I placed the grocery bag in the kitchen.

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“Touma-kun, thank you for your hard work.”


“It’s no big deal.”


“Boys are so reliable, aren’t they?”


“Oh, no~.”


I’m such a simple guy, aren’t I?


Just Because a beautiful, big-breasted woman complimented me, I’m already in love with her.
(TLN:- That’s the magic of them, mesmerized by them.)


I’ve got to pull myself together as a man here.


“Hai, Hai.”


Kanako-san patted my head.


Yeah, I was happy to surrender to her completely.


“Now wash your hands and start cooking.”


Can I help you with something?”


Can I have a massage?”


“Erm, something like kneading a meat filling?”


“No, just massaging my shoulders.”




“Or perhaps, a… breast massage?”


“Bufu! Ka-Kanako-san?!”


“I’m just kidding.
But if Touma-kun insists, …”


Kanako-san gave me a playful, meaningful look.


It was not as if she was emphasizing her breasts.


Rather, they were properly wrapped in clothes and not peeking out.


But that was why it felt so damn erotic.


“Oh, Touma-kun.
I’m staring at you.
You’re handsome, but you’re a pervert.”


“No, I’m not handsome.”


“But you’re popular at school, aren’t you?”


“Well, I got a few Valentine’s chocolates …”


“Hmm? I’m worried about you having an affair in the future.”


“K-Kanako-san, beautiful women are scary when they’re angry.”


“Oh, you’re a good talker.
Oh, I didn’t mean it like that.”


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“That’s not what I had in mind from the beginning.”


“I’m going to make a hot pot.
Touma-kun, please peel the Chinese cabbage.”


“Excellent, Chinese cabbage.
It’s a staple ingredient in hot pot.”


“Touma-kun, you’re a good cook, aren’t you?”


Well, I’m not as good as you, Kanako-san.”


“I’m the Onee-San.
I just have a lot more experience than Touma-kun.”


“As expected.”


“But as I said before, I’m not very good at … romance.
You have to take the lead, Touma-kun.”  (TLN: boi boi this onee-san so naughty and erotic.


She suddenly glanced up at me.




“I-I’ll peel the Chinese cabbage.”


“I’ll prepare the other ingredients then.”




And so, the two of us began our cooking time together.




In the middle of the living room table, steam was rising.


“It looks delicious.”


“Let’s start eating.”


“Kanako-san, you can drink if you want.”


“Oh, you sure?”


“I mean, you were at the supermarket buying beer.”


“You knew.”


Kanako stuck out her tongue.


She’s so charming.


“It would have been good if I had purchased ‘cute’1sake.”


“Don’t worry.
Kanako-san is always cute.”


“… Hey, Touma-kun.”


“Oh, I’m sorry.
Did I offend you?”


I hurriedly asked.


“… Don’t make me too nervous.
I’m already an old lady.”


“Oh, you’re not an old lady.
… Kanako-san will always be a beautiful big sister.”

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“Oh, God, it’s hot.”


Kanako fanned her face with both hands.


“I’ll pour you beer.”


“Oh, you’re so thoughtful.”


“Ja, Itadakimasu.”




I started digging into Kanako-san’s homemade hot pot.


“… Yeah, it’s good.
Carrots are hard to cook, but they taste so sweet and delicious.”


“I’m glad.
The Chinese cabbage you peeled for me is delicious.”


“I just peeled them, though.”


After that, the two of us proceeded to eat happily, chatting and laughing together.


“Hey, Kanako-san.
Can I ask you something?”


“What is it?”


“Well, Kanako-san, you said you had no romantic experience whatsoever, is that … true?”




“Because you are so beautiful, have a great personality, and you have, um, … big breasts.”


“Hey, naughty boy.”


“I’m sorry.”


“… Well, if I do say so myself, I’ve gotten a lot of confessions.”


“Oh, I knew it.
Were there any cool guys?”


“There were a few, but … I just didn’t feel like it, you know?”


“Is that how it is?”


But now, at my age, I’ve finally found … my first love.”


Kanako glanced at me again, looking up at me.


I wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol that she had been drinking, but it made her look more alluring.


“… Oh, I’m just a little boy.”


“A handsome little boy ♡.”


“Are you drunk, Kanako-san?”


“Yeah, just a little bit.


I put the cup down with a clink.


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“Hey, Touma-kun.
Like I said before, can you give me a shoulder massage?”


“What? Well, sure.”


“I’m sorry, I just feel stiff.”


“Oh~ …”


As I moved closer to Kanako’s back, I once again realized…


Rather than looking at her from the front, her breasts from this angle, slightly overhead, were… very impressive.


I mean, one could almost see a little cleavage through the gap …




“‘Oh, sorry.
I’m supposed to massage it, right?”


And I’d like you to rub it, too.”




Can you … rub the base of my shoulder?”


“Oh, … yes.”


“Fufufu~, what did you imagine?”


“No, it’s more like … an overwhelming reality right in front of your eyes.”


“Hey, who’s Mt.


“You’re drunk, aren’t you, Kanako-san?”


“I’m drunk with you.”


“… You’re a guilty sister.”


“Am I gonna get arrested?”


“… No, I’m just as guilty as you.”


“That’s my future husband.
I mean, you’re my husband now, aren’t you?”


“Oh, um, …”


“What, after stirring up my feelings so much, you’re just going to throw it away? Is it because I’m too old?” (TLN: I’ll take care of you.
Come to me, I need you.)


“Like I said, Kanako-san is still young.
… I’m rather worried that I’ll be the one who gets dumped.”


“The feeling is mutual.
… Then let’s touch each other slowly and warmly.”


Kanako-san’s fingertips touched my cheek.


I was tingling, but in a good way.


She whispered, “Oh, by the way, you haven’t had your bath yet, have you?”


Do you want me to heat it up for you?”


“I’ve been drinking.”

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“Oh, well, …”


“But I’m a girl and I’m under the roof with the man I love, so I want to be in there.”


“I see.
That’s right.”


“So, why don’t you come in with me?” (TLN: DONT U DARE DECLINE.)


“Ah, yes, yes …, e-eh?”


Kanako-san smiled mischievously in front of my flustered eyes.


“You’re drunk, aren’t you?”


“Yes, I am.
So you can do whatever you want with me now, okay?”


“No, I won’t do anything to someone in that state.”


“You’re a gentleman.
I’m falling more and more in love with you.”


“Kanako-san, drink some water.”


I tried to stand up, but…


“Can I have that one right there?”


“Oh, that’s mine …”


And before I could stop her.


Kanako-san took the cup I had sipped from and brought it straight to her mouth and drank.


“… Puha~.
Touma and I had an indirect kiss.”


“Oh, you’re calling me that?”


“No? Isn’t that nice sometimes?”


“Yeah, well, …”


“You can call me that, too.”


“No, that’s …”


“Please, just once.”


“… Kanako…-san”


“You chicken.”


“Gufu~~” (TLN: This is raw just some sound.


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding.
I’m sure Touma-kun will be a reliable boy in times of need, so … take care of me properly, okay?”


“I’ll do my best.”


“I’m counting on you, Dan’na-sama~” (TLN: Dan’na-sama= Husband)


I was already knocked down by Kanako’s charm.



It is a slang for lighter drink for women but we decided to stick with it to connect with the next line.

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