My mornings were always quiet.

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“Oh, You’re up.
Good morning, Touma-kun.”


A gentle voice reached my ears.


I abruptly opened my eyes.


An incredibly beautiful woman was standing in front of me.


Her neat combed chestnut-colored hair fell down like a waterfall behind her, and the way she tucked it behind her ears was very sexy.


My heart, which was usually calm, suddenly started to pick up its beat faster.


“Oh, good morning, Kanako-san.”


I returned her greeting.


But she puffed out her cheeks, looking a little frustrated.




“The honorifics make me feel excluded.”


“Oh, um, … good morning.”


“Yeah, good morning.”


Finally, she smiled at me.


“Breakfast is already prepared.”


“Thank you, Kanako-san.”

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I left the room and walked down the stairs to wash my face.


I went to the dining room and found an array of colourful dishes.


“Wow, it looks good.”


Don’t be shy.
Eat up.”




I immediately dug into the breakfast that Kanako-san had prepared for me.


 “… Yes, it’s delicious.”


But don’t eat too much.
You have to go to school.”


Oh, by the way, Kanako-san, you… .”


“I still have to work as a housekeeper for a month before I quit.”


“Oh, of course.”


“Touma, do you mind?”




“I have a lot of other male clients.
That …”


“I don’t know how to say this, but do they look at you in a disgusting way?”


Kanako-san nodded.(TLN:- HOW DARE THEY HUMPH.)


“You can’t blame them.
You are beautiful and have a good figure.
I have to admit, even I looked at you in that way at first.”

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“Is that so?”


“I’m ashamed.
I’m an adolescent boy after all.”


“Mmmm, cute~.”


Kanako-san smiled.


“But I’m sure those men are also getting better because of you.
So, please keep up your good work as a housekeeper until the end.”


I said with a smile.


“Thank you, Touma-kun …”


Kanako smiled, then exhaled and looked at me.


“… I can’t wait to be yours and yours alone.”


When I heard those words, I swallowed hard.


“Whoa, Whoa!?”


“Touma-kun, are you okay? I’m sorry, it’s my fault for saying something so strange.”(TLN: naa not urs, mc just chicken, u all good.)


Kanako-san stood up and rubbed my back.


“It’s okay.”


“I’m really sorry, but I … really mean it.”


Kanako’s white and slender fingers caressed my cheek.


“I’m a grown woman, so … I am always ready.”

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“Ka, Kanako-san …, are you very experienced?”




“No, I mean… .”


When I couldn’t put into words exactly what I wanted to ask, Kanako-san gently brought her mouth closer to my ear.


“… I’m saving it until I marry the love of my life.”(TLN: *losing my senses*; Editor: *rolls eyes*.)


She whispered in my ear.


I instantly felt like my brain was about to melt.(TLN:- Same; Editor: tsk.)


Our faces came closer and gazes locked.


If I’m not careful, I’m going to … kiss her.


No, not now.


Because I was in the middle of breakfast and I hadn’t yet brushed my teeth.


“Uh, Kanako-san, can I continue with breakfast?”


“Oh, yes.


Kanako-san, who seemed to have understood my feelings, quickly moved aside.


She sat down across from me and smiled.


“So, do you want to brush your teeth before we continue?”


“Huh? No, it’s …, but I have school.”

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What’s that excuse?.(TLN: IF U KNOW THEN TAKE A DAY OFF; Editor: *sigh*.)


“You’re right.
You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when you’re studying seriously at school.
I don’t want to feel uncomfortable at work, either.”


“Hey, I’ve been thinking about it for a while.
… Are you surprisingly naughty, Kanako-san?”


I hesitatingly asked.


“Yeah, you’re right, … I am very naughty.”


She continued to grin widely back at me.


She was actually very experienced.
… No, I couldn’t comprehend anymore.


“Don’t worry, I’ve only lived a little longer than you, Touma.
I haven’t experienced anything like you think I have.


“Oh, yeah, …”


“So when you do, make sure you lead … properly, okay?”


My mouth fell open halfway in front of Kanako, who was smiling at me in a lovely, bewitching way.


Then I ate the food to shake off the wicked thoughts.


“Hummmmmmmmmmmmm!”(TLN: MC lost it, just making some kind of sound.)


“Come on, come on, don’t be so upset.”


I was sure this smiling lady would be tormenting me a lot from now on.


Even though I didn’t mind this at all.

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