Having finished buying everything necessary, I left the commercial district and headed towards father’s house, sticking closely behind him and feeling nervous.
After walking for about ten minutes, father suddenly stopped.

“Alright, we’re here,” he said.

“Huh?” I responded in confusion.

He pointed to a building that was about three times larger than the surrounding houses.
As I stood there dumbfounded, father asked me in a puzzled tone, “What’s wrong?”

“Um, didn’t you say you were living alone, Father?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he replied.

“So, you live alone in this big house?” I asked, surprised.

“Ah, so that’s why you were surprised.
There’s a reason for it though…”

Father finally seemed to understand my reaction, and explained to me why he ended up living in such a big house.
First of all, it seems that the house father bought was a normal, small house.
At the time, father had a low adventurer rank, but he somehow managed to save up enough money to buy it.
Even after his adventurer rank went up, father still lived in that small house.

It was during the dragon attack on the capital that things changed.
After sustaining a serious injury in the battle against the dragon, father was forced to spend several weeks in the hospital.
When he returned home, he found that his house had been rebuilt to an incredible size.

Hearing all of this, I asked a simple question, “Um…why was it rebuilt?”

“It seems the people of the town did it as a means of thanks for defeating the dragon.
At first, I didn’t feel bad about the addition of a bath and larger rooms that weren’t in the previous house…but living alone in a big house made me feel strangely lonely.
I started staying at the guild more often.
But now that I’m with Lark, I’m thinking of living here again.”

“I see, I didn’t know that…”

Several months ago, when father suddenly asked me to live with him, I wondered what was going on.
But it turned out that he had this reason all along.

“We’ve been talking for a while now.
Shall we go inside?” father pushed me forward and we walked.

We went through the huge garden and arrived at the entrance, then entered together.
The interior of the house was just as luxurious as the exterior.
It was almost as fancy as Ars’s castle.
Beautiful paintings in gold frames were hung on the walls, and stylish furniture was placed in the rooms.

“Uh, Father.
Did you collect all this furniture and paintings?”

“No, the people in town brought them in on their own.
Well, there was hardly any furniture in the old house, so I was grateful.” After saying this, he showed me around the house.
He told me where the living room, kitchen, bath, and toilet were, then showed me the empty rooms on the first and second floors.
They were all filled with luxurious furniture.
He also showed me his own room, which, compared to the other rooms, had a simpler interior, with only a bed and a shelf placed alone.

“Father, your room doesn’t have anything, does it?”

“I just have a habit of not buying many things.”

“But there’s a limit to it.
It’s not as simple as staying at an inn…”

“I’ll gradually buy more things from now on.”

I went to the kitchen and looked at the ingredients I bought today inside the “Useful Box” while thinking about tonight’s dinner menu.

Hmm… I don’t want to fail at cooking for the first time, so maybe I’ll rub salt into the meat and grill it? If I have stir-fried vegetables and soup, father should be happy as well.

Immediately, I took out the ingredients on the desk, sliced the meat and sprinkled salt on it.
Then, I cut the vegetables and heated the frying pan with oil using fire attribute magic, and quickly stir-fried the vegetables.
After that, as I started making the soup, father, who seemed to have finished preparing for his bath, returned.

Since he’s here, I’ll have him taste the soup.

“Oh, this soup is delicious.”

“Really? Then, I’ll bring it to you when it’s ready, so please wait in the living room.”

Father nodded and left the kitchen.

I’m glad he’s happy.
Let’s keep cooking.

After about fifteen minutes, the dish was complete.
I put the finished dish on a plate and put it in the “Useful Box” to keep the food from getting cold.
I brought it to the living room and placed it on the table, and father exclaimed with joy.

“Oh! The delicious smell was wafting over here, and it was hard to resist.” Father couldn’t resist and immediately put the meat in his mouth.
“Mm, the meat is juicy, and it’s delicious! The grilling is perfectly done too!”

Seems he likes it, I thought, feeling relieved.
Father also enjoyed the other dishes besides the meat.
If he eats this much, it’s worth making.
Next time, I’ll buy various seasonings and try making a different dish.

After dinner, I took a bath.
The bathroom was also very spacious, so it was comfortable.
I got out of the bath and exchanged greetings before going to bed.

“Well then, see you tomorrow, Father.

“Okay, goodnight, Lark.”

Then, father and I went to our respective rooms.
We had been sleeping in the same room for two years, but in this house, we each had our own room.
I lay down on the soft bed I bought at the bedding store and reflected on everything that had happened.

“I’ve only been reincarnated in this world for two years, but I’m living a fulfilling life.
I wondered what would happen when I regained my memory in the back alley, but I’m really glad I met father.”

While lying down, I suddenly became very sleepy and yawned.

“Ah~… Well, I’m tired today, so I should go to bed early.”

As I was about to close my eyes, I remembered that I had not said my bedtime prayers.
I got up from the bed and opened the door on the far side of the room.
In my room, there is a storage area with several shelves installed.
When father showed me this room, I had thought of making it a prayer room.
I took a wooden statue from the “Useful Box” and placed it on a suitable shelf.
Then, I clasped my hands and prayed towards the statue.

“Samady-san, I’m still enjoying my life in another world today.
Please continue to watch over me.”

After finishing my prayers, I lay back down on my soft bed.


At that moment, I felt like my body had slightly glowed.

“Is it just my imagination?”

It must have been a mistake.

I closed my eyes again.

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