Several days after cleaning up Fia’s room, a full set of school uniforms and textbooks arrived from the school.
The day of my transfer was getting closer.

The uniform had a chic design with black as the base color.
The textbooks were easy to understand and well-organized, and the content was interesting.
I ended up spending a whole day reading them.

Additionally, a letter was also included.
It seemed that I had passed as the top student, and I was supposed to give a speech at the opening ceremony.
The speech was already written in the letter.
If this letter had arrived, it meant that I would be transferring to the same highest level class as Lia.
Originally, my goal was to be in the same class as Lia, so it was good that I achieved it.

The morning after the uniform arrived, I saw off father who was heading to the guild for work and had breakfast at home.
Then, the doorbell rang.

When I opened the front door, Doldos was standing there.

“Oh, Doldos-san, what’s up?”

“Hey, Lark is going to school soon, right? I brought a congratulatory gift.
One is from me and the other is from Amelda-san’s family.
Please accept them.”

Saying that, he handed me two bags.

“Wow, thank you very much!”

I received the bags and immediately peeked inside.
The one from Amelda was a pen case.

I’ll go to the inn to thank her next time.

The one from Doldos and the others was a children’s robe, the type that adventurers often wear.

“Wow…! Thank you so much! I’ll use it carefully.”

When I thanked him, Doldos looked embarrassed and said, “When things settle down at school, you’ll start moving as a full-fledged adventurer, right? I thought you should have a robe or something.”

Doldos then left while still looking a little shy.


Finally, the day of the school’s opening ceremony has arrived.
I am currently wearing my uniform and have arrived at the school.

“Let’s see, if I remember correctly, I am in Class A…”

In the school, classes are divided alphabetically based on the level of students.
When I entered the classroom of Class A, there were already some children inside, and among them was Lia.

As soon as she spotted me, she came running over with energy.

“Ah, Lark-kun!”

“Good morning, Lia-chan.”

After exchanging greetings, I asked her about the schedule for the day.
For the time being, it seems we just have to wait in the classroom until the teacher arrives.
As I was waiting in a random seat, the door of the classroom opened, and a girl entered and called out to Lia.

“Ah, Lia-chan!”


It seems like Lia-chan’s friend.

Sara stared at me intently as she stood next to Lia. Should I introduce myself? just as I was thinking this, the girl introduced herself first.

“Nice to meet you.
I’m Sara.
You are Lark-kun, right?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, that’s right… but how do you know my name?”

When I asked in surprise, she explained the situation.
Apparently, she had been hearing about me from Lia for a while now.

“I see, that’s how you knew my name.”

“Yeah, nice to meet you.”

From there, the three of us had a pleasant conversation until the opening ceremony began.
About thirty minutes later, the teacher entered the classroom.
It seemed we would soon be moving to the venue.
The teacher called out the names of the students while looking at the class roster.
After confirming that everyone was present, the teacher instructed us to move to the venue.

The students left the classroom one by one.
However, when I tried to follow, the teacher stopped me.
Since I was the representative for the speech, I had to go to the venue at a different time from everyone else.

So, I headed to the venue a little later than everyone else.
When I arrived, many students were already seated in chairs.
As soon as the teacher signaled, I moved to the podium and recited the words I had memorized.
After somehow managing to finish the representative speech, I returned to where Class A was.

“Good job, Lark-kun.”

“Good job, Lark-kun.
Your speech was really cool.”

“Thank you, both of you.”

By chance, Sara and Lia were sitting in the seats on either side of me, and they offered me words of encouragement.
Afterward, the opening ceremony ended without incident, and we returned to the classroom.
I was sitting in the back seat, staring off into space when Lia and Sara approached me.

Lia then started the conversation, “Speaking of which, Lark-kun, my older brother told me that you received permission from Guldo-san to leave the capital.
Is that true?”

“Yeah, but only after things calm down at the academy.
It was a bit sudden, so it surprised me.”

“In that case, why don’t we all go out and explore the city together next time?”

Lia said this, with Sara jumping on board, “I want to come too.”

“That’s fine, but aren’t there monsters outside? Isn’t it dangerous for you guys?”

