“How much do you do a week, Tsukishiro-kun?”

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“What is it?”


“Hmm? Sex with your girlfriend.”


“What? No, no, that’s ….”


I just wanted to ask for reference.
I do it about 2 or 3 times a week.
She’s been begging me to do it more often.
I was wondering what other couples are doing.”


“I-I… don’t count but…”


“Yeah, it’s okay.”


“For now, every night …”




Also, if we both have the energy to spare, in the morning….”


(T/N: … Explode Raijuu)


“Hey, hey, hey, …, R-really?”


“Is it bad?”


“No, how should I say it, … you’re very active~”


Tanoue-san said with a grin.


“Hey, you guys.
Stop talking and start working seriously.”


“Ah, Sorry.”


Tanoue-san said, and then


“That old man is just jealous of us because he’s having a hard time finding a girl.
Don’t mind him, let’s just talk about our own lives.”


“You are pretty terrible, huh?”



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At first I used to get tired after going to my part-time job after school and coming back home.


Recently, I’ve gotten used to it.


“Welcome home, Touma-kun.”


“I’m home, Kanako-san.”


As usual, Kanako-san greeted me at the door.


And then…




She asked for a kiss.




I responded.


With a kiss.


“… Do you want to have dinner? Do you want a bath? Or do you want me?”


“Okay, Kanako-san.”




“No, no, not Falling for the same old trick again.”


“Mou~! No dinner!”






“In exchange, I’ll really eat Kanako-san.”


(T/N: Is it the same dude who was hesitating to kiss?)

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I pushed Kanako-san against the wall.


“Can I eat your delicious-looking boobs?” (T/N: BRO)


“T-Touma-kun…g-go ahead.”


Kanako-san looked away as if embarrassed and peeled off her apron and exposed her chest.


“No, I’m sorry.
Just kidding.”


Extremely Sadistic Prince.”



“I’m not a sadistic Price.
It’s too much.”


“… Then be nicer to me.”


Kanako-san said, sounding a little angry.


“… Kanako-san is my wife, the prettiest girl in the world.”


Saying that, I patted her head.


“Mmmm,… it feels so good to have my head stroked.’


Kanako-san closed her eyes and said,


“Kanako-san, not only your face but also your hair is beautiful.”


“Yada mou~, You♡”


Kanako-san, who had completely regained her high spirits, gave me a peck on the forehead.


“Sorry, I must have passed on my sweat.”


“Then… Do you want to take a bath with me?”


“But it’s too small with you in it.”

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“Your boobs are too big for it… Nya!?”


“This mouth~? This mouth is talking like an old man? You’re a good-looking guy, but you sound like an erotic old man~!”


“T-that’s why I said I am not a handsome man, I am just an average looking guy.”


“But you know what Michisaburo told me when we had drinks the other day? Touma-kun, you are popular with the girls in your class, right?”


“No, that’s just a …… coincidence.”


“Is that so?.
Maybe you’ll cheat on me one of these days.”


“I wont, I won’t.
I’m head over heels for you, Kanako-san.
The girls in my class are certainly nice, too but they can= never compare to you.”


“Because of my boobs?”


“Well, that is true.
I can’t stay away from these titties anymore.”


“… boobs lover”




“I’ve misjudged you, Touma-kun, you only judge a girl by her boobs.”


“K-Kanako-san,… don’t you like me anymore?”


I don’t like bad boys, Touma-kun.”


She turned away from me.


“You seem to be getting harsher and harsher, Kanako-san.”


“Isn’t that natural? I’ll be strict with my husband, whom I love.


“Can’t you be a little nicer to me?”


I looked at her with sullen eyes.

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Then Kanako-san turned her eyes to me and moved her tied lips.


Then she hugged me tightly.


“Ya~n! My younger boyfriend is too cute~!”




“Don’t worry, I’ll train you properly with candy and whips ♡”


“I-I see.
As for me, I’d appreciate more sugar.”


“Do you want me to be that sweet?”


“Well, yeah.”


“Then …… make me fall in love with you more?”


“W-What do you want me to do?”


“Figure it out?”


“Well, for now… shall we take a bath together?”




“Also… can I take that thing with me?”


“What thing?”


“You know what I’m talking about.”




Then we both disappeared into the bathroom.


After that, Kanako-san’s cute voice echoed in the bathroom.


(T/N: This chapter peak horny)

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