”

he asked himself.

He fixes a firm stance.He stomps his feet and moves the land under the wheels of the truck,rolling it to the side with an elevation of the earth.He does the same to the rest and start to bend average size pebbles,tossing and raining them all over the drivers windshields.The drivers are forced to come out as the others run off,the remaining stood to stare at the situation and gets pissed at Kayne behaviour.


Two men are intimidated and start to firebend at Kayne.He rolled away and sheilds with a mud wall.The men starts to shoot flames at him constantly in a spray.

”I can move,how did I get so tired. ”Kayne said to himself.He jumps into his pit close by and start an earth dance.

”Stop!! ”keened Tenzin.

The men stopped shooting fire as Tenzin ran pass them to the wall to see who the boy was hiding behind it.He noticed the hole but found no one behind the wall and in the pit.He slowly took a peek inside of it.In it he saw and a tiny tunnel dug at the side.

He lifted his eyebrows in question.He felt the ground rumbling and shaking.


The ground cracked and broke open.Tenzin blew himself away into the air and landed right next to the men.Asami joined them.

A boulder rose up out of the ground,floating in the air with a boy under it who seemed to the earth bender responsible for the phenomenon.


”Who is that? ”Tenzin asked.

The Kayne face was covered with his hair with his head looking down.He used his strength and pushed away the boulder towards the direction off vehicles.Tenzin and the men where in the way.

”Look out ”screamed a man.

They all fell to the ground to escape the boulder flying right accros them.Asami opened up her eyes to see a truck completely crushed.


”No!! ”she cried and ran to it.

The bills for the damage ran through her head.The other men ran to her to assist her.Tenzin turned to see that Kayne was gone.He followed the path he assumed he took and caught a glimpse of him running into the swamp.He looked below him and saw a graveyard,turned and look back at the way Kayne took and realized what he was protecting.

”That boy need help ”said Tenzin.

Meanwhile at the Republic city police.Lin Beifong just captured a group of thugs.She returned to her squad mate on a roof.They had completed a floating metal prison for serious cases from serious criminals.And Kuvira was being held there.She returned to her desk and Tenzin walks in.

”Hello Lin ”he greets.

”Why did u come?You know Im busy right now ”she said stressed.

”I came to check on you..nothing serious though ”said Tenzin.

”Im fine,we don torture ourselves Tenzin.Im sure you know that. ”she said.

”I didn say anything of that sought.Sorry if it seemed like it. ”said Tenzin.

”I heard you are clearing the the spirit veins in around the city.You understand not every one in this is a fan of ghosts roaming around ”said Lin.

”Thats not what I came to talk about ”said Tenzin.

”Our men,Asami and I were attacked by someone,an earth bender.He destroyed one of Asamis trucks with boulder. ”Tenzin continues.

I tried to find out who he was and it turned out he was a boy but didn see his face ”.he said.

”Did you get him? ”asked Lin.

”No he ran off,but he was protecting something,a graveyard. Probably a lost relative. ”he said.

”Well my condolences to him but he must be arrested for destroying a property.My men will join you tomorrow to catch him if he shows up again. ”Lin affirmed

”Ill send my men to this site of yours to pick some evidence that will help us teach him.Lets hope he is not another denizen causing all that trouble as a protest for their lost properties during the destruction ”she added.

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