To my question, Lia answered, “Oh, I forgot to mention it.
Even though I may not look it, I’m quite skilled in magic.
Especially with light attribute magic, my level is 4.”


Level 4, that’s ridiculously amazing.

Following Lia, Sara also spoke up, “My level for water attribute magic is also 4.”

“Both of you are amazing.
But why are your levels so high?”

“We receive blessings from the gods.
In my case, it’s for light attribute magic, and for Sara-chan, it’s for water attribute.”

I see, so there are people in this world who, like me, receive blessings from the gods.
That’s why their skill levels are so high.

As I was convinced of their strength, a familiar male teacher entered the room.
‘I think his name was… Karl-san.
He was the one who supervised the written entrance exam.’

Upon seeing Karl, Lia and Sara returned to their seats.

Karl stood in front of the lectern and began to speak, “Good morning.
Congratulations on the opening ceremony.
My name is Karl and I will be your homeroom teacher.
I will be teaching practical magic and magic theory, so please take care of me.
Also, let me introduce the assistant teacher for this class.”

As Karl spoke, the door opened vigorously, and in came Maurice, who was in charge of the interpersonal exams.
After Morris briefly introduced himself, Karl instructed us to introduce ourselves.
The student sitting at the front right of the classroom stood up.
He was a timid-looking boy with animal ears.

“Um…my name is Leon.
As you can see, I am a beastman.
Nice to meet you.”

Leon introduced himself shyly and sat back down.
Next, a girl with black hair sitting behind Leon stood up.
“My name is Kagura.
I was born in a place far away from this country, so my name is a little different.
Please be kind to me.”

After Kagura, a cute girl introduced herself, “I’m Melria Luvell.
I’m good at holy magic.”

Then a rough-looking boy standing at the back stood up.
“I’m Dolan.
It may not be obvious from my appearance, but I’m a dragonewt.
I’m not very good at magic, but I’m good with a sword.”

‘Wow, that boy is a dragonewt.
I’ve read about a race that inherited both dragon and human blood in books, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen one.’

Self-introductions continued one after another.
It seemed like I would be the last one to introduce myself.
The rich-looking boy in front of me stood up.

“I’m Roeck Dursley.
I’m the son of the chairman of the Dursley Company.
Nice to meet you.”

‘The Dursley Company is one of the leading companies in the capital, right? There really are all kinds of children here.’

Impressed, I stood up and introduced myself, “My name is Lark Voltoris.
Nice to meet you.”

With a simple introduction of my name and a brief greeting, I sat back down.
Karl then spoke again, “Thank you very much.
Now, let me introduce the school facilities for the transfer students.
Transfer students, please move outside the classroom.”

Following Karl’s instructions, several students, including me, formed a line and left the classroom.
I was at the end of the line.

While being shown around places like the library and break room, I felt an unnatural gaze from behind me.
When I turned around, I saw teacher assistant Maurice staring intently at me.

“Um…Maurice-sensei, do you need something?”

“Huh? Oh no, it’s nothing.
I was just making sure Lark and the others didn’t wander off.”

“I see, understood.”

As I turned to face forward, Maurice firmly grabbed my shoulder, “Wait a sec.”

“Oh, is there something else you needed?”

“Um…well, it’s nothing.
I was just wondering if…he’s doing okay?”

‘He’…is he talking about father?’

“If you mean my father, he’s doing fine.
Should I tell him you want to see him?”

“N-No, that’s not necessary.”

Despite what he said, it seemed like Maurice was still worried.
They were party members together, so there must be something he was thinking about.

“Maurice-sensei, if you’re really that worried about my father-in-law, why don’t you go visit him yourself?”

“I-I know that.
But when he fought against the dragon alone, I couldn’t help him with his strength…I don’t think I have the right to see him…”

“Father doesn’t hold any grudges against anyone for what happened during that incident.
While it’s true that there was some tension between him and the guild adventurers at the time, he gets along well with Doldos-san and the others now.”

“Doldos and him…?”

“That’s why I think you should try to gather the courage to talk to my father yourself.”


Maurice fell silent and looked down as if pondering something.
He seemed to have something on his mind, so I decided to stop interfering.
Afterwards, the facility tour ended and we all went our separate ways for the day.

‘I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s classes.’

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