After saying goodbye to Guldo-san, I returned to Little Bear Inn.
As I was about to climb the stairs, Amelda called out to me that dinner would be ready soon, so I decided to wait for it in the dining room.
As I sat at a window seat, gazing absent-mindedly, a girl suddenly popped her face out from across the table.

“Hey, are you the kid Guldo-san brought here?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s me…,” surprised by the question, I answered, and the girl sat down on the chair facing me, staring at me intently.

“Oh wow, we seem to be around the same age… Oh, I’m Anna.
You can call me Anna-chan if you like.
So, what’s your name?”

“I’m Lark.
Nice to meet you, Anna-san.”

Upon hearing my response, the girl puffed out her cheeks.
“No honorifics or formal language! Just call me Anna-chan.”

“O-Okay, nice to meet you, Anna-chan.”

“Yep, that’s better!”

At that moment, Amelda appeared with dinner.
“Oh, Anna, you’re back! You washed your hands, right?”

“Ah, no, not yet!” Anna-chan jumped up energetically and ran out of the dining room.

While I was wondering what was going on, Amelda introduced her to me as her and Datz’s daughter and asked me to get along with her.

“Oh, I see.
She’s a lively child.”

After chatting with Amelda, Anna-chan came back, and we had dinner together.
It was delicious.
After returning the empty dishes to the return space, I went back to my room to prepare for bed.
That’s when I remembered something.

“When I think about it, this inn doesn’t have a bath or shower.
I can wash away my sweat by drawing water from the well in the backyard, but…”

As a Japanese person, I wanted to take a bath, but when I asked Amelda during the room tour, she said that in this world, only noble houses have such facilities.
Regular people just wash their sweat away with water or wipe it off with a damp towel.
I can’t help it now, but if I get the chance, I’d like to take a hot bath. Since I didn’t sweat much today, I decided to go to bed without washing.
I changed into the clothes Guldo-san had bought me, prayed to Samady, and lay down on the bed to sleep.

The next morning, I decided to check my status to see if there were any changes.
When I used my ‘Appraising Eye’ skill to appraise myself, a screen appeared in front of me displaying my current status:

[Name] Lark

[Age] 10

[Race] Human

[Gender] Male

[Status] Healthy

[Level] 1

[SP] 0

[Strength] 103

[Mana] 109

[Dexterity] 100

[Agility] 100

[Luck] 51

[Skills] Cooking: 3, Useful Box: 1, Daily Life Magic: 1, Appraising Eye: 1, Short Sword Technique: 1, Mana Control: 1, Poison Resistance: 1, Mental Resistance: 3, Hunger Resistance: 1, Fire Magic: 2, Wind Magic: 1 (NEW), Water Magic: 1 (NEW), Earth Magic: 1, Light Magic: 1 , Dark Magic: 1, Thunder Magic: 1, Ice Magic: 1, Holy Magic: 1 , Null Magic: 1

[Special Abilities] Enhanced Memory Capacity, World Language, EXP Amplification: 10x, God’s Veil

[Blessings] Samadyla’s Protection, Magilt’s Protection

[Title] The Reincarnated, The God’s Host, The Blessed, The Abandoned Child, Nameless

“Oh, my strength has increased a bit.
And, it seems like I’ve received some new blessings too.” I was surprised to find out that I could receive blessings from gods other than Samadyla. Did one of the gods who were watching over me in the Divine Realm decide to lend me their strength? I immediately used my ‘Appraising Eye’ skill to check the details of the new blessings:

[Blessing of Magilt]

A blessing from the god Magilt.
It increases the power of attribute magic and reduces the amount of magic power consumed.

“I didn’t know that blessings had different effects depending on the god…”

It seemed like the new blessing would support me in battle.
Feeling grateful towards Magilt-san, I left my room and headed to the backyard of the inn.

“Ah, this feels great!” I stretched my arms out after taking my clothes off and took a shower using water magic instead of the water from the well.
I felt like the water I made with magic was cleaner.

After drying myself with a towel I had brought from my room, I threw the clothes and underwear I wore yesterday into a bucket next to the well and used magic to fill it with water.
As I was about to hand-wash the dirty clothes, I had a great idea.

“Ah, if I use wind magic, I can wash them like a washing machine!”

Without hesitation, I placed both hands over the bucket and activated my wind attribute magic.
As a result, a current was created in the water by the wind, causing the clothes to spin around in the water.

“Wow, it worked! This is so convenient!”

I continued washing the clothes while adjusting the strength and direction of the wind, just like a real washing machine.
Since I could use magic to add new water whenever the old water became dirty, there was no need to draw water from the well. Magic is truly convenient. After finishing washing the clothes and underwear, I stored them in ‘Useful box’ and returned inside.

On my way back to my room, I ran into Amelda-san.

“Good morning, Lark-kun.
You’re an early riser,” she said.

“Oh, good morning.
What do you mean by ‘Lark-kun’?”

“Anna tends to oversleep.
She’s the daughter of the innkeeper, but she’s not a morning person…*sigh*…I’m worried about whether she’ll be able to take over the inn in the future.” With a sigh, Amelda-san hurriedly left.

Once I returned to my room, I hung my clothes on the balcony and did some muscle training, such as push-ups and sit-ups, until it was time for breakfast.
The more I trained, the more my status improved, which kept me motivated.
After about thirty minutes of training, it was time for breakfast, so I headed to the dining room.
There were many other guests who I hadn’t met yesterday.
Some looked strict, and others had sharp eyes, but when I talked to them, they were all friendly.
While I was chatting with the other guests, Amelda-san and Datz-san brought us breakfast.

“Ahahaha, Lark-kun, you’re popular,” Amelda-san laughed.

“D-did I do something?” I was puzzled by her cheerful laughter.

“Everyone thinks you’re unusual.
Besides, compared to Guldo-san, who’s often feared for his appearance, you’re not so bad.
They’re probably happy that Lark can talk to them normally,” Datz-san patted my shoulder and said.
“Isn’t that, right?” Datz-san asked the other guests.
They all chuckled and nodded in agreement.
We all had breakfast together at a big table, and it was lively and very enjoyable.

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