ight now.”



Editor: TSK.)


“Oh, no, …, you see, I thought you might have bought some groceries.”


“Mmm, I’m about to buy some.”


“Can I join you then?”




Kanako-san said with a smile.

” ”


“This is what I’ve got so far.”


“Let’s see.”


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I looked inside the cart.


Hmmm, as expected of a professional housekeeper.


She didn’t miss a thing.


“Oh, did you want sweets or juice?”


“No, I mean, … Oh, Kanako-san, are you sure you don’t want something to drink?”


“To be honest, I’d like to have a drink.
… Are you sure?”


“Of course.
Kanako-san has been very good to me.”


“Because it makes me happy to take care of Touma-kun.”


“Haha, that’s a bit embarrassing.”


We proceeded with our shopping while chatting happily about our day.


“By the way, today’s menu for dinner is hot pot.”


“Oh, that’s nice! Well then, I guess Kanako-san will get her drinking on too.” 

(TLN: Drunken onee-san *imagination intensifies*)


“Don’t make fun of this Onee-San.”


“I’m sorry.”


Oh, that’s the one.


To people around us, we were not lovers or husband and wife.

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I’m sure they would probably think we were a pair of close siblings. 


Hoho, I wondered why.


“Kanako-san, I’ll carry the bags.”


“Mmm, thank you.
You can put them in the car now.”


“Oh, I see.
Kanako-san, you have a car.”

” ”


It really made me think that she was more mature than me.

(Editor: Because she is..


I started to feel a little depressed.


“Don’t worry, Touma-kun, your kindness makes my heart beat faster.”

Editor: please calm down.)


She whispered in my ear.


“Well, Kanako-san …”


“Why don’t we get home quickly and have a hot pot?”


“Yes, yes!”


I didn’t care what she said, as long as I could see her smiling face.


That was what I decided.

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